hemorrhoids natural remedy,Healthy Fruit Reviews


    An apple a day,

    The doctor stays away from me

    Chronic diarrhea with deficiency of the spleen and stomach needs to be wrapped in tin foil and cooked

    Contains the most fructose, organic acids, pectin, trace elements

    1. Pectin: belongs to soluble fiber, promotes cholesterol metabolism, reduces cholesterol levels, and promotes fat excretion;

    2. Trace elements: Potassium dilates blood vessels and is beneficial to patients with hypertension; zinc deficiency can cause disorders of blood glucose metabolism and decreased sexual function.

    3. Organized gastrointestinal: Fibrous matter helps excretion; it also has astringent effect on diarrhea.

    4. Apple peel + a few slices of ginger boiled water: can relieve vomiting.

    5. It can reduce the cold of pears, strengthen lungs and stomach.

    Autumn lung nourishing syrup: several apples/pears + 1 tael lily + 15 grams of dendrobium + 9 grams of north and south apricots


    Longevity Fruit

    Sweet, mild, slightly cold

    Proteolytic enzymes.

    1. The enzyme contained is similar to human growth hormone, eat more to maintain youth.

    2. Protease helps break down protein and starch, which is of great benefit to the digestive system.

    3. Apart from helping digestion, it can relieve heat and thirst, moisturize the lungs and relieve cough, and help with colds, sputum, constipation, and chronic bronchitis.

    Decoction of cooked papaya + dried persimmon, can cure asthmatic cough

    Peeling cooked papaya + steaming + honey to cure dry lung and cough

    Raw papaya juice or sun-dried powder can repel insects.

    Papaya boiled fish tails or trotters to promote milk secretion.


    Cold nature/

    It is not suitable for people with cold stomach, pregnant women, and those with a slightly hot and cold body.

    Suitable for strong and hot people.

    If you accidentally eat too much, you will feel dizzy and feel bored. You can use a slice of ginger to save it.


    Hundred Fruits

    Good for clearing away heat

    Cold nature/

    People with weak constitution and cold cough should not be eaten raw. They must be steamed in water, put in soup, or stewed with medicinal materials.

    Swan pears, fragrant pears, and tribute pears are cooler; thick-skinned sand pears and imported pears are colder.

    Sore throat after eating too much

    Southern and northern apricots and pears (cold) + Tremella (partially cool) boiled in sugar water to cure the sound and dry mouth. But it is more suitable for people who have real heat, or who need to clear heat from virtual fire.

    Apricot and pear (with cold) + 9 grams of Chuan Fritillaria boiled in sugar water to strengthen lung qi.

    North and south apricots and pears (with cold) + lily boiled in sugar water to nourish yin and soothe the nerves.


    Don't eat too much

    Has medicinal value

    The nature is smooth and sweet, thirst quenching and body fluid production.

    Nature with damp poison, skin disease or tumor, avoid eating

    (Eczema / pus / gynecological disease / edema / athlete's foot-it will be worse if the wet person eats mango again)

    Immature may cure allergies

    Asthma is contraindicated.

    One of the few fruits rich in protein, eat more to make you full.

    1. Benefit eyes and moisturize skin.

    2. Detoxification and stagnation, lowering blood pressure.

    3. Relieve vomiting, treat seasickness and waves. Pregnant woman gags.


    Prevent cancer

    Eating while coughing may aggravate the condition.

    1. Vitamin C is 20-80 times higher than apples and 5-10 times higher than citrus. This antioxidant can effectively prevent the formation of carcinogen nitrous acid in the human body.

    2. Adjust the middle and lower breath. Nourish and strengthen the body, clear heat and diuresis, clear stomach and moisturize dryness.

    3. Treat internal heat and upset, prevent and treat scurvy, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, cancer, etc.

    4. Have a unique skill in curing gastrointestinal cancer and lung cancer.


    Sex to cold

    Sexual to cold/

    People with weak and cold constitution are acceptable to eat less, but not to eat more. Do not eat with cold foods such as watermelon, soy milk, beer, cabbage, mustard greens, bitter gourd, winter melon and lotus leaf soup.

    Overdose by accident, boil ginger tea with brown sugar to solve it.


    Body fluid and stomach

    Hot and humid in nature.

    Patients with sensitive trachea or bronchi abstain from eating.

    Need to soak in salt water to decompose some organic acids and reduce their toxicity.

    1. Rich in fiber, can stimulate the intestines. It has an astringent effect and can help stop diarrhea without diarrhea.

    2. Invigorate the spleen and stomach, strengthen vitality. The pineapple breaks down protein in the stomach and helps digestion.

    3. Feeling of throat discomfort after eating is a symptom of allergy. You need to drink a cup of light salt water to dilute the allergenic ingredients.


    Tonic for Deficiency

    Hot and stagnant/

    People who have cancer or recovered, skin diseases or yin deficiency and liver heat

    People with weak and cold constitution can eat it to help the fire with aphrodisiac.

    Those with postpartum deficiency and cold can be used as supplements.

