hemorrhoids zinc oxide,Clinically effective prescription

    Clinically effective prescription

    Jiaoshan Cha 20 Divine Comedy 10 Houpu 10 (Can Yi Houpu Flower 6) Tangerine Peel 10 (Sometimes Green Tangerine Peel 6)

    Licorice 6

    Yin Deficiency Plus Polygonatum odoratum 10 Dendrobium 10

    Nachajia fried two buds each 20 moxibustion chicken gold 10

    With small intestine turmeric 20 oldenlandia diffusa 20 cat's claw 30

    Atractylodes rhizome is generally changed to Atractylodes macrocephala, if the stool is too thin, use Atractylodes macrocephalae, and use Sheng Atractylodes 30

    Clinically, pregnancy resistance is very common. I often use: Huaju 14, Zhuru 12, Codonopsis 6, Licorice 4, Ginger Pinellia 10, Atractylodes macrocephala 10, Poria 15, Tangerine Peel 10, Ginger 4, and Jujube 10. As the moderator said, the effect is very good without dialectics.

    I once added one point to the Dingxiang Garden on this side, and now I offer to share with you. Shangtong Fang: Suitable for both new and long-term injuries.

    Rhubarb 6, Rhizoma Drynariae 10, Myrrh 6, Angelica Tail 10, Red Peony 15, Safflower 6, Natural Copper 2, Shanjia 3, Jinu 10, Dipsacus 10, Loofah 10, a bowl of wine for 6 minutes each clothes.

    Stomach ulcer

    Inner gold two money, one gold two money, Zhijiao two money

    Half of two coins, Magnolia two coins, Amomum two coins

    Two money for Poria and two money for yam

    Wu Mo five points dogwood two money five flavors five points

    Yu Liren two coins Zaoren two coins Chenpi two coins

    Rinse into powder, burning sensation after taking.

    Toothache Recipe

    Prescription: 15 grams of Dashengdi, 30 grams of raw plaster, 10 grams of nepeta, 15 grams of windbreak, 10 grams of green bark, 5 grams of raw licorice, and 15 grams of paeonol.

    Addition and subtraction; Shangzheng 4 toothache belongs to the heart meridian, 15 grams of Jiachuanlian and 20 grams of Cundong. The upper left 3 toothache session stomach meridian plus Angelica dahurica and Chuanxiong 9 grams each. The toothache on the left is a gall bladder. 12 grams of Jiadancao, 9 grams of Qianghuo. The toothache on the upper right 3 belongs to Mingmen, plus 10 grams of Angelica and 9 grams of Qianghuo. The toothache on the upper right side belongs to the large intestine, 10 grams of Jiachuan Army and 10 grams of Citrus aurantium. Toothache in the lower 4 belongs to the kidney meridian, plus 12 grams of cork and 10 grams of Anemarrhena. The lower left 3 toothache belongs to the spleen meridian, plus 10 grams of Baizhu and 12 grams of Radix Paeoniae Alba. The lower left side toothache belongs to the liver meridian, 10 grams of Bupleurum and 12 grams of Gardenia are added. Lower right 3 toothache belongs to the small intestine meridian, 13 grams of Jiamutong and 13 grams of Psyllium. Toothache on the right side belongs to the lung meridian. Add 10 grams of Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi and 2 grams of Mulberry Bark.

    Usage: decocted in water, 1 dose a day, divided into 2 servings.

    Taboos; spicy, wine and cheese, fish, shrimp, lamb and other foods.

    French: In this recipe, no matter the food pain of wind and fire insects, it will be healed by taking it. It has special effects after clinical application.

    Clinically, toothaches are often mixed with deficiency and reality. I basically don't need to add or subtract this prescription after repeated trials.

    Raw Rehmannia 15 Rehmannia 15 Yuan Ginseng 15 Ophiopogon 15 Amomum 8 Achyranthes 12 Cinnamon 4 Aconite 8 Asarum 4 Anemarrhena 10 Cork 5 Licorice 3 Gypsum 30

    This recipe is made from the addition and subtraction of Yunvjian and Sancai Fengshui Dan. In Yinduo patients, intravenous antibiotics are ineffective and the pain is severe and the pain is relieved by the next dose.

    Toothache due to virtual fire, birthplace for wounds of mouth and tongue 30g Poria 15g Alisma 15g yam 20g yam meat 15g peony 10g cinnamon 5g

    Xu's prescription cures toothache

    The combination of smelling medicine and decoction is suitable for all kinds of toothaches, with good effect and easy action.

    1 Smell the medicine: Mu Biezi (shelled), long pepper each 100 grams, borneol 10 grams.

    All the medicines are mixed evenly after being researched and bottled for later use. When the patient sees a doctor, take a prepared vial, put it in the medicine, close to the nostril, inhale the smell, alternate between the two nostrils, it can relieve pain in 5-10 minutes, and can be used repeatedly.

    2 Decoction: 3 grams each of Zanthoxylum bungeanum and Asarum, 10 grams each of Angelica dahurica and Fangfeng.

    Decoct 100ml with 300ml water. If the pain worsens due to heat stimulation, rinse after the medicine cools; if the pain worsens due to cold stimulation, swallow it after 1 to 2 minutes.

    This recipe comes from Xu Chenglin, a school in the Urumqi Military Region, Xinjiang. I have tried several times and the results are reliable.

    Treating Sinusitis Recipe

    Patients with sinusitis often have headaches, stuffiness, nasal discharge, yellow-green turbid discharge, and aggravated by heat. A few patients have wind-cold symptoms but still have yellow-green turbid discharge. The prescription is as follows: Qianghuo 10 Licorice 10 Lihuo 10 Ligusticum chuanxiong 10 Artemisia Ben 10 Vinegrass 10 Fangfeng 10 Xanthium 10 Xinyi 10 Angelica root 10 Mint 10 Saponin 10 Zedoary 10 Triangle 10, mainly taking Longdan Xiegan pills at the same time.

    Bupleurum, Scutellaria, Pinellia, Turmeric, Citrus aurantium, Yuanhu, Cyperus rotundus, 10g of raw rhubarb (after entering), 12g of woody, 15g of white peony.

    A proven prescription for treating sinusitis in children. This prescription was collected when I graduated in 90 years. It has been used for many years. The effect is excellent. The composition of the medicine: Roasted Astragalus 12g Angelica dahurica 12g Cang'erzi 12g Stir-fried Atractylodes Rhizome 6g Fangfeng 6g Xinyi 6g Acorus 3g Asarum 3g borneol 3g

    Usage: The fine powder is researched and reserved for use. Each time 0.5g of powder was blown into the nasal cavity. The medication is administered 3 times a day, and 5 days is a course of treatment.

    Applicable symptoms: children with sinusitis, runny nose, candle discharge, nasal congestion or dizziness and headache

    This recipe is collected by me on "Guangxi Traditional Chinese Medicine" in 90 years, the effect is good, you can try

    Gold dodder stone

    (Especially suitable for stones with a regular shape smaller than 10*10mm in the lower part of the ureter, and those with non-excess heat syndrome)

    Mulberry parasitic 20 Chuan cut 20 Niuqi 15 Habitat 15 Dodder 15 Woody 10 (Back) Peach kernel 15 Oldenlandia diffusa 15 Eclipta prostrata 15 Beiqi 10 Mallow seed 15 Sea golden sand 20 Raw coix seed 20 Chrysanthemum seed 15 Lysimachia 15 Qingpi 8 Fructus Aurantii 12 Chuan Pu 15

    This recipe combines traditional Chinese medicine theories and modern physiopathological theories.

    One of the classics is the role of Citrus aurantium... Let us consider its meaning in this context (the director once asked me this question)

    The answer will be announced next week~`Haha~~

    Decoction method: There are many medicines in this recipe. First, use 5 bowls of water to make 3 bowls of water, and then use 3 bowls of water to make 2 bowls before taking the medicine.

    The purpose is to increase the patient's urinary volume, and to instruct the patient to skip rope or run, which is conducive to stone removal. Non-obstructive patients can usually remove stones in 3-5 days.

    Sanjin Pai Stone Soup

    Punishment: Lysimachia 30 Gallus gallus domesticus 15 Haijinsha 20 (Fried) White spear root 30 Shiwei 30 Gardenia 10

    Broken stone 30 Huai Niu seven 25 Talc 20 Alisma 15

    For those with qi deficiency, add Astragalus 30 for those with kidney deficiency, add Eclipta prostrata 15 ligustrum 15

    This prescription is used for urinary calculi. Take the medicine for one week, one dose a day, preferably in the morning

    Stone row:

    Mianyinchen 40 Lysimachia 30 Gallus gallus domesticus 15 Haijinsha 15 Turmeric 15 Jinsha cattle 15 Cloth residue leaves 15 Taizi ginseng 20 Yunling 25

    Take one dose a day, decoct in water and take it twice.

