hemorrhoids and ibs,Efficacy and Indications of Mubiezi

    【Name】Wood turtle

    [Source] "Kaibao Materia Medica"

    【Pinyin Name】Mù Biē Zǐ

    [Alias] Wood Crab ("Kaibao Materia Medica"), Tumu Turtle ("Yi Zong Jin Jian"), Shell Wood Turtle ("Medicinal Materials Collection"), Leu Lingzi ("Chinese Medicine History"), Ditongzi, Tengtongzi ("Handbook of Chinese Medicinal Materials"), duck feces melon seeds ("Medicinal Materials"), mussel melon ("Handbook of Commonly Used Chinese Herbal Medicine" by Guangzhou Air Force).

    [Source] [b]Mature seeds[/b] of Cucurbitaceae plant[b]Motora[/b]. From September to November, the fruits are picked when they are mature. The fruits are cut open, dried until half-dry, and the seeds are peeled; or put in a pot, and when the peel is close to decay, the peel is rotten, washed with water to remove the flesh and outer Membrane, remove the seeds, and dry or dry.

    [Original form] Mussel, also known as Mussel vine. Perennial herbaceous vine with enlarged tuberous roots. Stems have longitudinal edges; tendrils are stout, opposite to leaves, single, unbranched. The leaves are alternate, round to broad-ovate, 7-14 cm long, usually 3-lobed or deeply divided, lobes slightly ovate or long ovate, entire or microdentate, base near heart, apex acute, The upper surface is smooth, and the lower surface is dense with small papillae, with 3 palmate reticulate veins; the petiole is 5 to 10 cm long, with longitudinal edges, and 2 to 5 glands in the middle or near the leaves. The flowers are unisexual, monoecious, solitary leaf axils, slender pedicels, each with 1 large bract, yellow-green; male flowers: sepals 5, leathery, rough, ovate-lanceolate, basally united, petals 5 , Light yellow, united at the base, 5 stamens, healed into 3 bodies; female flowers: sepals linear-lanceolate, corolla similar to male flowers, ovary inferior. The gourd fruit is oval, red after maturity, fleshy, and covered with soft thorns. The seeds are slightly oblate or nearly elliptical, with irregular protrusions around the edges, which are tortoise-shaped and gray-brown. Flowering from June to August. The fruiting period is from September to November.

    [Habitat distribution] It grows on hillsides, forest edges, and places with deep soil. There are also cultivation. Distributed in Guangxi, Sichuan, Hubei, Henan, Anhui, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Guizhou, Yunnan and other places. Mainly produced in Guangxi, Sichuan and Hubei. In addition, it is also produced in Hunan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Guangdong, and Anhui.

    [Character] The seeds are slightly flat and disc-shaped, with a slight uplift in the middle, about 2 to 3 cm in diameter and 5 mm in thickness. The surface is gray-brown or gray-black, rough, with sunken net-like patterns, and there are dozens of opposite jagged protrusions on both sides of the periphery. The outer cortex is firm and brittle, the inner seed coat is film-like, the surface is gray-green, villi-like, and there are two large thick cotyledons inside, yellow-white, rich in oil, with special greasy gas and bitter taste. The ones with full kernels, no cracking, body weight, yellow-white inner kernel, and no oiliness are better.

    [Chemical composition] Contains momordic acid, gypsogenin, oleanolic acid, α-elaeostearic acid, amino acid, and sterol.

    【Processing】Remove impurities, wash, dry, break the shells when used, or remove the shells and take the kernels.

    【Nature and Flavor】Bitter, slightly sweet, warm, toxic. ① "Kaibao Materia Medica": "Sweet, warm, non-toxic." ② "Compendium": "Bitter and slightly sweet, slightly poisonous."

    【Return Channel】enter the liver, spleen and stomach channels. ① "De Pei Materia Medica": "Start with Yangming Jing." ② "Materia Medica Renew": "Enter the spleen and kidney meridians." ③ "Summary of Materia Medica": "Enter the foot Jueyin meridian."

