hemorrhoids and anal fissures,Very practical ancient folk recipe

    Human health is wealth, with sound limbs, freedom of movement, freedom of entry and exit, and freedom from all kinds of illnesses, making him the happiest person. In doing things, we must consider benefiting others and benefit ourselves, and support things that are beneficial to the public. The so-called Buddhism is made by the heart, Tao is learned by the heart, merit is cultivated by the heart, virtue is accumulated by the heart, good fortune is done by the heart, misfortune is caused by the heart, and the heart is right. , The heart becomes evil.

    We have to use a variety of prescriptions. We must know our body's deficiency and excess, and what kind of prescriptions we can adapt to. For example, there are two kinds of colds and colds: "cold and heat". Those with fever and severe cold have sore throat, but they are not too dry and have white sputum. As well as clear and long urine, this is the external sensation of wind-cold; the external sensation of wind-heat, the patient will have fever, headache, dry mouth, sore throat, nasal congestion, thick phlegm with red color, oliguria and yellow, dry stool and other symptoms.


    Western doctors say that only by cutting out can be cured, but traditional Chinese medicine can heal well without surgery. The following daily use Pu'er tea, ginger juice, and salted plums are available in grocery stores.

    Method: Make a pot of Pu'er tea for later use, a tablespoon of ginger juice, and a salted plum (two small ones). Put the salty and sour plums in a rice bowl and stir them with chopsticks. Don't need the skin core, add a tablespoon of ginger juice, pour into Pu'er tea and stir evenly before drinking. Drink a bowl in the morning and evening. Drink it on an empty stomach. For pain, this medicine can relieve the pain for six hours. It can heal gallstones after drinking more than ten times.

    Symptoms and treatment of epilepsy

    Epilepsy, commonly known as epileptic wind, is a disease of episodic mental disorders. It is mostly caused by panic or unconsciousness, improper diet, overwork, injury to the three meridians of the liver, spleen, and kidneys, causing wind and phlegm to go upside down with the qi, and the qi is disordered to clear the orifice. He witnessed a momentary loss of consciousness, his face pale, his eyes were staring, but he quickly returned to normal. Or suddenly fainted, salivating at the mouth, dilated pupils, head and eyes turned to one side, making the sound of pigs and sheep. Or there may be closed teeth, twitching of limbs, fainting, and even incontinence of both stools, but after waking up, it is as normal. It has the characteristics of sudden, transient, and recurrent attacks. For treatment, resuscitation and phlegm removal, liver and wind relief should be used.

    Olive alum paste

    Method: Twenty olives, beaten flat, add alum for three points, fry in three bowls of water to make a bowl, remove the residue and pits, then continue to fry the bowl of juice into three teaspoons, at this time the thick juice is light yellow, divided into three times morning, afternoon and evening Take one teaspoon each and finish it in one day. The above is one-day dose. If you need to take three consecutive days, one teaspoon each time shall prevail. You can suffer according to this every day.

    Acupuncture is also very effective in treating epilepsy. Commonly used acupoints: Fengchi, Fengfu, Dazhui, Renzhong, Qi Yao, Tension Shrinkage, Yanglingquan, Sanyinjiao, Baihui, Xinshu, Ganshu. Take Fengchi, Fengfu, and Dazhui to clear out the wind and yang, calm the mind and refresh the brain, adjust the yin and yang qi in people to open up orifice and Sujue; abnormal waist and muscle contraction are the effective points of ancient treatment experience, Yanglingquan Slow teasing, Sanyin Jiao can adjust the qi of Sanyin, Baihui can refresh the brain, Xinshu can calm the nerves, Ganshu can calm the liver and stop the wind.

    In addition, patients with epilepsy should eat less things that will acidify the blood, such as fish, animal fat, sugar, etc.; avoid irritating objects such as cigarettes and alcohol.

    Attachment: Once upon a time, a young man in my neighbor suffered from epileptic wind. When he suffered from epileptic wind, his sister would take vegetable leaves or grass and put it in his mouth. Strangely, he immediately regained consciousness. He didn't have an attack for several years, and when asked, he persuaded [Olive Paste] and healed. Its preparation method: smash a pound of green olives and put them in a casserole to boil for a dozen times. After removing the nucleus, smash them again. Continue to boil until they are tasteless and remove the residue to form a paste. Add 24 grams of alum (grind powder) and stir well, morning and evening. Take 9 grams of ointment and take it with boiling water.

    Secret recipe for diet therapy for chest pain and cardiovascular congestion

    Recipe: Five coins with white back black fungus, four black dates (soaked and cut edges), four red dates (soaked and cored), two candied dates (soaked and cut edges), seven shiitake mushrooms (washed and soaked).