    Basic prescriptions for ureteral stones: Lysimachia 30, Psyllium, 10 Achyranthes, 15 Poria, 15 Pangolin, 6 Talc, 15 Shiwei, 15 Licorice, 6 Amber, 3 Wood, 15 Weilingxian, 20 Haijinsha 12

    Painful Canadian Dollar Hu

    Physical weakness plus Codonopsis, Angelica

    Very effective everyone can try

    Prostatitis Recipe

    Anemarrhena 10 grams Phellodendron 10 grams Smilax chinensis 15 grams Abilberry 20 grams Two flowers 20 grams Salvia 15 grams Angelica 10 grams Bupleurum 10 grams Red peony 15 grams Talc 20 grams

    Plantago Seed 15g Centipede 2 Dianthus 15g Verbena 15g

    Fructus Cnidium 15g Licorice 10g Decoction


    Clearing away heat, detoxifying and promoting blood circulation


    Cypress soup

    Sangji 15 white peony 15 madder 15 sea cuttlebone 20 Ligustrum lucidum 15 Eclipta sinensis 15 mustard charcoal 10 palm charcoal 10 donkey-hide gelatin 15 (Yanghua) Habitat 20 Ophiopogon 15

    It is mainly used for women's menstruation. Lochia is inadequate, and the syndrome differentiation is a syndrome of insufficient kidney yin. The hemostatic effect is good.


    Teething Anorexia Recipe for Children

    Silver Flower 6 Forsythia 8 Light Bamboo 8 Bai Wei 6 Chanyi 3 Rushes 6 Pueraria Root 10 Grain Sprout 6 Malt 6 Uncaria 6 (Back)

    It is suitable for the symptoms of irritability, fever, anorexia, sleepiness, and hard stool in children.

    Chinese Medicine Qinggong Fang

    Prescription: Guiwei 10, Chuanxiong 8, Red Peony 15, Chuanxiong 10, Safflower 10, Motherwort 15, Plantago Seed 10, Septica 10, Wulingzhi 10, Stir-fried Puhuang 10, Madder 10, Salvia 12 Licorice 6,

    Indications: Insufficiency of medicine and insufficiency of menopausal dysfunction.

    The above unit is grams.

    When this prescription is used in conjunction with western medicine, the chance of insufficiency of medicine will be reduced by 90%. This recipe is derived from the experience of several seniors and has been used clinically for 3 years.

    Rhubarb 50G, Jiao Di Yu 50G, Angelica 50G plus jujube bark, mix well with sesame oil and apply it on small areas of burns. The effect is several times better than MEBO. It relieves pain quickly and scabs quickly. Interested friends don't prevent one. test.

    Rhubarb 15 Saxifraga 10 Phellodendron 10 Diyu 10 Polygonum cuspidatum 12 White and 5 Dry, ground, and 100 mesh

    Ren Borneol 10 with sesame oil 20 to make a paste to clean the wound for external

    For the treatment of high fever; honeysuckle 15 forsythia 15 scutellaria 12 branches 15 gypsum 30 habitat 20 yuan ginseng 20 bamboo leaves 12 Bupleurum 8 barley 20 Ophiopogon 10 licorice 5 three doses, the effect is very good. From Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Professor of Febrile Diseases--Professor Huang Shengquan's refined formula. You can try it!!!

    Alopecia areata

    Prescription: Rehmannia root, Shouwu, Cistanche deserticola each 15 grams, Ligustrum lucidum 12 grams, peach kernel, safflower 9 grams, red peony root and Chuanxiong 6 grams each, 7 red dates, 3 shallots, 2 ginger, a little rice wine. 1 gram of musk (divided into two doses), if there is no musk, 6 grams of Angelica dahurica can be used for decoction.

    Usage: One dose a day, two times of decoction.

    Efficacy: More than 30 cases of unhealed patients have been cured. Generally, it takes one to three months to take effect.

    Specialize in baldness!

    As long as you have recent baldness, use Polygonum multiflorum 25g, 10g cooked rehmannia, 25g stewed lean meat, once a day, for 1 month, generally see the effect after 1 month.

    Antaiyin-effective in preventing abortion

    Composition: 20 grams of Codonopsis, 20 grams of Roasted Astragalus, 12 grams of Jiaobaizhu, Roasted grass 3e, 6 grams of Ejiao powder, 3 grams of Amomum villosum (rear), 10 grams of Dipsacus, 10 grams of Radix Scutellariae, 10 grams of Dodder Seed , Mulberry 6 grams, glutinous rice, ramie each as a guide.


    Soak the medicine in warm water for a moment, simmer for two moments, then simmer the amomum, then fry for a moment to filter out the first juice, put it under cool clothes, lie down and rest, and abstain from intercourse. Second and third juice, serving and usage are the same as above.

    Curative effect

    For decades, the author has used this prescription clinically to prevent fetuses, and the effect is reliable. Because the composition of this prescription is in line with the discourse and practice of "anti-fetus" by doctors of the past dynasties.

    Diabetes, wet turbidity and sleepiness of the spleen type Lu Zhizheng's experience Fang Huo Pu Xia Ling Tang

    Symptoms: dizziness, heavy head, full stomach, obsessive appetite, abdominal distension, nausea, vomiting, body fat, heavy body, drowsiness, fatigue and weakness, dry mouth and not wanting to drink, or like hot meals and not drinking much water, loose stools, women People take it down. The tongue is light, the coating is white or thick and greasy, and the pulse is slow.

    Recipe: Huoxiang 10 Ginger Pinellia 10 Poria cocos each 12 Light tempeh 8 Alisma 20 Chuan Magnolia 15 Raw Coix 30 Big belly skin 30 Betel nut 10

    This type of diabetes is also common in clinical practice. I tried it many times and the effect was good.

    I have an effective prescription here. It mainly treats cough that does not heal for a long time, itchy throat and machine cough. The effect of syndrome differentiation is good. After posting it, please refer to it: South Ginseng 30 Ophiopogon 15 Angelica 7 Nepeta 10 Mint 3 Loquat leaf 10 Chuanbei 10 Almond 10 Licorice 3

    Ginji Soup

    Blood collapse and yin deficiency have a lot of pulses, and Yindi Maobaiwei Artemisia is the same;

    The decoupling of the glue lamella, heat the rhino yuan and the bamboo.

    Generally, the premenstrual period and menstrual blood are still dripping after 7 days. I saw him use:

    Silver Flower 15 Habitat 15 Imperata cylindrica Root 30 Charcoal Cork 10

    Bai Wei 10 Huang Qin 10 Chuan Broken 10 Coupling Section 18

    Ejiao 10 sea swim bladder 15 yuan ginseng 10 bamboo ru 15

    You can get better results if you add or subtract a little bit, and I use it very well

    Huoxue Tongmai Powder is effective in treating dysmenorrhea

    Acupuncture point: lower abdomen

    Medicine: Angelica, Chuanxiong, Boswellia, Myrrh, Safflower, Raw Puhuang, and Achyranthes bidentata, 10g each, 12g each of Aconite and Corydalis, 20g Wulingzhi, Vinegar, 5g Agarwood , Dragon's blood 2 grams, cinnamon sticks 5 grams, cumin 3 grams.

    Usage: The fine powder will be researched and stored in the bottle for later use. Take 60 grams each time during treatment, put it in a sewn cloth bag, place it on the lower abdomen, and fix it with tape. The size of the bag is more than 2cm above the umbilicus, down to the pubic hair, and left and right to the two anterior superior iliac spines. The application was started 7 days before menstruation, changed every 3 days, and stopped 3 days after the clinical symptoms disappeared.

    Efficacy: I used Huoxue Tongmai San to treat 52 cases of dysmenorrhea, of which 35 cases were cured in one course of treatment, 12 cases were cured in two courses, and 5 cases of unhealed patients were further diagnosed with endometriosis, but the pain was significantly reduced during the medication.

    Treatment of prolonged periods

    Many women have diseases with prolonged menstrual periods, and most of them can't be checked in the hospital for any reason. When the effect of western medicine is not good, I often use it: Angelica 6 Chuanxiong 6 White Peony 6 Rehmannia 10 Stir-fried Mugwort 15 Stir-fried Nepeta 10 Agaricus 10 Eclipta Prostrata 10 Habitat 10 Licorice 5 In addition, fried Korean ginseng is effective!

    The secret recipe for the treatment of cervicitis was offered by the ancestors. Cherish it! ! !

    Amomum 3 Atractylodes 10 Anemarrhena 10 Chinensis root bark 15 Smilax chinensis 20 Phellodendron amurense 10 Willow root 30 Sepia bone 15 Angelica dahurica 10

    Ten days a course of treatment, cures cervicitis and common diseases that are common.

    External washing prescription for itching: Cnidium monnieri 20 Sichuan pepper 10 Sophora flavescens 15 Baibu 12 Phellodendron 15 Barley 30 White moss skin 20

    Xanthium 15 Kochia scoparia 20 Raw licorice 5 Wild chrysanthemum 30

    Usage: decoct 3000~4000ml of juice, smoke first and then wash (40 degrees), 3 times a day, 15 minutes each time, 7~10 days is a course of treatment.