    【Efficacy】Reduce swelling, dispel lumps, and remove toxins. Cure carbuncle, furuncle, scrofula, hemorrhoids, unnamed swollen toxin, ringworm, rheumatic arthralgia, and tendons and veins. ① "Rihuazi Materia Medica": "Vinegar rubs to reduce swelling and poison." ② "Kaibao Materia Medica": "Mainly breaks injuries, eliminates knots, swelling and malignant sores, builds muscle, relieves low back pain, removes acne, carbuncle, and anus. Swelling and pain." ③"Compendium": "Treat squamous lumps, promote large intestine diarrhea, hemorrhoid scrofula." ④ "Materia Medica Preparations": "Relieve heat, external use to treat sores. Benefit large intestine, treat dysentery and scrofula." , Scrofula, hemorrhoids, breast carbuncle, mussel poison. Reducing swelling and chasing toxins, generating creatinine." ⑤"Materia Medica": "Cure all cold, dampness and heat for gout, paralysis, paralysis, pruritus, athlete's foot, and contracture Syndrome, crane knee." (Efficacy and function of Mubiezi)

    【Usage and Dosage】External use: grind the powder and apply it, grind the juice, or decoct and fumigate. Oral administration: more pills or powder; decoction, 2 to 4 points.

    [Note] Pregnant women and those who are physically weak should not take it. ① "Materia Medica Huiyan": "Stomach deficiency, large intestine is not true, Yuanzhen loss, not to vote." ② "Medical Lin Zhuan Yao": "Avoid pork."