    Usage: White back black fungus soaked and washed. If it is too big, you can chop finely, even the mushrooms and four bowls of water. Use high heat first, then boil them on a slow fire for about two hours. There is one bowl left in the pot. The fungus and mushrooms are best eaten together.

    Explanation: According to the analysis of modern Chinese medicine, black fungus contains a lot of carbohydrates, protein and calcium. In the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, it is believed to be beneficial and blood to strengthen the heart. It has been confirmed in the laboratory that it does have the effect of digesting blood plates. Elderly people may wish to prevent and maintain health twice a week.

    Applicable to [Fengre] prescription

    Symptoms: fever, sore throat

    Materials: Three coins for silver flower, three coins for chrysanthemum, three coins for forsythia, three coins for almonds, two coins for raw licorice, three coins for mulberry leaves.

    Method: boil four bowls of water into one bowl

    Note: In the influenza season, if you want to enhance your body's resistance, you can add Banlangen or Dandelion to the prescription. The research results of Chinese medicine show that these two medicinal materials have significant antibacterial effects and can effectively control the raging virus.

    Applicable to [Wind Cold] prescription

    Symptoms: Fear of freezing, chills

    Material: two coins of ephedra, two coins of north apricot, two coins of cassia twig, one coin of raw licorice

    Method: boil four bowls of water into one bowl

    Press: After taking it, remember to sweat all over the cover

    Prevent flu tea bags

    Material: Three coins of red Ganoderma slices, four coins of North Ganoderma lucidum, four coins of Smilax vulgaris, four coins of forsythia, one or two coins of kudzu root, three coins of nepeta, four coins of platycodon, five coins of Hangzhou chrysanthemum, five coins of bamboo leaves, four coins of honeysuckle, Three coins for raw licorice and five coins for mulberry branches.

    Method: 1. Prepare a clay pot decoction; 2. Wash the medicinal materials; 3. Add six bowls of water to all the ingredients, and fry two bowls over low heat; 4. Take it before meals, twice a week. The above is for two adults, and the amount for children under eight is halved.

    Functions: clearing away heat and removing phlegm, eliminating phlegm and detoxification, enhancing resistance, preventing influenza.

    Indications: Preventing influenza, resolving phlegm and relieving cough, clearing the lungs and strengthening the body.

    Recipe: Red Ganoderma lucidum tablets, North Sand Ginseng: enhance immune function; Smilax glabra, Forsythia suspensa, Pueraria lobata, Nepeta, Platycodon grandiflorum: antiviral; Hang chrysanthemum, bamboo leaves, honeysuckle, raw licorice, mulberry branches: clear lung and reduce phlegm, Detox and strengthen the body.

    Differentiation and Treatment of Colds

    Husband colds and colds can be divided into cold and heat and mild or severe. Colds, headaches, body heat, nasal congestion, coughing and spontaneous sweating, sore throat are cured by dispelling wind and heat.

    Special effects for colds: Cranberry money half, parsnip money half, mint money, ghost feather arrow three money, melon four money, north almond four money, platycodon three money, Bupleurum three money, scutellaria three money, Shanzhizi Two coins, red peony four coins, Radix isatidis four coins, Mutong three coins, reed root coins, three bowls of water and a half-fried one bowl.

    Another one had a cold, cold, aversion to cold and fever, headache and bone pain, vomiting and no sweat, and healed by dispelling wind and cold.

    Cold and cold special prescriptions: two coins for vine, two coins for windbreak, half for mustard, three coins for melon, three coins for northern apricots, two coins for chaihu, two coins for scutellaria, four coins for red peony, old mulberry branches Six coins, four coins for Xianzhuru, two coins for Su Xia, two coins for Plantago, and four coins for Haitong Pi. Three bowls of water and one half fry.

    After the frost season in September every year, people who feel cold and pain when the weather is constant cold, this is called typhoid fever, but the usual typhoid fever refers to the external feeling of cold and evil invasion. Zhong Jing's "Treatise on Febrile Diseases", the so-called typhoid fever, belongs to The main symptoms of Taiyang Meridian disease are pulse floating, headache, strong nape, and aversion to cold. The eight characters are the outline, let’s put it briefly: the sun says, the word aversion to cold refers to typhoid fever. The sun transmits Yang Ming, Yang Ming transmits Shao Yang, Shao Yang transmits Tai Yin, and Tai Yin transmits Sha Yin. Jueyin is passed from Shaoyin, those who are straight in the middle are not passed in by the Yang channel, and those who are in the middle of Sanyin are also. Wang Ang said: Those who feel the most severe are injured, and those who suffer from typhoid fever are also severely affected by cold. If the cold is severe, if it is expressed, it is not caught by wind, nepeta, peppermint, and sesame leaves. You must use ephedra and osmanthus. However, the roots of Ephedra and Guizhi Xinwen can remove severe colds. As for typhoid cough, cough is also caused by the cold in the lungs and the cold of the trachea. The treatment of cough also needs to dispel cold.

