hemorrhoids and anal fissures,About anal itching

    Anal itching is very embarrassing, okay? Don't say you understand, people who have never experienced it don't understand the uncomfortableness at all. I can’t sit still at work, and I’m itching all the time on the bus and subway after get off work. I just want to rub against the side of the car and rub against the smooth wall~~

    However, many people do not pay much attention to the itching of their anus, thinking that the itching caused by not washing it after taking a bath or not wiping it off after defecation. Indeed, this is one of the reasons, a little attention to hygiene is fine, but many anal itching is one of the symptoms of the disease.

    1. Parasites. When the anus is caused by long-term lack of hygiene, which causes parasites such as pubic lice, molting, roundworms, and vaginal trichomoniasis, it will feel itchy, especially at night. In this case, it is best to shave all the hair around the anus, and then go to the hospital for medication.

    2. Moss. Mosses refers to the itching caused by fungi such as flocculent epidermophyton, Trichophyton mentagrophytes, Trichophyton rubrum and other fungi around the anus. It usually occurs in wet seasons. Now spring is coming soon. Friends in Guangdong should be careful. Moss is contagious, so you should pay attention to washing clothes separately. Standing more and sitting less can relieve the itching symptoms.

    3. Rectal prolapse. Rectal prolapse is also commonly referred to as prolapse of the anus. The rectum prolapses out of the anus due to poor physical fitness or long-term squatting perianal pressure. The secretions of the rectum stimulate the perianal and cause perianal itching. It is recommended that patients with rectal prolapse can be treated as soon as possible, and more qi and blood can be added to avoid deterioration of the condition.

    4. Perianal abscess, anal fistula. Perianal abscess and anal fistula will have secretion outflow, which can stimulate the perianal skin and cause itching. It is recommended that these two diseases should be treated as soon as possible, or even surgery. The effect of conservative treatment is generally poor.

    5. Anal eczema. Anal eczema feels itchy at first sight. It is still different from mosses. This is caused by heavy moisture in the body or wet anus or scratching. Moss is caused by fungi. But both are extremely itchy. It is recommended to find the cause of the disease, prescribe the right medicine, and eat less fish, shrimp and crabs.

    6. Primary anal itching. This is mostly hereditary. I often feel itching around the anus, and there is no wear or rash on the skin around the anus. The main thing this type of patient can do is to exercise more, improve the body’s immunity, and eat less spicy food, such as peppers, Mustard etc.

    7. Hemorrhoids. The first impression of hemorrhoids is pain and blood in the stool! However, external hemorrhoids and mixed hemorrhoids can also cause discomfort and itching due to the swelling of the venous mass in the anus. The incidence of hemorrhoids is very high, and it is possible for any age group. Office workers who sit for a long time are most likely to get it. It is recommended that everyone do more levator ani exercises, keep the perianal clean and hygienic, and develop a good habit of regular bowel movements. The key is to prevent constipation.

    Patients with anal itching should keep in mind: anal itching is often a sign of disease and has to be taken seriously.

    Patients with anal itching must not scald their buttocks with hot water, they will only get more itchy and the condition will become more and more serious; they cannot buy any anti-itch ointment to apply. Many ointments for insomnia contain adrenal hormones. It is useless at all, and it irritates the skin more severely; people with anal itching try not to scratch it with their hands. The nails on their hands contain more bacteria than you think. The more you scratch the skin, the more severe the damage; the usual diet should be light and irritating , Eat as little fishy food as possible. Anal itching is best not to delay, as soon as possible to the hospital for treatment is king.

    Further reading:

    Why is it often itching in the anus?

    After watching the chrysanthemum, it is tight...

    If one day you are walking on the road and you feel itchy "chrysanthemum", what should you do? Some people say to find a place where there is no one and scratch hard. However, after scratching it, it itched again soon...

    Some people say that forbearance is over. However, can you bear the scratching itching?

    Many people don't understand what is going on with this anal itching. This person has done a good job of hygiene and cleaned his butt with hot water. Why is it still itchy, even the more itching gets worse.

    But in fact, the itching of the anus can not be solved by washing!

    Anal itching can be considered from systemic and local factors.

    1. Anal itching caused by systemic factors, mainly allergies. Some people who have an allergic reaction to food or drugs may cause varying degrees of itching throughout the body.

    For example, after drinking alcohol or eating some eggs, fish, shrimp and some irritating foods, anal itching may occur.

    In addition, some drugs such as antibiotics, morphine, quinine and other allergic reactions can also cause itching.

    2. In addition to allergies, some chronic diseases can also cause anal itching. There are many patients with diabetes, rheumatism, and gout in life, and they also have a certain degree of anal itching.

    In some patients with liver and gallbladder problems, cholestasis causes increased levels of bile salts in the blood and skin, irritating nerve endings, and can cause systemic itching, and the anus is naturally not immune.

    There are also some people who experience anal itching when they are over-stressed or over-excited, so it is important to maintain a balance of mind.

    3. Local factors mainly consider parasitic diseases, anal skin and anorectal diseases.

    The most common parasitic disease is pinworms. Itching usually occurs at night when the sphincter muscles relax. These female pinworms will crawl outside the anus to lay eggs and cause itching. In addition, pubic lice and trichomoniasis can also cause anal itching.

    Anal skin diseases include: perianal eczema, neurodermatitis, jock itch, anal warts and so on.

    Some anorectal diseases, such as hemorrhoids, anal fistula, prolapse of the anus, and proctitis, can cause increased secretions around the anus and cause itching.

    What to do when facing anal itching?

    If anal itching is severe and it lasts for a long time, it must be diagnosed in time by the hospital and treated according to the specific cause. In daily life, we should also take relevant preventive measures.

    1. Diet adjustment. It’s better to eat less spicy and irritating foods, such as peppers, peppers, glutinous rice, wine, and fried foods; there are also foods that are prone to allergic rashes, such as fish and shrimp, crabs, silkworm pupae, coriander, pork head, etc. Eat less.

    2. Keep the anus clean. Clean the anus with warm water every day, and wipe it carefully after defecation to avoid residual stool. Always pay attention to frequent changes of underwear, and immediate washing and drying of underwear.

    Note that you must not rinse with overheated water for anal itching at ordinary times. Although it can be temporarily relieved, hot water will affect the surrounding environment of the anus, and the more itching may become.

    3. Feel relaxed. As mentioned earlier, mental stress can cause anal itching, so we must maintain a good attitude and avoid the phenomenon of great joy and great compassion.

    4. Do not use drugs indiscriminately. Once itching occurs, do not apply some drugs yourself. Many drugs contain hormones. This will not only prevent itching, but also aggravate the condition. Even if the pruritus is relieved after some application, it is still an indicator that does not cure the cause, and it will relapse later.



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