what does a hemorrhoids look like,The authenticity and objectivity of the news about "Maternal anus being sewn" is questionable

    Recently, the news that "women give birth to red envelopes and the anus is sewn" has shocked many readers. It has attracted many verbal criticisms of the midwife involved and the entire medical industry by "people of righteousness". But after being shocked, after rational thinking, it is not difficult to find that in addition to the eye-catching effect of this news, its authenticity and objectivity are questionable. As a doctor, while feeling deeply about the current crisis of trust between doctors and patients, I want to talk about some of my views.

    According to common sense, it is impossible for a midwife to suture the mother’s anus

    In the past, perhaps everyone has only heard cursing words like "let him have a son without an asshole", but this time, the reporter has let us see the "live" thing that has an asshole in real life and is sewn by a midwife. Anyone with medical knowledge knows that the anus (commonly known as the asshole) is an important organ used to remove stool. If it is sutured and sealed, the person who is sutured will not only be unable to pass stool, but also suffer from pain. The key is that it will not take too long. It will be life-threatening and terrible. So, what made the midwife suture the patient's anus and want to put her to death? Is it because there is an unshakable hatred between them? The reporters and family members told everyone that they just "I suspect that the red envelopes were not delivered before the operation, so the midwife will retaliate against her"! If you don’t give enough red envelopes, will it lead to deliberate murder? ! I really don’t understand that there are still many people who believe in this kind of obviously contrary to common sense and try to spread it! Fortunately, the subsequent expert survey results showed that: the midwife did not suture the maternal anus at all, but only used sutures to ligate the bleeding port on the hemorrhoids that protruded from the anus during childbirth. The purpose is to make it impossible to stop by pressing. The bleeding stopped. Regarding the patient's ability to pass stool after delivery, the patient and her husband both deny it, but if the anus is really sewn to death, how did the patient's stool discharge that day? Therefore, it is impossible for a midwife to suture the mother's anus. If he insists that the patient's anus is sutured, then, as a netizen in the medical field said, this is not a misunderstanding or a botched blackmail.

    Suture the bleeding port of the hemorrhoids on the maternal anus is an emergency medical measure, the midwife does not go beyond his authority

    Check the relevant regulations of the country. The duties of midwives include "pay attention to the progress and changes of the birth process, and take emergency measures in case of maternal complications or infant asphyxia" and "closely observe the conditions of the mother before and after delivery, and pay attention to protecting the perineum and the safety of the mother and baby". . Hemorrhoids are a common disease. The prolapse of hemorrhoids from the anus and bleeding during delivery is one of the complications of the mother. If this happens, the insiders know that hemostasis is like fighting a fire, and if it is not handled in time, it will lead to catastrophe. When the midwife cannot stop the bleeding by pressing, the hemorrhoids on the hemorrhoids protruding from the anus are ligated with sutures, and hemostatic treatment is an emergency medical measure to protect the perineum (including the anus). From this perspective, this is entirely a matter of the scope of the midwife's responsibilities. As for the method of hemostasis, it can be a variety of methods, not to mention that there is no needle but only suture ligation to stop bleeding, that is, both stitches and sutures are used to sew the bleeding port to stop bleeding (also a commonly used hemostasis The method is one of the basic operations required by all clinical medical staff to be proficient) is also possible, but the patient or family should be informed in time after emergency treatment to obtain the understanding of the patient and family. Here, everyone must make it clear that "hemostatic treatment" for bleeding hemorrhoids and the so-called "surgical treatment" for hemorrhoids are two completely different concepts! Therefore, many netizens believe that even some officials of the health administration department also believe that the disposition of the midwife at the time was an ultra vires disposition is open to question.

    Everyone can think about it, if the midwife does not care about hemorrhoid bleeding, or just waits and sees, or immediately contacts the anorectal doctor that netizens think has the right to deal with, it may not wait for the arrival of the anorectal consultation doctor. , There is a big problem. Because, after all, there are not many hospitals specializing in anorectal medicine in China, and most of them are handled by general surgery (netizens may also think that they have no right of disposal). At that time, can the news headline of the reporters be changed to "Midwife sees bleeding more than just maternal death"? Should I sigh again, "Ah, what a midwife, not even a simple hemostasis operation was performed on the parturient that caused this heinous tragedy!"?

    There is no direct and convincing evidence that "the midwife blatantly asked for a red envelope"

    Doctor-patient communication urgently needs to be strengthened to promote the harmonious development of doctor-patient relations. The media has a heavy responsibility

    There is no need to avoid taboos, the relationship between doctors and patients nowadays is not as good as before: they are good at grasping the "weakness" that most hospitals will not die, and there are more and more people who owe debts when they are cured; In medical disputes, many hospitals will lose money to settle their weaknesses if there is no mistake, and more and more patients or their families are making trouble for no reason; the self-protection between doctors and patients is becoming more and more prominent; more and more medical disputes are constantly increasing. The escalating conflict between doctors and patients is even more ironclad.And this time, the news that "women give less red envelopes and anus is sewn" can arouse everyone's attention and indignation. It is also because of the lack of communication and trust between doctors and patients, which is another concentrated manifestation of the tension between doctors and patients. The people took the opportunity to send out their hatred of giving red envelopes, attacking the corrupt behavior of certain medical staff, and venting their long-standing resentment against “difficult and expensive medical treatment” to midwives and the medical industry. This is worthy of deep reflection.

    Medical science is a high-risk subject. The work of medical staff does have certain unforeseen factors. It is necessary for the news media to do more publicity in this regard, as a bridge between doctors and patients, so that the whole society can understand medicine. Helpless, understand the difficulties of medical staff. In the event of medical disputes, media reports must be truthful, comprehensive, objective, and fair, and must not add fuel to the already deteriorated doctor-patient relationship. The legal rights of patients need to be protected, but the legal rights of medical staff also need to be protected. Before the truth of the matter is fully understood, the media guides public opinion overwhelmingly in favor of the patient, positioning the patient as the victim and pushing the doctor to the opposite side. Is it fair to the medical staff? The harmonious development of the doctor-patient relationship requires the joint efforts of medical staff, patients, medical management departments, the media, and all sectors of society. The media, as the leader of public opinion, has a special and important responsibility! As a doctor, I sincerely hope that the media will play the role of "facilitator" rather than "destroyer" in the doctor-patient relationship.

    Finally, I would like to remind everyone that the "Mrs. Xu incident" in Nanjing has already made many Chinese elderly people no one dare to step forward to help when they fell. I sincerely hope that they will not be sewn in the anus of the mothers in Shenzhen. "The incident made no medical personnel dare to implement emergency medical measures that should have been implemented.

    About the Author:

    "National Top Ten Good Doctors", winner of post allowance for outstanding military personnel, member of the Ophthalmology Committee of the Armed Police Force. The main research is the treatment of severe ocular trauma and the diagnosis and treatment of lacrimal diseases. He is one of the first experts in China to carry out minimally invasive vitrectomy and laser lacrimal duct surgery. He has edited 3 monographs, participated in editing 5 monographs, and published more than 80 scientific papers. Won 3 national patents, 4 scientific and technological progress awards of the Armed Police Force, 17 awards and 3 meritorious services. He has been invited to give lectures on eye disease knowledge and answer audience hotline questions as special guests of many radio and television stations such as China Central Television, China Central Radio and Beijing Television. He successively published more than 950 news, current affairs commentaries and popular medical science articles in newspapers and magazines such as "People's Daily", "Guangming Daily", "Science and Technology Daily", and "Health Daily".



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