    Treatment of typhoid cough

    Half of ephedra coins, three coins of cassia twig, three coins of ginger, two coins of vine, four coins of melon, four coins of northern almonds, three coins of platycodon, three coins of raw white peony, two coins of licorice, three bowls of water and half-fried bowl.

    Facial Palsy Soup

    Materials: Qianghuo two coins, white aconite two coins, Fangfeng three coins, Gentiana three coins, Dannanxing two coins, Baiwu silkworm two coins, French pinellia two coins, papaya four coins, angelica slices three coins, Tianma two coins, loofah Luosiqian, Shengbeiqi 3qian, Dangshen 4qian, Longan Meat 4qian, Chuanxiong Tablets 3qianqian, Red Dates 3xaq, Shouwu 4qianqian.

    Method: 1. Prepare a clay pot decoction; 2. Wash the medicinal materials; 3. Add six bowls of water to all the ingredients and fry one bowl over a slow fire; 4. Take after meals, three times a week, 12 times a course of treatment. The above is for one adult, pregnant women should not drink or drink

    Functions: Promoting qi and blood circulation, expelling wind and phlegm, relaxing muscles and collaterals, nourishing nerves.

    Indications: Facial nerve palsy, crooked mouth and eyes, salivation at the corners of the mouth.

    Recipe: Angelica Tablets, Chuanxiong Tablets, Shengbeiqi, Codonopsis, Fangfeng, Gentiana: Promoting Qi and Activating Blood, Soothing Muscles and Collaterals; Gastrodia, Qianghuo, White Aconite, Dannanxing, French Pinellia, Baiwu Silkworm: expelling wind and resolving phlegm, Antispasmodic and dredge collaterals; papaya, loofah, longan flesh, red dates, shouwu: nourish nerves and dredge veins.

    Sea Coconut Nan Apricot Soup Keeps Beautiful Sound

    Ingredients: two coins of sea coconut, three coins of southern almonds, two coins of jade butterfly, three coins of platycodon, three coins of chicken bone grass, two pieces of olives, five coins of raw turtle shells, six liang of pork, salt.

    Method: 1. Wash the lean meat, put it in boiling water for about three minutes, and set it aside; 2. Wash the medicinal materials, add ten bowls of lean meat and water, and cook the remaining two bowls over a slow heat; 3. Add appropriate amount of salt to taste. Ready to drink. The above is for one to two ladies. Pregnant women are not suitable for drinking.

    Function: Strengthen the respiratory system, clear lung heat, present voice, resolve phlegm and relieve cough.

    Indications: Heat and sand in the lungs, weak lungs and thin sputum, smoking and coughing.

    Recipe: sea coconut, southern almond, raw turtle shell: strengthen the respiratory system, clear lung heat; jade butterfly, platycodon, chicken bones, sea olive, lean meat, salt: nourish the voice glands, nourish the lungs, reduce phlegm and relieve cough .

    Acute vocal cord pharyngitis

    Ingredients: two coins of sea lanscape, three coins of forsythia, five coins of gangmei, five coins of Radix isatidis, one coin of licorice, four salty bamboo bees, three coins of platycodon, three coins of Niuzi.

    Method: boil four bowls of water to one bowl

    Chronic vocal pharyngitis

    Materials: two coins of thousand-layer paper, two coins of big olive, three coins of American ginseng, three coins of Ophiopogon japonicus, two coins of myrobalan, three coins of Mingdang, two coins of Dendrobium Huoshan, two coins of Tiandong.

    Method: cook three bowls of water to one bowl

    Mouth ulcer decoction pack

    Ingredients: four coins of Rehmannia glutinosa, four coins of Chinese yam, three coins of Moutan bark, three coins of Alisma orientalis, four coins of Smilax chinensis, three coins of dogwood, two coins of Zhimu, four coins of Adenophora, four coins of Polygonatum odoratum, four coins of Hangzhou chrysanthemum , Platycodon grandiflorum four coins, raw licorice two coins, Ophiopogon japonicus four coins, red dates three grains, floating wheat four coins.

    Method: 1. Prepare a clay pot decoction; 2. Wash the medicinal materials; 3. Add four and a half bowls of water to all the ingredients, and cook one bowl over a slow fire; 4. Take after meals, twice a week. The above is the serving size for one adult, and the serving size for children under 12 years old is halved. This serving is suitable for the weak.

    Function: nourish yin and nourish deficiency, cool serum fire, strengthen antibody, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.

    Indications: oral ulcers, tongue ulcers, gum ulcers.