    Overdose can be solved by eating a few mangosteens immediately




    People with excessive heat and yin deficiency (skin disease, dry mouth, insomnia) should not eat.

    People with gout and diabetes should not eat more.

    Those who have a peaceful or weak constitution can enjoy it.

    Those who overdose, eat cold watermelon or drink a bowl of lotus leaf and winter melon water


    Mild nature/

    Coconut meat can replenish the yang fire and strengthen the body. It is suitable for people with weak body, weak limbs and fatigue.

    It is not suitable for those with heat in the body.

    High fat and protein content.

    Coconut glutinous rice stewed chicken has a tonic effect.

    Coconut water + sand ginseng + lily + dendrobium = clearing heat and nourishing yin

    Coconut water + winter melon seeds = lung fire

    Coconut water + cold white fungus or clear yellow ear


    Female fruit

    Lemon tea is not suitable for people with stomach problems.

    1. Lemon juice + warm water + salt = expectorant effect, stronger than orange and tangerine.

    2. In the early stage of a cold: lemon + honey flush = relieve sore throat / reduce discomfort from dry throat

    3. It can be used to relieve the fetus [for mother and child], beautify, remove spots, prevent pigmentation, improve anterior uterus, uterine ligament sagging and even amenorrhea

    4. Clear lemon can lower blood pressure and cholesterol and improve cardiovascular system.


    Nourishing for everyone

    Internal heat and phlegm fire should not be eaten too much.

    People with gout eat too much and cause joint swelling and pain.

    People with fever and asthma can cause lung heat and cough

    Dry heat, skin diseases, and stomach distension should not be eaten more.

    1. After drying, it nourishes the blood and calms the nerves, and has a great effect on the insomnia patients with insufficient heart and blood (unreasonable heartbeat, fatigue).


    Whole body is treasure

    Stomach sweetness cold/

    Avoid those who are weak in body, cold in spleen and kidney, and externally induced cold. It is best to peel and eat to prevent iron absorption.

    1. The vitamin and sugar content is 1-2 times higher than that of ordinary fruits.

    To eliminate heat and trouble, quench thirst and produce body fluid, moisten the lungs and resolve phlegm, treat heat cough.

    2. Persimmon stems are mainly used for hiccups and nocturia.

    3. Persimmon leaf tea contains a lot of vitamin C, lowering blood pressure, protecting the cardiovascular system, and curing insomnia.

    4. The persimmon has a peaceful nature, nourishes the lungs and regulates qi.

    5. Icing sugar on dried persimmons: a special medicine for dry throat and stomatitis


    Antihypertensive laxative

    Sweet and cold/

    Suitable for hot people.

    Physical deficiency and cold, spleen deficiency and stagnation of diarrhea, cold cough is not suitable

    (Stomach cold/nephritis/foot swelling during pregnancy is not suitable)

    Rich in starch.

    1. Clear heat and moisturize the intestines, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis.

    2. Rich in potassium, lower blood pressure.

    Banana stew with rock sugar = cure chronic cough


    Dehumidification and antidiarrhea

    Sweet and flat/

    People with liver heat should be careful to prevent constipation, eat the core or mix with the fiber-rich grapefruit and other fruits.

    Produce body fluid to quench thirst, relieve irritability and stop diarrhea, eliminate insects, regulate urine sugar.

    sugar cane

    Cleanse the heart

    It is cold and should not drink more.

    Black sugarcane: mild tonic, not suitable for people with hot throat;

    Green sugarcane: sweet and cool, relieve lung heat and gastrointestinal heat.

    Those with cold phlegm (white and thin) should not drink.

    1. Moisturize the throat and promote fluid, relieve upset heat, dry mouth and tongue

    2. When a child has chickenpox and measles, drink it with water.

    Green sugarcane + white grass root + carrot boiled water = clear heat

    Melon (dense melon)

    Cough relieving cough

    Lanzhou melon/American melon is cooler than cantaloupe/crape melon. It will make you hotter or colder.

    Avoid dizziness, menstruation and excessive vaginal discharge

    It is not suitable for people with cold/asthma.


    Nourish the body

    Rich in protein and sugar. Open blood vessels and lower blood pressure.

    The vitamin C content of fresh jujube is 10 times higher than that of lemon.

    Jujube: the strongest blood tonic, but also dry

    Jujube: partial to nourishing yin and blood.

    Jujube: nourishing blood.

    Fresh candied dates/golden silk candied dates: moisturizing lungs/stomach

    Recipe for chronic hepatitis: boiled chicken bone grass with red dates and soil Yinchen


    Health Ambassador

    Can treat ulcers

    The pulp contains many essential minerals and trace elements of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, manganese, zinc and boron.