    Clinically, I use: Codonopsis 15 tangerine peel 15 Pinellia 10 Su Ye 10 Zhuru 10 Codonopsis 6 Poria 15 Muxiang 6 Ginger 5 Licorice 5 Jujube 10

    Tutor's hard way to treat menopausal syndrome

    For women with menopausal syndrome, as long as they feel paroxysmal fever (not necessarily measured by a thermometer), and then sweating, the instructor must use the following formula (addition and subtraction of Chaihu Guizhi Decoction): Guizhi 15 White Peony 15 Bupleurum 20 Scutellaria 12 French Pinellia 12 Albizia Peel 15 Sautéed Date Seed 12 Lily 9 Xiangfu 9 Habitat 12 Roasted Malt 12 Roasted Licorice 6. After long-term clinical observation, good results have been achieved. Generally, three doses can improve the symptoms of fever and sweating, and the rest should be flexibly adjusted according to the patient’s syndrome.

    This party is only for peer communication, welcome to exchange, so as to improve the level of Chinese medicine and develop the cause of Chinese medicine

    Experience of Treating 60 Cases of Rheumatoid Arthritis with Maqianlongxie Powder

    Rheumatoid Arthritis Ma Qian Long Xie San

    1 clinical data

    There are 60 cases in this group, including 40 outpatients and 20 inpatients; 25 males and 35 females; age 20-55 years old; course of disease is 6 months-10 years, generally 3-4 years. Diagnostic criteria: Refer to the 1987 standard of the American Rheumatology Society.

    2 treatment methods

    Self-made Maqianlongxiesan formula:

    Mackerel 30g, Scorpion 20g, Earth Dragon 30g, White Flower Snake 20g, Tripterygium 60g, Angelica 20g, Cassia Twig 10g, Atractylodes Rhizome 40g, Astragalus 80g, Coprinus spatholobi 50g, Corydalis 20g, Millennium Health 60g, Wei Lingxian 20g, Rhizoma Drynariae 30g, Epimedium 50g, Chuancaowu each 10g, Chinese Yam 50g, grind the powder, 9g each time, 2 times a day, 30 days as a course of treatment.

    3 Treatment criteria and results

    3.1 The treatment standards refer to the revised standards of the First National Conference on Rheumatic Diseases in Kunming in 1988. Short-term control: After treatment, the pain of the affected joints disappeared, joint function improved and returned to normal, RF and ESR returned to normal, and maintained for at least 90 days after stopping the drug; markedly effective: the swelling and pain of the affected joints were significantly improved or disappeared; effective: the affected joints were painful or swollen Improved; ineffective: The swelling and pain of the affected joints have not improved after treatment for more than 1-3 courses.

    3.2 Treatment results After treatment of 60 cases in this group, 10 cases were controlled recently; 40 cases were markedly effective; 10 cases were effective; 1 case was ineffective; the total effective rate was 96%. The shortest course of treatment is 1 month and the longest is 6 months.

    4 typical cases

    Chen XX, female, 45 years old. Main complaint: joint pain, swelling, deformation of both hands, waist pain for more than 10 years. After introduction, came to our office for treatment. Check: T: 36.5℃, R: 23 beats/min, P: 70 beats/min, BP: 120/80mmHg, symmetrical swelling, swelling, pain, subcutaneous nodules, low back pain, fatigue, and anorexia. Rheumatism factor (+). After using self-made Maqianlongxie San, after taking 2 courses, the function returned to normal.

    5 discussions

    Rheumatoid arthritis belongs to the category of Chinese medicine. "Su Wen • Bi Lun" says: "The three qi of wind, cold and dampness are mixed, and it is arthralgia." The author believes that qi and blood, liver and kidney deficiency are the root causes, and wind, cold and dampness are the triggers of the disease. , Blood stasis has become a tangible evil that blocks meridian joints, so the main pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis is the deficiency of the essence. Self-made Wuqianlongxie San prescription Zhongmaqianzi invigorates blood circulation, relieves pain, and penetrates joints; Tripterygium wilfordii travels the 12 meridians, clears heat and detoxification, expels wind and dampness; Earth dragon, white snake, scorpion searches for wind and collaterals Relieve pain; re-use Astragalus and Atractylodes to invigorate qi and invigorate the spleen, and enhance the body's immunity; make Chuancao, cassia twig, spatholobus spatholobi, spatholobus serrata, thousand-year-old to nourish cold and promote blood circulation, relieve pain; Weilingxian, Chinese yam, and Epimedium can nourish liver and kidney, strengthen muscles and bones; all medicines are used together to replenish qi, activate blood circulation and clear collaterals, nourish liver and kidney, strengthen muscles and relieve pain.

    Formula of Rheumatoid No. 1 Medicinal Wine

    250 grams of Tripterygium wilfordii, 2500 ml of water, simmered to 1000 ml, after filtering to remove the residue, add 250 grams of rock sugar while it is hot to melt, and after cooling, add 1000 ml of 50-degree white wine. The crude drug content is 12.5%. 15-25 per serving Ml, 2-3 times a day, use Rheumatoid No. 2 medicinal liquor 30 minutes after meals

    Composition: Tripterygium 1000g, Astragalus 120g, Angelica 100g, Epimedium 120g, Papaya 100g, White Peony Root 100g, Gentiana 180g, 100g Shouwu 100g, 100g Licorice, 250g Chuanwu. Caowu 250g. Maqianzi 30g. Weilingxian 200g. Yuanhu 250g. Asarum 150g. Wulingzhi 100g. Cyperus rotundus 60g. Sea cuttlefish 150g. Amomum 60g .Qianghuo 100g. Alone life 100g. Ephedra 60g (Ephedra is cooked after 1 hour)

    Preparation method: add 26 kg of water, fry it and fry for 90 minutes with a slow fire, filter to remove the residue, and leave about 10 kg of syrup. Add 2 kg of rock sugar while it is hot to melt, and add 5 kg of 50-degree white wine after cooling. Serve.

    Usage: Adults take 20-30 ml each time, 3 times a day, after meals.

    Note: For severely ill patients, No. 1 and No. 2 medicinal liquor can be taken in combination, and the effect is better. No. 1 medicinal liquor is 15 ml, and No. 2 medicinal liquor is 20 ml.

    Generally there are no obvious side effects.

    Rheumatoid arthritis

    Crane knee arthritis

    First serving Wujisan Duhuojijie Decoction

    Angelica Chuanxi Atractylodes Rhizome Ginger Live Windproof Renyi Bitai Tortoise Silkworm Sand Wolfberry Pine knot Eggplant Root

    Burning Grass Tiger Bone


    Angelica, Beiqi, Fuzi, Guizhijiang, Atractylodes, Chuanxipaojia, Safflower, Peach Kernels

    Rheumatoid arthritis

    Angelica, Beiqi, Ginger, Live, Alone, Qi, Snake, Grilled, Bee-house, Bie Dasheng, Gold, Xungufeng, Tiger Bone Burning Grass

    Rheumatic pain

    Qi Snake Bee Hive Chuan Gong Quan Chong Tian Qixian Mao Angelica Parasitism Atractylodes Sunflower Gum

    Shunhuacheng will be used separately for the film and will also be served with Dashengjin Qingmu Fragrant Decoction

    external use

    Raw Sichuan Blackberry, Blackberry, Southern Star, Fuzi, Red Peony, Paojiang, and Guibeixin

    Co-study wine to heat the affected area with cloth and put it once a day


    I offer one party: 100% easy to use. This is the secret recipe from the teacher.

    Indications: Sciatica (all-round)

    Recipe: Viper 10g, Centipede 10g, Scorpion 10g

    The upper medicine is dried, ground into fine powder, divided into 8 packets, one packet each in the morning and the afternoon on the first day. Continue to take one sachet in the morning every day, and even take one week as a course of treatment. The interval between each treatment course is 5 days.

    I have used Mr. Zhu Chenyu’s "Siteng Yixian Decoction" many times to treat peripheral neuritis and upper limb numbness pain. The effect is good. The prescription: Caulis spatholobi 30 Haifeng vine 15 Trachelospermum 15 Uncaria 15 Weilingxian 15, I am in Qi deficiency combined with Huangqi Guizhi Wuwu Decoction during application; stasis is added with insect medicine such as earthworm and black snake.

    Come to offer one more party today.

    This is the basic prescription for treating lumbar disc herniation,


    Wei Lingxian 70 horse money seed 60 frankincense 50 myrrh 50

    Peach kernel 45 safflower 45 rigid silkworm 45 whole insect 40 centipede 40

    Tuyuan 40 Cangzhu 35 Licorice 35 Guizhi 30 Ephedra 20

    Apply the medicine to the end, pack the capsules,

    Initially, 0.75 g twice a day, add to 1.5 g after one month, and reduce to 1 g after three months

    (During the medication, you can take decoction according to the symptoms) I will also come

    For waist sprains, the test results are good as follows: Guizhi 10 White Peony 15 Licorice 10 Eucommia 15 Rehmannia 18 Peach kernel 15 Frankincense 10 Myrrh 10 Dog ridge 20 Fragment tonic 20 Parasitic 30 Achyranthes 12 Pangolin 15 Angelica 15 Chuanxiong 10

    Decoction with water, one dose a day and three doses in a row, I have used 100 cases and the effect is quite good.