    Recipe: Rehmannia glutinosa, Chinese yam, Moutan bark, Dogwood, Alisma orientalis, Ophiopogon japonicus: nourishing yin and blood, invigorating deficiency and clearing sound, enhancing body resistance; Smilax glabra, Hang chrysanthemum, Platycodon grandiflorum, Zhimu, Adenophora jade Bamboo, raw licorice: anti-inflammatory and antibacterial; floating wheat, red dates: increase vitamins, repair oral ulcers.

    Refractory oral ulcers

    Ingredients: raw pea qi buckle, cooked aconite buckwheat, atractylodes macrophylla, coix seed buckwheat, coix seed buckwheat, raw licorice buckwheat buckwheat, light bamboo leaf buckle, reed root buckwheat, Ophiopogon cistanche , Forsythia four coins, yam four coins, longan meat four coins, honeysuckle three coins.

    Methods: 1. Prepare a clay pot decoction; 2. Wash the medicinal materials; 3. Add five bowls of water to all the ingredients, and fry one bowl over a slow fire; 4. Take after meals, three times a week. The above is for an adult

    Function: To benefit temperature and yang, invigorate the spleen and dispel cold, dispel dampness and detoxification, clear away heat and promote body fluid.

    Indications: refractory oral ulcers.

    Recipe: Raw Astragalus, Atractylodes, Chinese Yam, Cooked Aconite, Cistanche: Nourishing temperature and yang, invigorating the spleen and dispelling cold, detoxifying and promoting muscle; Coix seed, Smilax glabra, raw licorice, pale bamboo leaves, forsythia, honeysuckle, reed root : Relieve dampness and detoxification, reduce swelling and relieve pain.

    Heat-clearing diuretic tea

    Ingredients: five prunella vulgaris, one or two bamboo leaves, five corn stalks, one or two mulberry sticks, five grass roots, four tuckahoe fours, fresh horseshoe two and two, dried kudzu root one or two, rock sugar moderate amount.

    Method: 1. Prepare a clay pot decoction; 2. Wash the medicinal materials; 3. Add eight bowls of water to all the ingredients, and fry three bowls over a slow fire; 4. Finally, add rock sugar to drink. The above is for 2-3 people, and for children 6-12 is halved

    Function: clearing away heat and diuresis, eliminating dampness stagnation, removing uric acid, benefiting stomach and kidney.

    Indications: summer heat, short urine, stomach fire, bad breath, damp-heat myalgia.

    Recipe: Prunella vulgaris, Smilax vulgare, dried Pueraria lobata root slices, bamboo leaves: clearing heat and dampness stagnation; corn silk, mulberry branch slices, grass roots: clearing heat and diuresis, removing uric acid, and improving joints. ; Fresh horseshoe, rock sugar: clearing heat and diuresis, benefiting the stomach and strengthening the kidney.

    Prostate swelling medicine package

    Materials: Rehmannia glutinosa four coins, Chinese yam four coins, dogwood three coins, Alisma orientalis four coins, Poria five coins, Moutan three coins, pork mulberry three coins, raspberry four coins, mulberry cuttlefish two coins, raw dragon bone five coins , Cork three coins, Yanhu slices and half, Dangshen four coins, and seahorse three coins.

    Method: 1. Prepare a clay pot decoction; 2. Wash the medicinal materials; 3. Add five bowls of water to all the ingredients, and fry one bowl over a slow fire; 4. Take after meals, twice a week, ten times as a course of treatment. The above is for an adult

    Functions: Nourish the kidney and cultivate vitality, consolidate the body and regulate the qi, reduce astringency and diuresis, reduce the enlarged prostate and abdomen.

    Indications: Frontal swelling, frail aging and poor urination.

    Prescription: Rehmannia glutinosa, Chinese yam, Cornus officinalis, Poria: invigorating kidney qi; Alisma, Polyporus: Tongli urinate; Moutan cortex, Phellodendron cortex, Corydalis: anti-inflammatory and swelling; Fructus, mulberry, Codonopsis, hippocampus : Invigorate the kidney and body, reduce prostate swelling.

    Urethral irritation soup medicine package

    Materials: Rehmannia glutinosa four coins, Chinese yam four coins, Moutan bark three coins, Alisma three coins, plantain three coins, honeysuckle four coins, Lysimachia five coins, polyporus four coins, three candied dates.

    Method: 1. Prepare a clay pot decoction; 2. Wash the medicinal materials; 3. Add five bowls of water to all the ingredients and fry one bowl over a slow fire; 4. Take after meals, twice a week. The above is for an adult, and the amount for children 8-12 is halved.

    Function: Clearing away heat and detoxification, improving urethra, anti-inflammatory and pain relief, regulating kidney function.

    Indications: Non-infectious frequent urination, mental urge to urinate.

    Formula: Rehmannia glutinosa, Chinese yam, Moutan bark, Alisma: nourishing yin and tonifying the kidney, clearing and purging heat toxins in the bladder; honeysuckle, plantain, Lysimachia, Polyporus: Tongli to urinate, eliminate urinary tract irritation; Candied date: nourishing the nerves heart.

