what does a hemorrhoids look like,Experience in treating oral ulcers and skin diseases with Gancao Xiexin Decoction

    Gancao Xiexin Decoction is effective in treating oral ulcers

    Licorice Xiexin Decoction: 12g of roasted licorice, 10g of skullcap, 6g of dried ginger, 12g of pinellia (washed), 5 pieces of jujube, 3g of coptis, 10g of ginseng (or Codonopsis).

    Source of prescription: "Synopsis of the Golden Chamber"

    Jingfang masters Hu Xishu, Liu Duzhou, Huang Huang, and Otsuka Jingjie (Japanese) used it to treat oral ulcers and Behcet's syndrome, and one dose worked.

    The following content is excerpted from "Feng Shilun Jingfang Clinical Teaching Record (1st Series)":

    1. Mr. Hu tells the medical case

    Mr. Hu once treated a postpartum patient, who suffered from bad mouth and tongue.

    With 1 dose of Gancao Xiexin Decoction, it can enter porridge, and it will be cured after 3 doses.

    In clinical cases, it is often encountered with stubborn and severe symptoms that have not healed for a long time.

    2. Old Hu tells the medical case

    One case of Behçet syndrome was cured with Gancao Xiexin Decoction.

    Mr. Hu recounted: “It’s also very interesting to say. Just after returning from Henan in 1970, Dean Lv Shangqing told me that a female comrade of the People’s Liberation Army had come to the hospital several times to see me. She said that she had suffered from Behçet’s syndrome several years ago. I was cured, but the illness relapsed after living in Italy, and I went back to China to seek medical treatment.

    I don't know the name of Western medicine, and I can't help being stunned. It didn't take long for the patient to come, but after many years, I no longer remember. After some questions and answers, I know that a few years ago, I came to the clinic with oral ulcers. I was recently diagnosed with Behçet’s syndrome by Western medicine in Italy, with erosions in my mouth and anterior vagina.

    He took licorice Xiexin Decoction with raw gypsum, and the other with Sophora flavescens decoction instructed him to fumigate and wash the yin, and both were cured soon. "

    Treating this disease through prescriptions can give certain enlightenment.

    3. Shi Mou, male, 42 years old, first diagnosed on November 15, 1965.

    He had repeated oral and tongue ulcers for 2 years, and it has been half a month since the attack. There are huge ulcers on the tongue and under the tongue. Due to the pain, he cannot eat or speak. The right side is slightly painful, the stool is slightly loose, the tongue coating is yellow and thick, and the pulse string is slippery.

    The tongue has huge ulcers, thick yellow tongue coating, and hot.

    The pulse string is slippery, the right side is slightly painful, the stool is slightly loose, and half of the surface and half of the inside are cold.

    Comprehensive analysis: the syndrome is upper heat and lower cold, cure with bitter pungency, and licorice Xiexin Decoction.

    Prescription: 12g roasted licorice, 10g scutellaria, 6g dried ginger, 12g pinellia, 3 jujube, 10g cork, 10g codonopsis.

    Result: After taking 2 doses of the medicine, the tongue pain was gone, eating as usual, and the symptoms of the second half-month adjustment were eliminated.

    Professor Huang Huang's Miscellaneous Talks

    Note: Behcet’s disease (Behcet’s disease, BD) is a systemic, chronic, and vasculitis disease. Clinically, oral ulcers, genital ulcers, ophthalmia and skin damage are prominent manifestations, also known as mouth-eye-genital syndrome (Behcet’s syndrome, Behçet’s syndrome). The disease often affects the nervous system, digestive tract, lungs, kidneys, and epididymis. The disease presents an alternating process of repeated attacks and relief.

    For repeated oral ulcers, drink licorice Xiexin Decoction

    Symptoms: recurrent oral ulcers, upset and irritable, poor sleep quality.

    Ingredients: 10 grams of raw licorice, 9 grams each of Scutellaria baicalensis, dried ginger, and Pinellia ternata, 3 grams of coptis, and 3 jujubes.

    Method: boil water and drink, once in the morning and evening.

    Note: After three meals a day, rinse your mouth with light salt water.

    Once, I attended a class reunion. Among them, the lover of a classmate sat in the seat, did not speak much, did not eat much, and grinned from time to time with a painful expression. Just ask him what happened to his lover.