    Treatment of various bone hyperplasia osseous arthropathy clinical manifestations are acid, numbness, pain, touch sensitivity.

    Parasitic 15 Eucommia 15 Papaya 15 kilojins (herbal medicine) 15 Drynaria tonic 15 Wei Lingxian 15 Dog ridge 15 Chuan cut 15 Licorice 6

    The prescription is mild in nature and can be used for all clinical symptoms.

    Basic prescription for cervical spondylosis:

    This is what my teacher told me when I was copying the party (basically it was "wrapped" by me, haha)

    Pueraria 30~50 Turmeric 10~15 Turmeric 15 Chuanxiong 10~15

    Angelica 15 Rehmannia 30 Psoralen 15~30 Cuscuta 15

    Mulberry Branch 15~30 Peach Kernel 10~15 Red Flower 6~10

    The above drugs are used in the dialectical treatment of cervical spondylosis according to the symptoms

    A medicine wine prescription for treatment of cervical spine hyperostosis:

    Wei Lingxian 30G Angelica 15G Safflower 10G Peach Kernel 10G Achyranthes 10G Whole Worm 10G White Peony Root 10G Guizhi 10G Yuanhu 10G Qianghuo 10G

    In the recipe, Angelica is best to use Angelica tail; Achyranthes is best to use Chuan Achyranthes; Yuanhu is best to use Yuanhu made with vinegar.

    Usage: Two catties of white wine can be taken after 7 days of soaking. Take 10 ml each morning and evening before meals.

    Bone spur

    250 grams of ebony plum, decoct in water, take the thick juice, when it is ready, take 500 grams of pig iron and boil it on the fire, put the pig iron into the decoction of the decoction, and then add 250 ml of ginger vinegar to wash the pain . 1-2 times a day. One month is a course of treatment.

    I have used this recipe many times and the effect is also good.

    Luo Zhuang Gu San (for external use)

    4 grams of raw strychoma, 30 grams of raw white mustard seeds, 10 grams of raw Sichuan black, 10 grams of raw grass black, 10 grams of asarum, 10 grams of raw southern star, 10 grams of virginia, 3.2 grams of camphor, 1.9 grams of borneol, and cantharidin 0.8 g. Angelica dahurica 4 g. Musk 0.03 g. Raw frankincense 3 g. Raw myrrh 3 g.

    Total is fine. Divide into 30 grams per pack for external use. Oral use is strictly prohibited!

    Efficacy: dispel wind and cold, remove dampness and numbness, clear the meridians, relieve pain

    Indications: Rheumatoid arthritis. Various low back pain. Sciatica. Bone hyperplasia. Frozen shoulder. Muscles and bones numbness

    Usage: Each pack of heated boiling water is adjusted to a paste. When it is not hot, apply it to the painful area. The thickness of the medicine is 0.5 cm. Then use a convenient bag to cover it tightly. Press a pillow. Generally, there will be a feeling of heat after 20 minutes. The patient can tolerate it. For the degree. Usually take off in 60-90 minutes. Every medication is used every 10 days. Generally, it is effective once.

    Cantharidin is not easy to get in this prescription. After subtraction, it has no obvious effect on the efficacy.

    This party is my income from participating in a training course of a rheumatology institute. The training course is expensive, I hope it will be helpful to you!

    Another party for rectal cancer

    Wu XX, male, 67 years old, address: Zhutiao Zhuoying.

    He had blood in the stool for seven years, and it worsened in January. He was diagnosed with rectal cancer at the First People's Hospital of Xiangfan City. The hospital urged him to be hospitalized for surgery. The family members and themselves considered: First, they are older, and second, they are afraid of hanging a fecal bag on the waist. The three consider that the surgery may not be successful. After repeated comparisons, I decided to give up the operation. On June 22, 2005, his son-in-law introduced him to our office for treatment with Chinese medicine. Engraved diagnosis: good spirits, often feeling fatigue, blood in every stool, no abdominal pain. The moss is thin and the pulse string is slippery.

    Fang 1: Paijiangcao 20 Agrimonia 60 Natural Ulmus 30 Guanzhong 10 Fried Diyu 30 Fried Citrus Aurantium 10 Scutellaria 15 Pulsatilla 20 Sophorae Flavescentis 15 Lithospermum 10 Coix Seed 30 Houttuynia Cordata 20 Shandou Root 10 Oldenlandia diffusa 20 Scutellaria 15

    Seven doses, one dose a day, decocted in water.

    Side 2: Cat's claw 100 Zedoary 100 Magnolia officinalis 100 Whole Melon 100 Amaranth 100 Turmeric 60 Agrimony 60 Stir-fried Citrus Aurantium 60 Wulingzhi 45 Fire Nitrate 60 Alum 30 Dry Lacquer 18 Maqian 30 Sanji Mushroom 30 Raw Land Yu 60 Sheng Chuan Jun 45 large centipedes 30 Tianlong 60 grind extremely fine. Shuifan becomes a pill, three times a day, 10 grams each time.

    Recipe 3: Toad venom 20 realgar 20 white and powder 15 belladonna extract 5 catechu 6 frankincense 5 myrrh 5 dragon's blood 5 borneol 8

    Cnidium 5 light powder 3 three elixir 6 alum 270. Preparation method: First dissolve the alum in boiling water and use it as a powder. Finally, add Cnidium, Toad and Dragon's Blood, mix well to make 100 torpedo emboli. Usage: Insert one capsule at a time into the anus, about 10 cm deep, and lie on your stomach for 30 minutes. Twice a day, 30 days as a course of treatment.

    The second consultation on June 29, 2005: The frequency of bowel movements decreased after taking the upper part, and the bloody stool was relieved once every two days. On the basis of the prescription, Kato pear root 20 snake berry 20. Periflora 20 agrimony 60 raw elm 30 Guanzhong 10 fried Sanyu 30 Fried Citrus aurantium 10 Scutellaria 15 Pulsatilla 20 Sophorae 15 Lithospermum 10 Lime 30 Houttuynia cordata 20 Shandou root 10 Oldenlandia diffusa 20 Scutellaria 15 vine pear root 20 Tongue berry 20 seven doses, one dose per day , Decoction is concentrated, small amount of frequent drinking.

    On July 8, 2005, the patient's blood in the stool disappeared without any discomfort. Due to economic problems, the decoction was stopped and only pills were taken.


    Prescription: Radix Isatidis 10-30, Bupleurum 10-15, Gypsum (first down) 15-20, Pueraria lobata, Trichosanthes, Scutellaria, Forsythia, Burdock, Platycodon, Cimicifuga, Licorice 5-10 each.

    Usage: 1 dose a day, decocted in water, divided into 3 times.

    Indications: Mumps.

    Efficacy: Treat more than 50 cases, the mild one will heal with one dose, and the severe one will heal with two doses.

    Acute diarrhea, cold-damp type, syndrome: watery stool, prescription: use Weiling Decoction to promote qi and water, dispel dampness and stomach. Common parties are as follows:

    Pallidum each 15g Yunling 30 g Polyporus 30 g Alisma 30 g Cinnamon 6g Magnolia officinalis 9g

    Lentil flower 30 g Amaranth rice 30 g Bergamot 12 g Amomum 10 g Tangerine peel 9 g Licorice 6 g

    Treatment experience: This belongs to diarrhea caused by water and wetness. Acute diarrhea is mainly divided into two types: cold and dampness, dampness and heat, both of which can be added or subtracted with Weiling Decoction. For damp-heat diarrhea, scutellaria baicalensis, gongying, basilica, and white bark of cinnamon root can be used to clear heat and promote dampness. The so-called urination can make bowel movements, the key is to make dampness have a way out, focusing on reducing dampness, promoting dampness, and drying dampness. In Weiling Decoction, Pale, Poria, Polyporus diuresis can invigorate the spleen, diuresis and diuresis without hurting the yin; Cinnamon warms the yang to dissipate qi, and helps urinate. Tangerine peel and Magnolia officinalis promote Qi and dispel dampness. Adding lentils, amygdalus, and Amomum villosum has the meaning of Shenling Baizhu San, and plays the power of strengthening the spleen, exuding dampness and stopping diarrhea. It is commonly used clinically and has good results.

    Flatulence Recipe

    Bupleurum 6g Jiao Betel Nut 6g Citrus aurantium 6g Agarwood 3g

    Huoxiang 10g Amomum 5g Xiangfu 15g Jiao Sanxian 15g each

    Orange peel 6g woody 3g licorice 3g raisins 10g

    This prescription has been verified by the physician of our hospital and is now stored in the pharmacy as our contract prescription.