    Bronchial asthma decoction pack

    Ingredients: three coins of perilla seeds, two coins of orange red, four coins of French pinellia, three coins of Qianhu, two coins of magnolia, two coins of licorice, two slices of ginger, three red dates, one or two pumice stones, four coins of northern almonds , Coltsfoot spends three coins, Platycodon grandiflorum four coins, Codonopsis three coins, ephedra half coins, Juan Fuling four coins.

    Method: 1. Prepare a clay pot decoction; 2. Wrap the perilla seeds in a soup bag; 3. Wash the medicinal materials; 4. Add four bowls of water to all the ingredients and fry one bowl over a slow fire; 5. Take after meals, every Wednesday Times. The above is for an adult.

    Functions: Strengthen the body's vitality and reduce the adverse effects, smooth the vitality and reduce phlegm, relieve the lung and reduce inflammation, relieve cough and relieve asthma.

    Indications: bronchitis asthma, allergic asthma, chronic obstructive asthma.

    Recipe: Perilla seed, Tangerine, Peucedanum, Magnolia: anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, lowering qi and reducing phlegm; Ginger, jujube, Pinellia ternata, sea pumice, northern almond: dredge trachea, relieve phlegm and relieve cough; coltsfoot, Ephedra and Platycodon grandiflorum: resolve phlegm and relieve asthma; Codonopsis, Juan Fuling: strengthen the patient's physical fitness, reduce bronchial infection and inflammation.

    Prevent transient cerebral ischemia

    Materials: Shengbeiqi five coins, angelica tablets four coins, chuanxiong tablets three coins, red peony four coins, peach kernels three coins, safflower two coins, kudzu root five coins, salvia five coins, hawthorn five coins, ginkgo leaf five coins, Xi Four coins for signing grass, four coins for Caulis spatholobi, two coins for ground dragon dryness, four coins for Uncaria, and one or two raw turtle shells.

    Method: 1. Prepare a clay pot decoction; 2. Smash the raw turtle shell and ginkgo leaves and wrap them in a soup bag; 3. Wash the medicinal materials; 4. Add six bowls of water to all the ingredients and fry one bowl over a slow fire; 5. Rice Take it later, twice a week, ten times as a course of treatment. The above is for an adult, and pregnant women should not drink it.

    Functions: Nourish liver and kidney, nourish qi and activate blood, dispel wind and blood stasis, relieve spasm and dredge collaterals.

    Indications: Prevention of transient cerebral blood attack and cerebrovascular embolism.

    Recipe: Shengbeiqi, Angelica Tablets, Chuanxiong Tablets, Caulis spatholobi, Shengqijia: nourishes the liver and kidney, nourishes qi and promotes blood circulation; red peony, peach kernel, safflower, dried earthworm, Xixiongcao: dispel wind and remove blood stasis, promote blood circulation Tongluo; Pueraria lobata, Salvia, Hawthorn, Uncaria, Ginkgo biloba: expand cerebral blood vessels, improve cerebral blood supply, prevent cerebral ischemia.

    Senile cataract

    Material: Dendrobium huoshanensis Erqian, Eryuanjingcao Erqian, Honeymoon Flower Erqian, Rehmannia glutinosa Rhizome, White Peony Four Rhizome, Lycium Barbarum Lv. Ligustrum, Rhizoma Tribulus Rhizome, Zihu Erqian, Two coins for Bupleurum, four coins for Hanging chrysanthemum, four coins for Prunella vulgaris, one or two coins for raw stone cassia, five coins for cooked magnet, five coins for pearl grass.

    Method: 1. Prepare a clay pot decoction; 2. Wash the medicinal materials; 3. Add six bowls of water to all the ingredients and fry one bowl over a slow fire; 4. Take after meals, twice a week, ten times as a course of treatment. The above is for an adult.

    Functions: Nourish yin and nourish kidney, calm liver and suppress yang, nourish blood and improve eyesight.

    Indications: Cataract.

    Recipe: Dendrobium huoshanense, Lycium barbarum, Ligustrum lucidum, White peony root, Rehmannia glutinosa, Cassia: nourishing yin and clearing heat, suppressing liver-yang, clearing eyesight and improving eyesight; cooked magnet, pearl grass, prunella vulgaris, corn essence, honey Flowers, Hang chrysanthemum, Bupleurum, Tribulus terrestris: Soothing the liver and improving eyesight, nourishing blood and improving eyesight.

    Treatment of senile arteriosclerosis soup

    Ingredients: Four coins for making Shouwu slices, four coins for mulberry seeds, two coins for Gastrodia elata, one or two coins for raw stone cassia, four coins for achyranthes bidentata, three coins for salvia slices, five coins for cooked tortoise shells, four coins for rolled Poria, two coins for French pinelli , Tianqipian money and half, ginkgo biloba five money, Uncaria chinensis four money, licorice money and half.