    1. Mainly clear the throat, open the chest and diaphragm, clear phlegm and resolve stagnation

    2. Five hemorrhoids are swollen and painful, decoction is frequently smoked and effective

    3. Accelerate wound healing and curative effect on digestive ulcer.

    4. Healing hemorrhoids and hemorrhoids, and has an auxiliary effect on colorectal cancer.

    5. Contains antioxidants and anti-aging.

    6. Contains pectin and fiber, absorbs toxic substances in the intestine, and has detoxification effect.

    7. Like apples, it regulates the intestines and stomach in both directions, spleen deficiency and diarrhea can stop diarrhea by eating;

    8. Peigan grinding powder can help gastric ulcers heal.


    Appetizing but damp toxin

    Sweetness to cool the body fluid to quench thirst, invigorate the stomach and eliminate food/

    However, it is wet and toxic in nature, and is not suitable for patients with gout, rheumatism, eczema, skin diseases, and tumors.

    Rubella quit eating shrimp, crab, tomatoes

    Those with gastrointestinal deficiency, diarrhea, cold cough (itchy throat and white sputum) are best cooked and eaten.

    1. Rich in vitamin C, it is not easy to destroy when cooking, and is easily absorbed by the body

    2. Adjuvant diet therapy for hypertensive patients


    Champion of Nourishing Blood and Kidney

    Temperate supplement/

    It is advisable to eat less for those with excessive heat and sore throat.

    1. The iron content is the crown of the fruit, can nourish blood. People who suffer from anemia, low hemoglobin or impotence will benefit from eating.

    2. The virtual fire caused by cherries can be solved by drinking cane juice.

    3. The whole body is a treasure, and measles can be approved to prevent the virus from being trapped in the body.

    4. The leaves can detoxify snake venom, and the roots can kill worms.

    Now the chemical pollution is heavy, the sweeter the taste and the smaller the size, the more severe the damage will be. Soak in salt water for 5-10 minutes before eating.


    Champion of Nourishing Blood and Kidney

    Strong physique

    More peaceful than cherries

    Patients with lung deficiency, coughing, fetal movement, and nephritis are especially suitable to eat grapes or grape juice to replenish their bodies.

    The skin, pulp and core are all beneficial, and the vitamins E, B12, P, and C contained in it are beneficial to the heart.


    Nourish blood and beauty


    Eating too much will make the body overheat, bloating and chest tightness

    1. Rich in iron, increase the amount of human hemoglobin.

    2. Contains more fat and protein

    3. Peach flesh beauty

    4. Peach kernels promote blood circulation, relieve stasis, relieve asthma and relieve cough, but not suitable for overdose and during menstruation.

    5. The gum from the peach tree is a magic medicine for diabetes, which can strengthen and nourish and regulate blood sugar levels.

    6. Peach blossoms can be boiled to wash the face, bathe and drink.

    7. Juicing peaches + wash with rice water to moisturize the skin.


    Nourishes the lungs and relieves cough

    It has a peaceful nature, nourishes lungs and relieves cough.

    1. Rich in fiber (natural laxative), vitamin C (natural laxative), vitamin P, and promote intestinal peristalsis.

    2. The pectin contained in it can lower cholesterol, vitamin P can increase blood vessel elasticity, and vitamin C can laxative and resist aging free radicals.

    3. The juice contains substances similar to insulin, which reduces blood sugar.

    Frequent colds, coughs, and tracheal allergies: fresh pomelo peeling and core removal + apricot, fritillaria, unbleached white fungus each 30g + honey stew, strong lungs

    Orange citrus

    Anti-cancer food

    Resolve phlegm and smooth the air.

    Hot cough (concentrated sputum and dry mouth) is best to eat orange citrus

    Cold cough (those with throat scars) must be avoided.

    1. Rich in vitamin C, enhance resistance, a veritable Baoankang antioxidant.

    2. Facilitate Qi and resolve phlegm, clear away heat and promote fluid, invigorate the spleen and appetite.

    3. Tangerine peel: Vitamin C and carotene are more than fruit pulp. It contains volatile oil to promote gastrointestinal motility, eliminate fat and lower blood cholesterol. Fujian dried tangerine peel is more peaceful, increases gastric juice secretion, promotes sputum delivery, reduces inflammation and promotes choleretics.

    Nausea and boredom when catching a cold: Tangerine peel and ginger porridge.

    Cough and more sputum: fresh orange with peel and boiled apricots (rock sugar)


    Body care

    Peaceful nature, nourishes the lungs and quenches thirst

    1. Fresh apricots are rich in protein, carotene, vitamin AC, calcium, phosphorus, iron, catechins, which can help fight cancer and free radicals.

    2. Almond paste helps defecate, relieve cough and moisturize lungs.

    3. Ginkgo also contains a small amount of hydrocyanic acid, so it is not suitable to eat a lot of raw materials. Eat dozens of grains raw to clear away heat.

    4. Ginkgo has the effects of lowering cholesterol, strengthening the kidney and relieving cough.

    Deficiency: simmer ginkgo to prepare medicine

    Nocturiars: simmering cooked ginkgo biloba with honey

    Those who have more leucorrhea: simmering cooked ginkgo biloba, boiled eggs, syrup

    Yuba with ginkgo egg syrup: not for those who are weak and cold