    Indications of gastrointestinal flatulence is good, and colleagues are welcome to give guidance

    Bile reflux gastritis

    For the treatment of bile reflux gastritis, I like to add 2-3g of gentian grass on the basis of Banxia Xiexin Decoction. I can't use it much because of its bitterness and coldness. Prescription: Pinellia 8g, Scutellaria baicalensis, 6 Coptis, 5 Rhubarb, 3 Habitat, 12 Gentian, 3 Bupleurum, 6 Licorice, 3 as the main prescription, plus or minus according to the card.

    Gallbladder stone effect

    I copied it from a patient, and it is good for a few people.

    1 shell 9 woody 6 scutellaria 9 Yinchen 20 rhubarb 10 Glauber's salt 10 knotweed 15 Lysimachia 60 Atractylodes 10 Lingxian 60 Haijinsha 30 mother-of-pearl 15 decoction service 3 times a day poor stomach plus 5 red dates

    Qin Jiu 10 Coptis 10 Turmeric 10 Yin Chen 15 Lysimachia 15 Inner Gold 10 Glauber's Salt 5 Rhubarb 10 Grinding Capsules Each 0.6g 3-4 TID

    4 to 6 times a week. For 4-6 Mondays, I often take the gallstones and silt-like gallstones and disappear after 2 courses. I will give you a reference.

    Deer horn cream 30G, Angelica dahurica 30G, grind and mix egg butter to coat the affected area, treat lactation cracks, the effect is 100%.

    Egg butter preparation method: Take the cooked egg yolk and burn it in a copper pot to get egg butter. (Avoid iron). Ten years of experience should add points

    Sanjin Lidan Drink

    Used for chronic cholecystitis._{Hepatic and gallbladder damp-heat, spleen and stomach damp-heat}

    Basic recipe: Lysimachia 30 Gallus gallus 15 Polygonum cuspidatum 15 Bupleurum 15 Gentian 15 Yinchen 20 Turmeric 10

    Chuan neem seed 10 red white peony each 10 yuan Hu 10 raw grass 6

    Anorexia + Codonopsis 15 Fried Baizhu 10

    Constipation + Rhubarb 6{Back Down}Gualou 20

    Acid reflux + cuttlefish bone 15 gentian 15 one dose decoction daily

    Don't eat greasy, spicy and dirty

    This prescription is mainly based on clearing heat and purging fire, Lysimachia chinensis, clearing away heat, detoxifying, diuresis, removing stones, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis; Gallus gallus domesticus is reducing stagnation; Yinchen clearing heat and removing dampness has a significant choleretic effect: Polygonum cuspidatum clearing heat, removing dampness, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis;

    The two drugs of Bupleurum and Yujin have a synergistic effect with Chuanmuzi to soothe the liver and regulate qi; the red white peony nourishes the blood, cools the blood and activates the blood; Yuanhu activates blood and relieves pain; licorice harmonizes various drugs.

    Xinjia Longyu Antiperspirant Soup

    Shenglongmu each 30 Cornus 30 Shouwu 30 Zao Ren 20 Astragalus 20 Jin Ying Zi 15 Wu Mei 15 This prescription has good effect on hyperhidrosis and night sweats caused by various reasons, generally 2 pairs are effective. It has been tried many times and the effect is very good.

    I send a family secret recipe! ! ! ! All nameless swelling and poison! ! Follow me for extra points! ! ! 12 large centipedes, 6 whole insects, 4 grams of silver beads, 4 camphor, 6 grams of borneol, and 1 bottle of Shengji Detox Powder. Study the details together. Sprinkle a little bit on the ichthyrite gauze when you use it, you don’t need to cut it to draw the pus

    Let me tell you a real prescription. I used it myself for 79 years. I was 5 years old when I was suffering from prolapse. I used a lot of herbal remedies that were not effective. When the prolapse reached 3 degrees, my mother listened to the method of an old man who loves to read medical books~~ 250 grams of white sugar. 20 live big black earth dragons, put the earth dragons in a bowl of sugar to make them squirm Body fluids. Dip cotton wool into body fluids and plug the anus. I changed the medicine once every 24 hours and I used it twice and I haven’t given it yet. I also joined a weightlifting team in high school. I was often under high abdominal pressure. Nothing. I have relapsed. I asked Professor Li of the Department of Pediatrics of Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine for my case. She thinks that in my case, we should not only consider the lack of breath, but also think of damp heat. Damp heat hurts the spleen and stomach and causes prolapse of the anus. This prescription is aimed at Standing by damp heat.

    Professor Sun, the proven prescription for the treatment of prolapse of children with Hewujian fumigation and washing has a very good therapeutic effect as follows: lotus leaf 15G gallnut 10G 1 dose per day, decoction to 300MI, first smoked and then washed, 1 time each morning and afternoon. 5 days is a course of treatment, a total of 3 courses of treatment.

    Prolapse of the anus usually occurs in children with insufficient endowment. It is often caused by chronic diarrhea, chronic diarrhea, chronic cough, and constipation. The lotus leaf has the effect of promoting spleen and yang. The "Compendium of Materia Medica" contains: "If the prolapse is not collected, the lotus leaf is dried with water, and the second money is sprinkled, and the lotus leaf is still used to hold the end." Galla chinensis converges and is astringent. The "Three Causes" contains the treatment of prolapse "with half a catty of gall chinensis, boiled extremely rotten, sit in a wooden barrel, smoke it, wait for warmth, support it with your hands". The two medicines are used at the same time. It has the effect of raising the sun to lift depression and astringent intestines. It is used to treat children with prolapse of the anus. The effect is very good.

    Treatment of sprained low back pain with acupuncture at old point

    Acupuncture points on the Taiyang Small Intestine Meridian of the contestants are inserted at a 50-degree angle, with the needle tip oblique to the elbow, with a depth of 6 minutes to 1 inch. After getting qi, acupuncture is performed for 1 minute, 3 to 5 minutes for acupuncture, and the needle is generally retained for 30 minutes. First acupuncture the affected side, if the effect is not satisfactory, acupuncture both sides.

    "Chinese Medicine Journal"

    2Joint pain plaster sticks to Guanyuan point to treat enuresis

    Apply a piece of joint pain ointment to the lower abdomen centered on Guanyuan point, change the medicine every two days, and apply it continuously without skin lesions, and pinch the Duiduan point 9~27 times after waking up before going to bed, usually 10~ It can be cured in 15 days. "New

    Cough in children-the symptom is pneumonia cough

    This recipe is the classic recipe of local famous doctor Zhang Gang. {Dosage for 6-year-old children}

    Recipe: Roasted Ephedra 4 Almonds 6 Mulberry White Peel 10 Suzi 10 Tangerine Peel 9 Fructus Aurantii 9 Raw Gypsum 10 Poria 10 Platycodonis 10

    Stir-fried raspberry seeds 10

    Clinical addition and subtraction: add more phlegm to Chuanbei Tianzhu yellow fever plus scutellaria baicalensis gardenia spastic cough + earthworm 8 research end to be taken twice.

    One dose of about 50 ml once a day can be effective after three doses.

    I can always use this prescription to raise my eyes and exhale to Chinese medicine! As long as the syndrome differentiation is accurate, it can be said that the medicine can cure the disease. The specific dosage can be increased or decreased according to the child's age, weight, and condition.

    Pneumonia, wheezing, and coughing is the main cause of lung disease in children and the death of infants and young children. Seen in winter and spring. First seen in Qingmetabolite Yuqiong's "The Living Human Book of Ma Ke". Features: fever, cough, shortness of breath, nasal instigation accompanied by spastic cough.

    Turbid phlegm obstructs the lungs and causes lung failure to declare pulmonary qi obstruction is its core pathogenesis. Treatment: clearing away heat and removing phlegm to open and close the lungs

    The most wonderful thing is that the earth dragon uses it to relieve spasm.

    Elderly chronic bronchial asthma: Treat with 1. Qinpi 15, Luying 30 water decocted twice and warm, one dose a day, 1-5 doses healed. Efficacy 91.3%

    3. Lung deficiency and cold type: asthma, cough and white phlegm. Treatment: Pokeweed root is steamed in 30 pots for half an hour, sun-dried and ground powder, 3 grams of honey is taken with boiling water for each serving. Effectiveness and efficacy are 89.9%.

    3 Dilong 10 Wujiapi 10 water decocted for the second time. Validation,

    4. For chronic intractable asthma, take 5 grams of licorice powder per serving, 3 times a day with boiling water, the asthma disappears in 1-3 days, the bronchial flute sound disappears in 11 days, and the lung capacity increases. Healed every 15 days.