    Method: 1. Prepare a clay pot decoction; 2. Wash the medicinal materials; 3. Add six bowls of water to all the ingredients and fry one bowl over a slow fire; 4. Take after meals, three times a week. The above is for an adult.

    Function: Nourish liver and kidney, anti-aging, nourish the mind and calm the mind.

    Indications: Senile arteriosclerosis, tinnitus, vertigo, dizziness, memory loss.

    Recipe: Gastrodia, tortoise shell, stone cassia, Achyranthes bidentata, Ginkgo biloba, Uncaria: nourishing yin, calming liver and suppressing yang, anti-cerebral arteriosclerosis; making Shouwu tablets, mulberry: nourishing liver and kidney, promoting blood circulation and nourishing blood; Salvia Miltiorrhiza and Tianqi Tablets: Promoting blood circulation and creating newness; Juan Fuling, Pinellia ternata, Zhigancao: expectorant dampness, and stomach qi.

    Conditioning tea bag for esophageal cancer

    Materials: One or two ochre generation, four coins of inula, three coins of French pinellia, four coins of Poria, five coins of Chinese melon, five coins of salvia miltiorrhiza, three coins of turmeric, half of woody coins, half of amomum, half of raw gardenia Three coins, half of raw licorice, three coins of lotus stem, five coins of Agaricus blazei, three coins of Dendrobium Huoshan, three coins of Jilin Changbai Mountain ginseng.

    Method: 1. Prepare a clay pot decoction; 2. Wash the medicinal materials; 3. Add six bowls of water to all the ingredients and fry one bowl over a slow fire; 4. Take after meals, three times a week. The above is for an adult.

    Functions: lowering qi and soothing the liver, dispelling dampness and removing blood stasis, reducing swelling and removing masses, promoting clearness and reducing adverse effects.

    Indications: esophageal cancer, gastric cardia cancer, esophagitis, esophageal neurosis, cardia spasm.

    Recipe: on behalf of ocher: rejuvenate the liver and stomach and lower qi; Inula: inhale to reduce phlegm; French Pinellia: promote qi, reduce adverse effects, relieve vomiting, dry dampness and reduce phlegm; Jingua: promote qi, clear heat and reduce phlegm; woody, Amomum villosum: promoting qi to broaden the chest, hemorrhaging the stomach; turmeric and salvia: promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, reducing swelling and removing knots; raw gardenia, raw licorice, lotus stalk: dampness and clearing; Agaricus blazei, Dendrobium huoshanense, Jilin Changbai Mountain Ginseng: Enhance resistance and prevent cancer from spreading.

    Summer slimming tea

    Ingredients: Codonopsis pilosula four coins, Shengbeiqi four coins, lotus leaf four coins, Sophora japonicus four coins, raspberry seed four coins, grass cassia four coins, melon seed four coins, flax seed four coins, hawthorn slices five coins, pig Three coins of Lingsan, four coins of Alisma, four coins of Mutong, five coins of bamboo leaves, four coins of Shouwu slices, three red dates, four coins of Prunella vulgaris.

    Method: 1. Prepare a clay pot decoction; 2. Melon seed, raspberry seed, cassia seed, sesame seed, locust tree grated and wrap it in a soup bag; 3. Wash the medicinal materials; 4. Add six bowls of water to all the ingredients , Decoction over a slow fire and one bowl; 5. Take one or fifty doses a day for the entire course of treatment.

    The above is for an adult, not suitable for pregnant women.

    Function: Promote blood circulation, dredge the intestines and stomach, diuresis and reduce fat, reduce weight.

    Indications: old obesity, big belly, constipation.

    Recipe: Codonopsis, Shengbei, lotus leaf, Prunella vulgaris: promote blood circulation of fat people, strengthen metabolism; Sophora japonicus, scutellaria, cassia, sesame seed, melon seed, hawthorn tablets: unblock the intestines and stomach, prevent the digestive system Excessive absorption of energy; Polyporus umbellatus, Alisma orientalis, Mutong, Bamboo leaves: diuresis and dispelling water, weight loss; Shouwu tablets, red dates: supplement nutrition.

    TCM diet therapy to replenish the body

    From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, Dr. Huang stated that anemia belongs to the categories of "blood deficiency" and "deficiency" and can be divided into four categories, namely: weak spleen, deficiency of both qi and blood, deficiency of both kidney and essence, and deficiency of both spleen and kidney. Patients can take dietary supplements for different types.

    1. Weak temper

    Symptoms: pale complexion, loss of appetite, loose stools; mostly caused by poor digestion and absorption.