    His lover said: "In the past two or three months, I have had oral ulcers recurring, and my lips, tongue, and cheeks are full of bubbles. I went to the hospital for an examination and several doctors said it was on fire. The doctor prescribed medicine. It also worked. Two or three days after eating, the ulcer disappeared. But a few days later, it reappeared. I really can’t bear this crime. I can’t eat all day. If you use force, the pain in your mouth will be severe."

    My classmate picked up the conversation and said, "You don’t know, my wife has a bad temper now. She is upset and irritable all day, and she can’t sleep well at night. I usually talk to her, if it’s a bit uncomfortable with her. Heart, she started to quarrel."

    I asked her what medicine she took, and she said that they were all lozenges.

    I told her that oral ulcers are mostly caused by the accumulation of heat in the heart and spleen. To put it bluntly, there was a fire in the chest. The fire went up and stopped when it reached the mouth. If you don't put it out, the fire in your mouth will never be quenched. Of course, oral ulcers will recur.

    After listening to the classmate's lover, he said, "You mean, the root of the disease is not in the mouth?"

    I nodded and said, "There is a classic recipe called Licorice Xiexin Decoction, which can relieve fire and detoxify. Go to the drugstore and grab 10 grams of raw licorice. Scutellaria, dried ginger, and pinellia are 9 grams each. 3 jujubes and 3 grams of coptis, use it to boil water to drink. When boiling, first soak in clean water for half an hour, and then add 300 ml of water. After boiling for half an hour, simmer for 15 minutes. Boil a pair in the morning and evening. .

    In addition, while using this recipe, after three meals a day, you remember to rinse your mouth with light salt water to kill bacteria in your mouth. By doing both up and down, the illness will heal soon. "

    Oral ulcers are a common disease. People of any age can occur in any season. Moreover, it prefers women. If you have a hot physique and feel a fire all over your body, then you must pay attention to your lifestyle and eating style.

    Sometimes, I think Xinhuo is like a child. If you spend more snacks on it, it will be very "behaved" and will not make you worry about it. If you are negligent, it will make you feel uncomfortable and you will have sores on your tongue.

    Experience in treating skin diseases with Gancao Xiexin Decoction

    "Golden Chamber Synopsis? Lily Fox Confounds Yin and Yang Poisoning Disease" "The fox is confused as a disease, like typhoid, sleeps silently, cannot close the eyes, lies up restlessly, eats at the throat for confusion, eats at the yin as a fox, and does not want to eat It smells bad and smells bad, its face is red, black, and white. If it eclipses on the upper part, it will drink loudly. Licorice Xiexin Decoction is the main one."

    Licorice Xiexin Decoction is the main prescription for the treatment of fox disease. It is believed that the present Behcet's disease must have oral ulcers. Therefore, in modern classics, the prescriptions used to treat oral ulcers, such as Hu Xishu, Zhao Xiwu, Yue Meizhong, and the seniors have proven cases, and there are more relevant clinical reports in modern times. However, the experience of treating skin diseases with Gancao Xiexin Decoction is rare. Therefore, the experience of the famous Chinese medicine doctor Huang Shipei in Guangzhou in treating the treatment of Gancao Xiexin Decoction is reported as follows:

    1 Teacher Huang Shipei's experience in treating skin diseases with Gancao Xiexin Decoction

    The use of traditional prescriptions focuses on "correspondence between prescriptions and syndromes". According to the principle of "correspondence between prescriptions and syndromes", Gancao Xiexin Decoction can not only cure Behcet’s disease and oral ulcers. Teacher Huang Shipei also applies Gancao Xiexin Decoction to treat various exudates. More skin and mucous membrane diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, shingles, conjunctivitis, hemorrhoids and bleeding have significant effects.

    1.1 The main component of licorice Xiexin soup is licorice ginger soup

    Licorice Ginger Decoction is Zhongjing's main prescription for treating all clear and cold salivation, foaming and oozing. "Golden Chamber Synopsis? Pulmonary Abscess, Lung Abscess, Cough, and Upper Qi Disorders Syndrome Treatment" "Pulmonary abscess spit out foaming but not cough, the person is not thirsty, must enuresis, urinate, so if the above deficiency can not be suppressed. This is because the lungs are cold, dizzy, and salivate. Licorice and ginger soup is used to warm it."