    Remedy for severe insomnia

    Shenglongmu each 30g Poria 18g Danshen 30g Albizia Peel 15g Stir-fried Jiao Teng 30g Polygala 10g Longan meat 10g Schisandra 6g Loss of appetite can add 18g Astragalus per day. One dose of decoction in two times, one hour before bed for the first time, lunch Take half an hour later. With 20 minutes of proper physical exercise every day, it usually takes effect after three days, and sleep improves significantly after ten days. This is an empirical prescription for old professors of traditional Chinese medicine. Many nurses in our hospital use this prescription because of irregular work schedules and many patients with insomnia. Everyone, the effect is obvious after the trial. . . . . . Hope for extra points. Thank you

    Chinese medicine urticaria

    Prescription: Black Snake 10g Chanyi 10g Stiff Silkworm 10g Hive 8g

    Dan Bark 12g Red Peony 12g Angelica 12g Raw Ground 30g

    White moss bark 10g Xu Changqing 10g ebony 6g licorice 3g

    Usage: decocting 2 times a day, washing out the dregs

    Doctor’s advice: Do not eat spicy food, alcohol

    Effective prescription for treatment of condyloma acuminatum 1) 60g of purslane, 30g of dry alum, and 100g of puxiao nitrate for external use. Decoction and fumigation, 1 to 2 times a day, 20 minutes each time. After fumigating and washing, mix Qingdai powder and Liuyi powder on the wart body to keep it dry and clean.

    (2) Brucea javanica oil is a commonly used Chinese herbal medicine. Brucea javanica oil can be obtained by smashing it. It has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, and burning warts. If the wart is small, apply it to the affected area, or use one part of Brucea javanica and three parts of peanut oil. After soaking for half a month, apply to the affected area.

    (3) Crystal paste is a traditional Chinese medicine for external use. It is a plaster made of quicklime and glutinous rice, which can burn warts. You can apply crystal cream directly on the affected area once a day for 3 to 5 days.

    (4) Equisetum extract 200g Equisetum equisetum, decocted in water, and the filtrate is heated and concentrated into a paste. The gauze strip is soaked in the liquid for 2 days and then taken out and applied to the affected area 3 times a day. Modern studies have proved that Equisetum has a good antiviral effect, and it has been widely used in the treatment of flat warts, common warts and condyloma acuminatum [Sui Shaogeng. Chinese Journal of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine 1993; 13(6):334].

    (5) Sit-bath alum, white fresh peel, scutellaria, Radix isatidis 30g each, 15g each of Cnidium, Sichuan pepper, Kochia scoparia, and hibiscus flower, topped with medicinal gauze bag, add water and fry to 2000mL, filter the residue, cool to 40℃ , Sit bath. This prescription is suitable for women with genital warts or men with a wide range of genital warts [Wang Xingzhou. Chinese Journal of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine 1993; 13(5): 280].

    (6) The compound powder cream prescription is composed of powder cream, light powder, phellodendron, 6g raw licorice, 9g each of Mi Tuo Seng, Laohuang Dan, and 5g of borneol. After researching the fine powder, use petroleum jelly to make a 25% ointment and apply it to the affected area [Chen Cigen. Zhejiang Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine 1994; 29(7):301].

    (7) 30g western pepper, 5g mint water, 20g gall for external use of traditional Chinese medicine, grind the fines together, and pass through a 100-mesh sieve for use. When using, take a little powder and apply the medicine to the affected area, rub it for a while, and there will be numbness, stinging and other sensations. The degree of this varies from person to person. It usually lasts 15 to 60 minutes and is administered several times a day [Zhang Shuwen. Chinese Journal of Dermatology and Venereology 1993 ; 7(2): 121].

    (8) Youling liniment Radix Isatidis, Sophora flavescens, Cyperus rotundus, Equisetum, Dew honeycomb each 250g, and mature vinegar 500mL. How to use: Put the medicine in a container, add 5000mL of water, boil for 1 hour, remove the residue and filter to obtain 2000mL of clear liquid, mix with mature vinegar, and serve; divide into 50mL each bottle, sealed and protected from light; when using, use a cotton swab first Dry the wart and its surrounding normal skin, disinfect with 0.1% neocervical solution, and then apply the medicinal solution to the wart and let it dry. 3 times a day, 2 weeks is a course of treatment

    Proven prescription for treating scabies:

    Rhubarb 20G, Sophora flavescens 30G, Artemisia annua 30G, Yejiao Teng 30G, boil four bowls of water and boil for 20 minutes to pour, then use three bowls of water to boil a second time, then the second concoction will permeate each other, for external use Dip.

    The medicinal solution can be used repeatedly for one day, two to three times a day. Wipe it dry and use it with scabies ointment for external use

    Treatment of athlete's foot

    The folk remedy for soaking feet with white vinegar (preferably the original solution, only around 1 yuan, which is relatively economical), because I am not too convinced, I used it three times in a week and it turned out to be better! After that, I recommended it to several people and it worked well.

    Proteinuria was effective for 3 years

    Proteinuria is a common symptom of urinary system diseases. Chinese medicine believes that the appearance of proteinuria is a manifestation of the leakage of human body's subtle substances. The subtle substances of the human body are mainly relied on for biochemistry and control, and sealed and solidified by the kidneys. Fatigue, food injury, medication, pregnancy and other factors can cause the spleen and kidney deficiency. If there is damp heat and the water is not wet, it is easy to produce proteinuria, and its treatment is also quite tricky. The author tried clinically to treat nephritis proteinuria by invigorating the kidney, strengthening the essence, replenishing qi and invigorating the blood, and achieved satisfactory results.

    Prescription raw Astragalus 60g, Pseudostellariae 15g, Jiaobaizhu 10g, Yunfuling 10g, Pueraria lobata root 15g, Imperata cylindrica root 30g, dried lotus leaf 10g, Eclipta prostrata 10g, golden cherry seed 20g, dodder seed 10 grams, 6 grams of Chanyi, lo gram of Danpi, 3 grams of licorice.

    If there is more protein in the urine, or if the treatment does not heal for a long time, add 20 grams of corn silk and 15 grams of mulberry; for those with more red blood cells in the urine, add 15 grams of agrimony and 15 grams of madder root; for those with more white blood cells in the urine, add Shiwei 15 15 grams of Houttuynia cordata; 15 grams of Salvia miltiorrhiza and 10 grams of Tongcao in urine; 6 grams of tangerine peel and 12 grams of coix seed for poor appetite; 15 grams of Eucommia for those with high blood pressure; 15 grams of raw land; 10 grams of fairy spleen and 15 grams of Morinda officinalis for yang deficiency.

    Usage: 1 dose per day, decocted twice in the morning and evening. Generally, after taking medicine for 1 to 2 months, urine protein can be reduced or disappeared.

    Matters needing attention Urine egg belongs to the subtle substance in the body, it is suitable for storage and not for diarrhea. Therefore, when choosing drugs for prescription, we must pay attention to the dynamic balance of replenishment and reduction. In the prescription, Astragalus, Radix Atractylodes, Atractylodes macrocephala nourishes qi and invigorates the spleen, Golden Sakura Seeds, Cuscuta Seeds nourishes the kidneys and invigorates the essence, Maogen, Poria, clearing away heat and dehumidification, Pueraria lobata root and lotus leaves are lifted and trapped, Danpi and Ecliptaea cool blood for blood, Chanyi It can eliminate proteinuria, and licorice can reconcile various drugs. Combination of the whole prescription, tonic but not stagnant, solidification and no evil, dehumidification but not injuring the yin, clearing away heat but not bitter cold, cooling blood but not keeping blood stasis, and has good effect in eliminating proteinuria.

    External treatment of trigeminal neuralgia

    Rubbing method: Angelica, Chuanxiong, Asarum, Safflower, Frankincense, Myrrh, Salvia 10 each

    Grams, 5 grams of borneol. Add 100 ml of 75% alcohol, seal and soak for 7 days and rub the affected area 3 times a day

    Times for 3 to 5 days.

    Application method: each equal part of earthworm, whole insect, asarum, centipede, grind into fine powder, and bottle it for later use.

    Take an appropriate amount of white wine to make a paste, apply externally to the temple on the painful side, fix it with desensitizing tape, daily

    Change dressing once.

    Foot application method: 5 grams of evodia, grind into fine powder, slightly add a little flour, and mix with water to make a paste.

    Externally apply the Yongquan point of both feet (that is, the front 1/3 of the palm of the foot, and the depression in the center of the herringbone pattern appears when the foot is bent

    ) Change once a day, generally the pain can be relieved after 1 day of medication.

    Umbilical application method: Paoshanjia, Magnolia officinalis, Radix Paeoniae Rubra, Frankincense, and Myrrh each in equal parts, researched into fine

    At the end, bottling is reserved. Take an appropriate amount of rice wine to make a paste and apply it to the belly button, cover it with desensitizing tape

    Change every day.

    Medicine pillow method: chrysanthemum, chuanxiong, gastrodia, asarum, angelica, Yuanhu, vine, safflower,

    The equal parts of Fangfeng, Angelica dahurica and Ligusticum chinensis were ground into fine powder and used as pillows. Continuous use for 1 to 2 months,

    This method can prevent and cure, but it is not suitable for patients with allergic rhinitis and cough and asthma.