    Xiangsha Six Gentlemen Soup:

    Ingredients: Muxiang two coins, Amomum two coins, tangerine peel two coins, Pinellia three coins, Codonopsis five coins, Baizhu five coins, Poria five coins, and licorice three coins.

    Method: 1. Prepare the decocted medicine in a clay pot; 2. Wash the medicine materials; 3. Add all the ingredients to water and decoction for warm serving, one dose a day

    Function: To replenish qi and invigorate the spleen, strengthen gastrointestinal function, and promote digestion and absorption.

    2. Deficiency of Qi and Blood

    Symptoms: pale complexion, dizziness, palpitations, lack of energy and laziness; this is anemia caused by chronic illness and wasting.

    Bazhen soup:

    Materials: Three coins of Angelica sinensis, two coins of Chuanxiong, three coins of white peony, five coins of Rehmannia glutinosa, five coins of Codonopsis pilosula, five coins of Atractylodes macrocephala, five coins of Poria cocos, three coins of dried licorice, three pieces of ginger, three pieces of jujube.

    Method: 1. Prepare a clay pot decoction; 2. Wash the medicinal materials; 3. Add all the ingredients to decoction before meals and take one dose a day.

    Function: Invigorate qi and promote blood circulation, harmonize Yingwei.

    3. Kidney deficiency and essence deficiency

    Symptoms: Sore waist and knees, dizziness, tinnitus, chills, cold limbs; mostly aging and body failure, or congenital insufficiency, or chronic illness and wasting anemia.

    Jinkui Shenqi Decoction:

    Ingredients: Three coins of aconite, five coins of cinnamon, five coins of rehmannia, three coins of dogwood, five coins of yam, three coins of Alisma, three coins of five danpi.

    Method: 1. Prepare a clay pot decoction; 2. Wash the medicinal materials; 3. Add all the ingredients to four bowls of decoction to make one bowl. When turning the pot, boil two bowls of water to six minutes full, and take it warmly, twice a day.

    Function: Warming and nourishing kidney yang, filling essence and producing blood.

    Remarks: It can be made into pills. The medicinal materials are first steamed, dried, and then powdered, and then mixed with honey into pills for consumption, twice a day, four dollars each time.

    Fourth, the spleen and kidney are both deficient and four gentlemen soup

    Symptoms: pale complexion, lack of food, loose stools, weakness and chills. People with spleen deficiency have poor digestion and absorption; those with kidney deficiency have sore waist and knees, dizziness and tinnitus.

    Four gentlemen soup:

    Ingredients: six coins for ginseng, six coins for Baizhu, six coins for Poria, three coins for licorice, three coins for ginger, two coins for jujube.

    Method: 1. Prepare the decocted medicine in a clay pot; 2. Wash the medicine materials; 3. Add all the ingredients to decoction and take warmly.

    Yougui Maru

    Ingredients: Rehmannia glutinosa six coins, aconite one and a half dollars, five yam coins, three coins for cornus, three coins for dodder, three coins for medlar, three coins for eucommia, five points for cinnamon, five points for antler gum, and five points for angelica.

    Method: Same as Jinkui Shenqi Pill, taken twice a day.

    Function: To invigorate qi and invigorate the spleen, warm the kidney and yang.

    A few small diet therapy essentials

    1. Material: Chixiaodou two or two.

    Method: Use two bowls of water to decoct into seven or eight minutes. .

    Function: Treat prickly heat and lip sores. It can eliminate the ulcers like external application.

    2. Material: Four coins for old god oil and three coins for hawthorn.

    Method: Use two bowls of water to boil to seven to eight minutes.

    Function: Harmonize the stomach and clear stagnation.

    3. Material: Three coins of light tempeh and three coins of gardenia.

    Method: Use two bowls of water to cook until seven to eight minutes. .

    Function: Relieve tension and treat high blood pressure.

    Enhance memory medicated soup

    Ingredients: four coins of Korean ginseng slices, three coins of Beiqi slices, five coins of Fushen, four coins of cooked jujube seeds, four coins of longan meat, four coins of black dates, four coins of Tianqi slices and half, five coins of raw turtle shells, one fresh snail meat Two, three grains of Jiang scallops, six taels of fresh lean pork, appropriate amount of salt.

    Method: 1. Break the jujube kernels and wrap them in a soup bag; 2. Wash the scallops, soak them in warm water for half an hour and then tear them into shreds; 3. Wash the snail meat and lean meat separately and place them in boiling water for three minutes; 4. Wash the medicinal materials, add 10 bowls of water with other materials, and leave 4 bowls in a slow cooker; 5. Finally, add appropriate amount of salt to taste and you can take it once a week, the above is for 3-4 people.

    Functions: Nourish the heart and spleen, invigorate the kidney and brain, strengthen qi and calm the mind, and enhance memory.

    Indications: Tonic body, enhance memory.