    [Attached prescription] ① Cure all poisons, those with redness, swelling, and dizziness: two or two muttlefish (shelled), two or two grass black, four or two small powder, and two or two pinellia. Put the four flavors in the iron chop, stir-fry the coke slowly, the black is dark, grind it finely, use fresh water to adjust the dressing, once a day, apply it from the outside to the inside, leaving the top of the sore to make the poison gas.("Yi Zong Jin Jian" Oolong Ointment) ② Treatment of sores, furunculosis, scrofula, ecthyma, ecchymosis, and arches of children: five soft-shelled turtles (shelled), four taels of white tender rosin (choose clean), One coin for verdigris, two coins for frankincense and myrrh, seven coins for castor bean (shelled), five croton meat, and one dollar for almonds (peeled). Put the upper eight flavors in one place, pound more than 3,000 in a stone mortar, and serve as a paste; take it and soak it in cold water. According to the size of the sore, rub it into a thin sheet with your hands, stick it on the sore, and cover it with silk. ("Yi Zong Jin Jian" miraculous thousand pound ointment) ③ Treatment of swelling, heat and pain in both ears: one or two mutton seeds (Yanru ointment), two and two at the end of Chixiaodou, and two and two at the end of Sichuan rhubarb. The medicine is applied with the same research, the water and the raw oil are spin-coated. ("Sheng Hui Fang") ④ Treatment of scrofula, no rest, pus and blood dripping: two mutton kernels, wipe off the oil with thick paper, grind them, reconcile them with black chicken seeds, hold them with magnets, and steam inside the retort. Take it once a day after eating for half a month. ("Renzhai Zhizhifang" Mubie ointment) ⑤Treatment of hemorrhoids: Nepeta, Muiezi, and Pu Ni are divided into equal parts. Put the decoction into the bottle, smoke it, and wash the soup. ("Pu Jifang") ⑥ Treatment of sarcoma in children: the shell of the new soft-shelled turtle, grind it into mud, apply light vinegar, three or five times a day. ("Essence of Surgery") ⑦Treat trichiasis fist, wind itching, and also rotten: Muquan Ziren is beaten to rotten, wrapped with silk and silk, left and right nasal congestion, right nasal congestion, left nasal; Better. ("Sun Tianren's Recipe for Effectiveness") ⑧ Treatment of vaginal hernia and partial fall pain: a vinegar made from Mutiezi, a vinegar to adjust the phellodendron amurense and lotus. ("Shouyu Shenfang") ⑨ Treatment of beriberi swelling and pain, kidney qi, attacking lower sores and itching: half two kansui, four mussels. For the end, a pig kidney, peeled, sliced, four coins of the same medicine, mixed in, simmered in damp paper, eaten hollow, and rice is served. Extend your feet after taking it, and eat white porridge for two or three days after having a bowel movement. ("Prescription") ⑩ Treatment of beriberi swelling and pain: Muquan seeds, fry each with bran on both sides, slice and fry again, remove the oil as much as possible, add half taels of thick cassia every two, for the end, take two with hot wine Money makes you sweaty. ("Yong Lei Qi Fang") ⑾Treatment of tinea: mussels are multi-purpose (shelled), half money for garlic alone, half money for realgar. Put the pestle on the paste, add a little vinegar, and stick wax paper on the affected area. ("Xijifang" Mubie ointment) ⑿ Treatment of malaria mothers: Muyezi and pangolin (cannon) are divided into equal parts. In the end, three dollars for each serving, warm wine in a hollow. ("Summary of Medical Prescriptions") ⒀ Treatment of meridians affected by wind and cold, muscles and veins implicated, skin pain, nucleation, and convulsive paralysis: one or two mutton (peeled, file as big as small bean, use two or two with clear oil, soak one Simmer for half of the time, take out the mussel seeds, add a dollar of yellow vinegar, stir evenly, wait for the vinegar to reach the degree, filter out the dregs with silk), frankincense (don’t grind it, wait for the mussel seed oil and The wax phase is about to condense, so throw it in the oil, don't stop stirring). Use a magnetic device to close the top, and use a small amount to rub the muscles and skin pain and hard spots. If you don't stop, use extreme heat as the degree. ("One Hundred One Prescriptions" Mubiezi Ointment) ⒁ Treats beating injury, blood stasis does not disperse and pain: Mubiezi (shelled to research) half two, Gui (removed rough skin) for three points, Yuntaizi (jiu steeped research) Two together, fifty cloves. Top the four flavors, mix the cloves and cinnamon as the end, mix the two flavors with the researcher, and then use the ginger juice to cook the rice porridge on the spread paper. Add the amount of powder to the porridge, see the hot and cold wrap, change once a day . ("Sheng Ji Zong Lu" wooden turtle wrapped prescription) ⒂ treatment of infantile malnutrition: the wooden turtle ren and the gentleman are divided into equal parts. To pound the mud, the rice drink pill must have large mustard seeds, each serving five minutes, the rice drink, two servings a day. ("Sun Tianren's Recipe for Effectiveness") ⒃Invisible objects for treatment of malnutrition: two money for Mubieziren and one money for Huhuanglian. In the end, the rice glutinous pill has a large longan and is steamed into the chicken, even if the chicken is eaten. ("Sun Tianren's effective prescription") ⒄Treat children with chronic dysentery, intestinal slip and anus: agarwood two money, citrus aurantium half tael (fried with bran to remove the flesh), five spirit fat half tael (micro-fried), wooden turtle (with shell scale) ) Half two (for shelling). The first three flavors of the top piece are fine and fine, and the mochi is added in the same grind. The vinegar-boiled batter is made of pills, which is as big as millet. Three-year-olds take 30 pills each time, vinegar and tea are given, before milking. ("The Yang Family Tibetan Recipe" Mubiezi Pills)

    [Clinical application] External use to treat psoriasis, psoriasis, alopecia, etc. has a certain effect: Usage: remove the shell of the mussel, dip vinegar on a coarse porcelain (such as the bottom of a bowl) to grind the concoction, use cotton or a brush before going to bed Dip the affected area, once a day or every other day. Wash the affected area with saline before applying the medicine; patients with ringworm and the whole body can be treated by stages and tablets. Generally, about 10ml of vinegar is needed to grind the seeds of a chrysanthemum morifolium, and the concoction can be applied to 5 to 7 places on the 3x2 cm ringworm surface.

    [Excerpt from] "*Dictionary"



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