    Recipe for hemorrhoids: 10g honeysuckle, 15g Sophora japonica, 10g raw licorice, 15g cassia cassia, 10g coptis, and 6g paoshanjia. Often six flavors are used alone, and there are also additions and subtractions along with the card, which can treat many people. Forbidden to ointment Liang Fei Gan, spicy wine Li.

    Itchy throat and cough

    Prescription: Platycodon grandiflorum 10, Nepeta 10, Winter flower 10, Stemona 10, Tangerine peel 8, Licorice 6, Cicada slough 6, Shegan 10, Ginger 3 pieces, Fangfeng 6, Atractylodes 10, Astragalus 15, Poria 20, Pinellia 12

    Indications: Itchy throat and cough, unpleasant expectoration, thin and white phlegm. Patients who are afraid of cold. I have used it for several years and the effect is very good.

    Head wind

    This left side head wind: Chuanqiong 10 raw gypsum 15 licorice 10 tangerine peel 10 poppy shell 10 vine vine 12 ephedra 10 onion 10, decoction for two servings and three stickers

    Right head wind: North Asarum 8 (back lower) Angelica 15 Atractylodes 15 Vinceae 12 Cohosh 8 Ligustrum 10 Tangerine Peel 10 Chuanqiong 10 Ginger Three pieces of decoction in water and two servings and eating after eating. Sum up the experience, hope

    TCM beauty prescription

    TCM beauty prescription

    1. Wrinkle-removing cream is made into a cream with appropriate amounts of honey, sugar, and milk. Apply it to the face in the morning or at night, leave it for 10-20 minutes, and then wash it off with water. Regular use can reduce or eliminate facial wrinkles, and has a moisturizing and whitening effect. Source: "The Essential Prescriptions for Daughters"

    2. Skin rejuvenation and anti-wrinkle orange peel water orange peel contains a variety of vitamins and organic acids, which can be used to nourish the skin and have obvious anti-wrinkle effects. The orange peel is often used to soak the face in water, and the beauty effect is very good. Source: folk prescription

    3. Tian Rong Wan, a famous doctor in the early Qing Dynasty, Chen Shifeng, used ancient prescriptions to treat acne. This recipe consists of light powder, scutellaria, angelica dahurica, white aconite, and fangfeng. They are researched together into fines, adjusted with honey and made into balls. After washing your face daily, use it to wipe your face. This prescription can also treat various skin diseases and make the appearance beautiful. Source; "The Secret Record of Shibao"

    4. Cuscuta seedlings for treating facial sores and acne square cocoon silk seedlings twist juice and apply to the affected area 3 to 5 times a day, and apply continuously until the acne disappears. Source: "Behind the Elbow"

    5. Bitter melon acne-removing prescription. Bitter melon is washed and squeezed with rock sugar. Drink moderately. Rub the affected area with bitter gourd juice externally. After a few days of continuous use, acne can be removed. Source: folk prescription

    6. For Yueze Face Formula, take 250 grams of winter melon kernels, 2O0 grams of peach blossoms, 100 grams of poplar bark (to remove the outer coarse bark), dry in the shade as fine powder, take 1 gram daily after meals, 3 times a day. If you want to make your face whiter, you can increase the dose of winter melon kernel; if you want it red, increase the dose of peach blossom. According to Ge Hong, a famous medical scientist in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, his face turned white after 30 days of taking it, and his hands and feet were white after 50 days. On the other side, instead of poplar bark, orange peel is used. Source; "Elbow Reserve Emergency"

    7. Asparagus beauty prescription Asparagus is a commonly used traditional Chinese medicine. The Compendium of Materia Medica says: “Cooking makes the body smooth and white, and removes all malaise and unclean diseases on the body.” It also records many ways of taking it, including one party. : "Use ten catties of Asparagus, a catty of almonds, pound the powder, and honey stains. Each serving of square inch dagger." External application of Asparagus can play the role of "face black and white". Use asparagus to dry and pound it, and pound it with honey to make a pill. Use it daily for facial cleansing, less than 1 month later. The skin can become white and delicate. Source: "The General Record of St. Francis"

    8. The egg white mask is soaked in white wine with 3 animal husbandry eggs for 28 days, and the egg white is taken every night to make the face white as snow. This recipe is simple and easy to implement, and the cosmetic effect is remarkable. Source: "Pujifang"

    9. Milk skin care formula Milk is a world-wide nutrition and health drink. There is a long history of eating in China. Both internal and external use of milk can moisturize the skin. According to folklore, taking a bath with milk can make the skin tender and elastic. The author does not recommend taking a bath with milk, but you can wipe it with milk after washing your face or bath, and then wash it off after 10-20 minutes.

    Treat athlete's foot!

    Use alum powder to coat the soles of your feet for one week and see the results!

    Offer an external prescription for diabetic peripheral neuritis:

    Hematoxylin 30 Silver Flower 30 Wei Lingxian 30 Double-faced needle 30 Mint 30 Phellodendron amurense 12 Raw rhubarb 15 Milking 15

    External foot bath, diabetic peripheral neuritis, gout, etc. can all reduce symptoms.

    Diabetes prescription: berberine hydrochloride tablets three times a day, three times a day; oryzanol tablets two times a day, three times a day.

    Pay attention to diet, exercise, and be happy. Generally two months will have obvious results.

    Pueraria lobata root 15g trichosanthin 15g Ophiopogon 15g raw land 15g schisandra 6g glutinous rice 15g. Decoction in water.

    Indications: Diabetes. Manifested with polydipsia, polyphagia and polyuria, fatigue and weight loss, dry throat, dry tongue, hot hands, feet, and heart, red and crimson tongue, yellowish fur, heavy and thin pulse.

    Antihypertensive soup

    Astragalus 50G Suzi 30G Lingweizi 30G Prunella 30G Scutellaria 15G Safflower 15G Sophora japonica 15G Plantago 30G Oyster 30G Sichuan Pepper 5G

    Decoction method: add 1000 ml of water, boil 300 ml, pour out the concoction, add 800 ml of water, boil 200 ml, remove the residue, combine the two concoctions, boil, and take 3 servings at temperature, fasting Serve as appropriate.

    Experiments have shown that Astragalus can expand coronary arteries and peripheral blood vessels of the whole body, and has a moderate hypotensive effect. It is used with oysters to benefit yin and suppress yang, and can cure irritability, insomnia, dizziness, headache, tinnitus and dizziness caused by yin deficiency and yang hyperactivity, forming a pair of antagonistic drugs. Oyster has the effect of assisting Astragalus to lower blood pressure, Suzi reduces qi and reduces phlegm, Fuweizi clears the liver and improves eyesight, regulates blood regeneration and distribution, and can dissolve thrombus to treat vascular sclerosis. Plantago Seeds nourishes the kidney and diuresis, and clears the blood. Sichuan pepper can relieve pain in the middle of temperature, but it is not necessary for non-cold. The ten medicines are combined, five-sided treatment, together to strengthen the brain center, suppress the yang to lower the qi, relieve the liver and relieve depression, clear the heat and cool the blood, diure and relax the bowel, so that the whole body can be adjusted, the blood pressure can be lowered, and the syndromes are self-resolving.

    Antihypertensive prescription

    Let me give you another prescription for reducing blood pressure: Tianma 10 Uncaria 15 Chrysanthemum 10 White Peony 10 Achyranthes 15 Pueraria

    Stone Cassia 30 Danshen 15 Chuanqiong 10 Scutellaria 10 Sweet Potato Meat 15 Chinese Wolfberry 15

    Usage: one dose a day, morning and evening

    It is usually used according to the original prescription, and the effect will be visible after 3 days. This recipe was obtained during my internship at the Provincial Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Clinically, the original recipe is used regardless of the syndrome type, and the effect is very good.

    Effective prescription for treating hypotension

    Angelica 30g Liao Schisandra 30g Yunling 50g Raw Licorice 30g

    Decoction in water a day

    I have cured at least ten people with this prescription. No matter what type it is, just use one pair of treatments and three treatments to raise the blood pressure. Remember to use schisandra chinensis.

    The prescription for hepatitis copied from Mr. Jiang Jianguo during the internship at Shandong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

    In the past 20 years, I have cured no less than 100 patients with chronic hepatitis with this prescription. The curative effect is accurate, rapid and without side effects. [Applicable to patients with no obvious symptoms, or with internal heat due to virtual fire, note that patients with obvious yang deficiency are not suitable]

    Double flower 40 g Astragalus 20 g Taizi ginseng 15 g raw hawthorn 20 g raw malt 20 g knotweed 10 g gentian 2 g red and white sugar 1 spoon each

    As long as the patients who are not obviously yang deficiency do not need dialectics, it will work.