    Recipe: Korean Ginseng Tablets, Shengbeiqi Tablets, Fushen, Cooked Jujube Seed: Nourish brain cells, enhance memory, nourish the heart and spleen; Tianqi Tablets, Shengbiejia: expand cerebral blood vessels and maintain a good blood supply system in the brain; Longan meat, black dates, Jiang scallops, lean pork: to strengthen the body and brain.

    Ginseng Rehmannia Soup

    Ingredients: Three coins of Korean ginseng slices, two coins of Jilin velvet slices, four coins of rehmannia glutinosa, four coins of white peony, three coins of Chinese angelica, half of chuanxiong slices, four coins of longan, five coins of black dates, six liang of fresh lean pork, salt Right amount.

    Method: 1. Wash the lean meat, simmer in boiling water for two minutes, set it up for use; 2. Wash the medicinal materials; 3. Add six bowls of water to all the ingredients, and cook the remaining two bowls slowly; 4. Add appropriate amount of salt at the end Seasoning can be taken once a week. The above is for two adults.

    Functions: Nourish yin and blood, nourish qi and produce blood, regulate the spleen and stomach, and strengthen the body.

    Indications: Anemia, excessive menstrual blood anemia, postpartum anemia, senile anemia.

    Recipe: Angelica, Chuanxiong, Radix Paeoniae Rubra, Rehmanniae: Nourishing blood and nourishing blood; Korean Ginseng tablets, velvet antler tablets: can stimulate hematopoietic organs and promote hematopoiesis; Longan meat, black dates: supplement iron, protein, calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin C.

    Shenfu Baizhu Soup

    Ingredients: Dangshen five coins, Poria cocos five coins, Atractylodes four coins, fried lentils five coins, Chinese yam medicine four coins, white lotus seeds four coins, dried tangerine peel coins half, fresh lean meat six taels, fresh snails two pieces (about six taels), Salt is appropriate.

    Method: 1. Wash the lean meat and snail meat, boil it in boiling water for 3 minutes, and set it aside for use; 2. Wash the medicinal ingredients, fry lentils, yam and white lotus seeds, and soak in water for 40 minutes; 3. Put the above ingredients in the soup pot, add appropriate amount of water, and boil the soup on a slow heat for two hours; 4. Finally, add appropriate amount of salt to season it and then take it. The above is for 2-3 adults, suitable for most people.

    Functions: Invigorate qi and invigorate the spleen, harmonize the stomach and promote dampness, strengthen the intestines and stomach, and strengthen the body.

    Indications: Suitable for urban people with nervousness, irregular eating, poor digestion, and poor energy. It is especially suitable for chronic gastrointestinal patients and hepatitis B patients.

    Recipe: Codonopsis, Poria cocos, Atractylodes macrocephala: The nature is flat and sweet, and the medicine can enter the spleen and stomach. It can nourish the middle and nourish qi, help the digestion of the stomach and the stomach, and promote the absorption of nutrients in the stomach. These three plants contain protein, a variety of vitamins, and inulin. It has an uplifting effect on the human nervous system and can enhance the body's resistance.

    Flower Maw Nourishing Yin and Nourishing Kidney Wangxue Decoction

    Ingredients: 1 tael of flower maw, 5 pieces of Korean ginseng slices, 4 pieces of Ophiopogon japonicus, 1 tael of white lotus seeds, 1 tael of lily, 1 tael of Jinhua ham, 3 pieces of Jiang scallop, 6 taels of fresh lean pork.

    Method: 1. To open the flower glue, decoct the flower glue with ginger and spring onion, and effluent the flower glue once or twice; 2. Soak the golden ham and scallop respectively; 3. Wash the lean meat and medicinal materials separately; 4. Add water to all the medicinal materials Appropriate amount, slowly cook into soup; 5. Finally add appropriate amount of salt to taste and then take. The above is for two to three adults.

    Functions: Nourishing Yin to stop bleeding, nourishing qi and blood, nourishing the lungs and resolving phlegm, strengthening the kidney and cultivating vitality.

    Indications: Bronchiectasis hemoptysis, hemorrhoids bleeding, excessive menstrual bleeding, nosebleeds, varicose veins.

    Recipe: Flower maw, Korean ginseng: nourishing blood and nourishing qi. Qi and blood are the driving force of human life activities. The blood circulates in the veins and flows endlessly, bringing nutrition and oxygen to every organ and system of the human body. "Qi" includes vitality, Zongqi, Yingqi, Weiqi and Qi of the five internal organs. "Qi" needs to be transformed by the innate essence and supplemented by the acquired, so it is very important for the human body to properly nourish qi and blood; Ophiopogon japonicus, lotus seeds, lily: invigorate the spleen, nourish the heart, calm the mind and improve the mind; Jinhua ham, Jiang scallops, thin Meat: supplement body amino acids and protein.



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