    Licorice Xiexin Decoction is derived from Banxia Xiexin Decoction and reused licorice. Therefore, the key medicine for licorice Xiexin Decoction is licorice. The use of licorice for surgical ulcers and exudative diseases can be seen in the "Standards for Treatment and Treatment" and the medical records of Wang Mengying in the Qing Dynasty. There is also a lot of licorice in the four-second Yongan soup. Modern pharmacological research: Licorice has adrenal cortex hormone-like effects, can stabilize biofilm, reduce the release of inflammatory substances, and can relieve mucosal irritation, protect mucosa, and repair mucosal ulcers. Master Huang often said that licorice is the main medicine of the prescription, and it is commonly used clinically to 30g.

    Dried ginger is mainly aimed at clear and thin secretions, and more modern studies have pointed out that dried ginger can regulate immunity, so its effectiveness depends on dried ginger. According to Huang Shi’s experience, 6g of dried ginger is generally used, with more exudation and a little more.

    1.2 Coptis and Scutellaria in Licorice Xiexin Decoction

    Coptis and Scutellaria in Gancao Xiexin Decoction are mainly designed to clear heat and dry dampness. "Golden Chamber Synopsis? Sore Carbuncle and Intestinal Carbuncle Soaking Diseases and Pulse Syndrome and Treatment" "Acne sore, flowing from the mouth to the limbs can be cured, from the limbs Those who flow into the mouth cannot be cured. Soaked sore, Coptis powder is the main cause."

    1.3 Pinellia in Licorice Xiexin Soup

    Pinellia has a stimulating effect on local mucosa. Article 312 of "Treatise on Febrile Diseases" "Pharynx, sore, speechless, silent, bitter wine soup is the master." Bitter wine soup is composed of pinellia, bitter wine, and chicken shells. Article 313 "Shaoyin disease, sore throat, Banxia powder and soup master." From the perspective of the two prescriptions, bitter wine soup is "Shao Shao Hanyanzhi", and Banxia powder and soup are "Shao Shaoyan" Of".

    Therefore, we have reason to believe that Faxia has a certain therapeutic effect on mucosal diseases.

    1.4 Addition and subtraction in Gancao Xiexin Decoction

    1.4.1 Most of these patients have stagnant heat, so gypsum should be added. The gypsum can be 60g to 90g.

    1.4.2 Exudation and itching are more obvious, cohosh and sophora flavescens can be added to dry dampness and detoxify. Zhongjing used cohosh to promote Qingyang, but to detoxify, such as cohosh and cohosh decoction. "Golden Chamber Synopsis? Lily Fox Confounds Yin and Yang Poisoning Disease" "If it eclipses in the lower part, the throat becomes dry, so it is washed with Sophora flavescens soup.

    1.4.3 Flushing and desquamation are more obvious, Article 196 of "Treatise on Febrile Diseases": "Yangming disease, excessive sweating, no sweating, the body is like a worm in the skin, this is a long-term deficiency." Long-lasting Yangming deficiency, insufficient body fluid, can be added to the ground, the maximum use is 90g.

    1.5 The use of this side is still focused on the defending side, otherwise the previous attack will be lost.

    2 Three medical records

    Example 1: Luo, male, 47 years old, first diagnosed on March 18, 2010.The patient's whole body skin patchy tinea has been more than 10 years, recurrent attacks, more desquamation, and severe itching. He was diagnosed as "psoriasis" in the dermatology department of a foreign hospital. The doctor recommended the use of immunosuppressants. Luo was afraid of the side effects of the drug and did not dare to take the medicine. He only bought some plasters for external use, and his condition gradually worsened. So I went to Huangshi outpatient clinic for treatment. Engraved diagnosis: large erythema papules are seen on the outer thighs, the outer calves, and the posterior outer sides of the elbows. The largest area is about 7×8 cm, and the smallest area is about 3×4 cm. The surface is covered with silvery white scales, with clear borders and a large amount of leakage. Bleeding after scratching, heart, lung, and abdomen examinations were normal. There is no swelling and pain in the limbs and joints.