    Roche (Professor Luo Yuankai) Recipe for Treating Habitual Abortion with Bushen Guchong Pills

    Cuscuta 240g Lycium 95g Rehmannia 155g Chuan Broken 95g Angelica 60g Ejiao 120g Jilin Ginseng 30g Antler Cream 95g Atractylodes Rhizome 95g Morinda Officinalis 95 Amomum (shelled) 15 Eucommia 95g 50 Jujube

    The above medicines are researched into fine powder and refined into pills. Take 6 grams each time and take them three times a day. Take them before the next pregnancy and stop taking them during menstruation. Take two months as a course of treatment. One to three courses can be taken. Contraception during medication. I have used this prescription for more than 20 years and have cured dozens of patients. After the test of clinical practice, there is no need for syndrome differentiation and all have special effects.

    Ovulation disorder

    Nuan Gong Yishen Regulating Menstruation Seeds

    Amethyst 15g Xianling Spleen 15g Chuanxiong 6g Chuanxian 12g Chuan Achyranthes 12g Cuscuta 20g

    Chinese wolfberry 9 grams Xiangfu 9 grams Angelica 12 grams Red white peony name 9 grams Guixin 6 grams Danpi 9 grams

    Ophiopogon 10 grams Motherwort 15 grams Phellodendron 10 grams Wang does not leave 10 grams

    Qi Deficiency Plus Taizi Ginseng Baizhu Fuling

    Blood deficiency plus river cart turtle shell turtle

    Ovulation Disorder Recipe 2

    Seeds for Soothing Liver, Regulating Qi and Regulating Menstruation

    Bupleurum 12g Red White Peony 15g each 15g Eupatorium 20g Chrysanthemum spatholobi 15g Caulis spatholobi 20g Raw Puhuang 10g

    Ligustrum lucidum 10 g raspberry 15 g dodder 20 g wolfberry 10 g Liu Jinu 10 g

    Epimedium 15 grams Cistanche 10 grams Angelica 10 grams Heche 10 grams Motherwort 15 grams Polygonatum 15 grams

    King does not leave 15 grams

    Immunity Sterility Recipe (Xiaokangling) Anti-antibody to help fertility

    Taizishen 15g Baizhu 10g Cuscuta 15g Windproof 10g Cicada slough 9g Stiff silkworm 10g

    15 grams of verbena antler gum 15 grams of motherwort 15 grams of Scutellaria 15 grams of knotweed 15 grams

    Anemarrhena 10 grams Phellodendron 10 grams Braised Longmu 30 grams each 10 grams Wumei 10 grams Schisandra

    Bupleurum 6 grams, 30 grams of raw cockles, 30 grams of Tuckahoe, 30 grams of licorice, 6 grams of decocted in water

    Mycoplasma infection, chlamydia infection prescription, elimination of the original body to help gestation

    Polygonum cuspidatum 20g Danpi 10g Houttuynia cordata 20g Lysimachia 20g Plantain 15g

    Motherwort 20 grams Dandelion 15 grams Two flowers 20 grams Salvia 15 grams Banlangen 20 grams

    Talc 30 grams Guanzhong 15 grams Verbena 20 grams Smilax glabra 30 grams Oldenlandia diffusa 20 grams

    9 grams of licorice decocted in water

    Uterine dysplasia prescription

    Blood tonic

    Angelica 15 grams Salvia 15 grams Motherwort 20 grams Raw and cooked ground 15 grams Chuanxiong 15 grams Ziheche 10 grams

    Amethyst 10g Xiangfu 10g Cnidium 15g Cuscuta 15g Spatholobus 30g

    Tortoise shell 10 g antler cream 10 g raspberry 30 g wolfberry 15 g licorice 6 g


    Endometriosis Recipe

    Activating blood, relieving pain, nourishing blood and assisting pregnancy

    Scutellaria 20 grams Angelica 15 grams Red White Peony 10 grams Asarum 3 grams Chuanxiong 10 grams Guizhi 10 grams

    Yuanhu 15g Milking 10g Raw Puhuang 10g Wulingzhi 10g Peach Kernel 10g

    Fructus Aurantii 10 grams Bupleurum 10 grams Scutellaria barbata 15 grams Prunella vulgaris 15 grams Raw oysters 30 grams

    Curcuma 6 grams Panax notoginseng 6 grams Windproof 10 grams Baizhu 10 grams

    Gynecological Pelvic Inflammation Recipe

    Clearing away heat, detoxifying and promoting blood circulation to assist pregnancy

    Bupleurum 15 grams Red peony 15 grams Scutellaria 10 grams Patriniaceae 20 grams Danshen 15 grams Raw cockles 20 grams

    Two flowers 20 grams Yuanhu 10 grams Scutellaria 10 grams Turtle shell 10 grams Peach kernel 10 grams Rhubarb 10 grams

    Smilax glabra 30 grams Licorice 6 grams

    Hydrosalpinx Recipe

    To invigorate the spleen

    Codonopsis 10 grams Astragalus 15 grams Atractylodes 10 grams Alisma 15 grams Angelica 15 grams Chuanxiong 10 grams

    20 grams of raw wormwood, 2 centipedes, 10 grams of peach kernels, 10 grams of safflower, 10 grams of Wei Lingxian, 9 grams

    Guizhi 10g Turtle Carapace 10g Rhubarb 10g Plantago Seed 10g

    Fallopian Tube Obstruction Recipe

    Huoxue Huayu Tongluo Seed

    Cyperus rotundus 10 grams Danshen 15 grams Red peony root 15 grams Bupleurum 15 grams Scutellaria baicalensis 10 grams Two flowers 20 grams

    Raw cockles 20 grams peach kernels 10 grams safflower 6 grams centipede 2 yellowtail yellow 10 grams Wulingzhi 10 grams

    Saponaria saponaria 6 grams Wei Lingxian 9 grams Wang Bu Liuxing 15 grams Licorice 6 grams

    Codonopsis codonopsis, Atractylodes macrocephala, Astragalus vulgaris, Curcuma trilobata Kumbu Neijin Lutong

    Cold plus cumin asarum, dried ginger, hot plus gong Ying Baiying, Danpi Baiying

    Semen not liquefied

    Taizishen 20g Baizhu 10g Salvia 15g Pollen 15g Zhimu 20g Phellodendron 10g Forsythia 20g

    Two flowers 20 g Plantago seed 15 g Xianling spleen 15 g Zhebei 15 g 薢 15 g raw malt 100 g

    Guanzhong 30 grams Tuckahoe 30 grams Aster 30 grams Raw cockles 30 grams Licorice 6 grams decoction


    Bushen Huaye clearing heat and assisting pregnancy

    Less refined and weak refined prescription

    Taizi Ginseng 10 grams Baizhu 10 grams Yam 15 grams Poria 15 grams Cornus 10 grams Angelica 15 grams

    Cuscuta seeds 20 grams Polygonatum 20 grams Danshen 15 grams Cistanche 10 grams Bupleurum 6 grams Ligustrum lucidum 15 grams

    Lycium barbarum 15 grams antler gum 15 grams Heche 10 grams braised amethyst 6 grams licorice 6 grams decoction

    Deficiency and Anemarrhena Cortex

    Psyllium with heat and dampness

    Function to nourish blood and nourish the kidney

    Dead Essence Recipe Hot and Damp Type

    20 grams of cocos corn 15 grams of cornus 10 grams of angelica 10 grams of salvia 15 grams of Zhimu 10 grams of cork 10 grams

    Pollen 15g Polygonatum 20g Erhua 20g Licorice 6g Decoction

    In addition, 2 grams of ginseng and 1 gram of cordyceps are divided into two servings a day

    Deformity plus Schisandra

    Stasis plus Biejia Rhubarb Peach Kernel Curcuma

    Uses: treat lower limb ulcers

    Prescription: 30g each of official powder, Tonglu, yellow wax, blood in 1 ball, 100ml sesame oil

    Preparation method: In addition to yellow wax, put the rest of the medicine into sesame oil and torture with a slow fire. Stir with locust tree branches from time to time. When the blood becomes charcoal, then remove from the fire. For example, yellow wax melts into an ointment, smear it on sterile gauze, and wash the wound with physiological saline. , Then apply medicine and fix. Change every 24 hours.

    Efficacy: I use the medicine to treat patients with lower limb ulcers, and the sores are usually gone after 7 days!

    Explanation: This party is a teacher's biography, the effect is correct!

    Treatment of penile edema in children

    Fang: Five Earth Dragons {live}

    Amount of sugar

    Indigo Naturalis powder 5g

    3 grams of borneol powder

    Method: Wash the earthworm well and sprinkle an appropriate amount of sugar in the bowl. Later, take an appropriate amount of its exudate and mix with Indigo Naturalis and Borneol. Paint frequently! !

    Concurrent treatment: In the clinic, I tried to use it for herpes zoster, mumps, etc. according to its effects of clearing away heat and detoxification, reducing swelling and pain, and promoting blood circulation.

    Note: This party is a family biography! Think it has the advantages of simplicity, cheapness, ease and efficiency



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