    Huang Shiyu Gancao Xiexin Decoction addition and subtraction, prescription:

    30g Licorice Coptis 6g Scutellaria 15g Codonopsis 30g

    Dried ginger 6 grams Faxia 24 grams Jujube 15 grams Sophora flavescens 15 grams

    Decoction for oral administration, a total of four doses. The follow-up visit on March 23, 2010 showed that the skin lesions of the whole body were better than before, the largest area of ​​the erythema papules had been reduced to 5×3cm, the pruritus was reduced, and the exudate was reduced. Defending treatment. As of May 2010, the skin of the thighs and calves was tender, reddish, smooth, and non-itchy. There were still red papules and scales on the back and elbows, with a maximum range of 3×3cm. The patient continued defensive treatment. As of November 2010, except for the flushing and desquamation of the skin on the right elbow, the ringworm on other parts of the patient has healed.

    Example 2: Liang, female, 25 years old. I came to the clinic in December 2010. I was 4 months pregnant at the time. I complained of sporadic herpes, pustules, and rashes that gradually increased throughout the body in the past 1 week. The liquid can soak through the clothes, and itching is unbearable. Physical examination: dense red herpes were seen on the face and the whole body, partly ulcerated, with a large amount of exudation and pus, the lower limbs were even worse, the skin of both lower limbs was rough, herpes and pustules were fused into pieces, and some were ulcerated and crusted.

    Huang Shiyu Gancao Xiexin Decoction addition and subtraction, prescription:

    30g Licorice Coptis 6g Scutellaria 15g Codonopsis 30g

    10 grams of dried ginger, 24 grams of Faxia, 15 grams of dates, 60 grams of plaster

    Decoction for oral administration, a total of four doses. In the second visit, the herpes on the face and arms were significantly reduced, there was no obvious exudation, the herpes on the back was slightly reduced, and the exudate could still soak through the clothes. The condition of the lower limbs was basically the same as before, and the itching was still unbearable. Grams, 15 grams of cohosh.

    After continuing to take the medicine for a week, the patient's symptoms of herpes and exudate all over the body were significantly reduced, and the exudate no longer soaked through the clothes. However, the patient and his family were worried that the local skin would be difficult to take care of. They went to the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-Sen University and were diagnosed with a "maternal polytype rash". Considering the influence of progesterone, the doctor in charge told the patient that the rash would not heal until a week after delivery. And can only be treated with hormones.

    The patient insisted on follow-up visits during hospitalization and still took Gancao Xiexin Decoction. This time, although the herpes on her back did not exudate much, it was flushed compared to the previous one. The original prescription was to remove sophora flavescens, cohosh and 60 grams of raw ground. After half a month of treatment, the patient’s face and upper limbs were smoother, the original rash area still had pigmentation, no new herpes or exudate appeared, and scattered herpes on the back, slightly flushed, no pustules, no exudate, double Herpes can still be seen fused into pieces on the lower limbs, with more fluid and some pustules. Because the patient's condition had improved significantly, he was discharged from the hospital. Before he was discharged, the doctor in charge was amazed by its curative effect. It has never been seen in pregnant women with multiple rash. The patient has continued to defend his side and has been pregnant for 7 months. Except for the lower limbs, the skin on the whole body has been smooth as before, and only heavy pigmentation after the rash can be seen, no new rashes, and the herpes on the lower limbs are basically crusted and no exudate. Continue to take medication.

    Example 3: The patient, Lu, a female, 22 years old, was diagnosed at the beginning of December 2010. She had a history of chronic eczema for 3 years, and her repeated treatment was ineffective due to weather changes and irregular diet. Engraved diagnosis: Scattered rash all over the body, unbearable itching, ulceration of the rash may have a small amount of exudate, rough skin, even lower limbs, and large pigmentation can be seen.

    Huang Shiyu Gancao Xiexin Decoction addition and subtraction, prescription:

    30g Licorice Coptis 6g Scutellaria 15g Codonopsis 30g

    Dried ginger 6 grams Faxia 24 grams Jujube 15 grams Gypsum 60 grams

    Decoction for oral administration, a total of four doses. The rash and exudate in the second clinic have been reduced. It has been more than 3 months since the patient took the medicine. Except for a small amount of rash and exudate on both lower limbs, there has been no recurrence of eczema in other parts of the body.