what does a hemorrhoids look like,The Treatise on Biejia in Ancient Materia Medica

    Turtle A ("The Classic")

    The turtle shell is the dry carapace of the turtle of the terrapin family. Mainly produced in Hubei, Anhui, Jiangsu, Henan, Hunan, Zhejiang, Jiangxi and other places. The original animals were born in rivers, lakes, ponds, streams and ponds. They are timid, quiet and omnivorous. Salty taste, slightly cold in nature. Return to the liver and kidney channels. Efficacy: Nourishes yin and suppresses yang, softens and clears knots, relieves fever and removes steam. The clinical names are turtle shell and turtle shell.

    【Materia Medica Meeting】

    "Shen Nong's Materia Medica": taste salty and flat. Indications of confidant symptoms, accumulation, cold and heat, to remove ruffled polyps, erosive hemorrhoids and malignant flesh.

    "Medicinal Properties": It can be used as the main food disorder, lumpy habit, cold fatigue and thinness, qi, deboning fever, inter-joint fatigue, strong congestion. In the treatment of women, the five-color lean and thin ones are missed, but the burnt armor makes them yellow. At the end, the square inch dagger of the sake service is served on the second day. Heli Lepi and the dried ginger powder are divided into pills, and 30 pills are hollowed out, and then taken to cure the disease. It can also cure the habitual habit by vinegar and broiled yellow, the end, the milk is combined, and a spoonful is loosened. It was also scattered with Amber and Rhubarb, and when he was served with two money daggers, the blood would fall after a short time. If the blood in the woman's small intestine runs out, she will stop taking it. White head and blood smeared prolapse of the anus.

    "Rihuazi Materia Medica": to remove blood qi, break the crux, malignant blood, fall fetus, reduce sores and swelling, and prevent blood stasis, malaria, carbuncle. Burn the head to treat prolapse.

    "Kaibao Materia Medica": salty, flat, non-toxic. Cure warm malaria, blood rash, low back pain, children's hypocrisy.

    "Materia Medica Yanyi": "The Classics" does not mention the treatment of labor, but the "Shu Root? Medicinal Properties" says that it is used for the treatment of fatigue and bone fever. Of course, it is very well-founded and should not be overdone. Also, burn the head and ash.

    "Decoction of Materia Medica": Qi is flat, salty, non-toxic.

    "Materia Medica" says: Mainly a heart-abdominal syndrome, cold and heat, removal of nasal polyps, negative eclipse, hemorrhoids and malignant flesh. Cure warm malaria, blood rash, low back pain, children's hypocrisy.

    "Yan Yi" says: It is excellent for treating fatigue and thinness, removing bones and heat.

    "Materia Medica Yanyi Supplement": Tonic Yin. "Medicinal Properties" says: It is used to treat fatigue, remove bone fever, and burn yellow with vinegar. It also cures confidant symptoms and accumulation, which is particularly effective.

    "Compendium of Materia Medica": Biejia is the medicine of Jueyin's liver menstrual blood, and the liver also governs blood. Try to think of it often, the genus of turtles and turtles, each has its own merits. Turtle color blue into the liver, so the owner, malarial work, cold and heat, epilepsy, epilepsy, carbuncle swelling and yin sore menstrual fluid, due to Jueyin blood disease also. The color of tortoiseshell is red into the heart, so the owner, the heart is convulsive, fever, typhoid fever, acne, swelling and poison, all are diseases of Shaoyin and blood. The color of the Qin turtle is yellow into the spleen, so the owner has stubborn rheumatism arthralgia, heavy body with gu toxin, all diseases of Taiyin blood. Turtle color enters the kidneys black, so the owner, yin deficiency and weakness, waist and feet dysfunction, yin malaria and diarrhea, are all medicines for yin and blood. Insect yin category, so it is not the disease of yin menstrual blood.

    In addition to the old malaria mother, yin poisonous abdominal pain, overworked food, spot acne, dyspnea, pediatric epilepsy, women's meridian failure, dystocia, postpartum vaginal prolapse, husband's vaginal sores, carbuncle ulcers.

    "Materia Medica Sutra": Turtle carapace is full of qi from heaven and earth to yin, so its taste is flat and non-toxic. Run down to make salty, just like water. What is Yiyin? The one who dissipated from the master, with its taste is both flat and flat. Salt can soften and harden, and Xin can disperse. Therefore, the main symptom of "This Classic" is to accumulate cold and heat, to remove riffles, polyps, erosions, hemorrhoids, and malignant flesh. "Bielu" treats warm malaria. Those who suffer from malaria and heat evil are the disease, and those who suffer from a lot of yin deficiency and water decline are those who are deep in the heat, and evil enters the yin, so they are combined with yang and hotter, merged in The yin and cold are severe, the qi deficiency will cause the evil to fall and the middle Jiao will die, and even the malaria mother will be formed. A can nourish yin to eliminate heat and dissipate, so it is an important medicine for treating malaria. It is also a superior product for relieving fatigue in the bones, and exchanges between cold and heat due to yin deficiency. Blood lumps, low back pain, children's thighs are strong, and all are yin-separated blood diseases. Rehabilitation and women’s rehabilitation are necessary medicines. Exhausted and steamed. Postpartum vaginal loss is especially urgent.

    Simple error: turtle shell, pregnancy disabled. Where yin deficiency in the stomach, diarrhea due to yin deficiency, postpartum diarrhea, postpartum diet, reluctance to eat, and nausea, etc., should be avoided.

    "Materia Medica Mengyun": taste salty and calm. Non-toxic. Dispelling squat addiction syndrome, and polyp erosive hemorrhoids; removing fatigue and steaming, and warm malaria to cold and heat. Healing intestinal carbuncle and reducing swelling, blood stasis and abortion.

    "Materia Medica Chengya": The turtle has no ears and listens with the eyes, so the eyes cannot be glimpsed. Not only specializing in the liver orifices, the gallbladder is also different from the crowd and tastes great pungent. The dorsal ridge connects the flanks, and the flanks also belong to the Shaoyang gallbladder house. This wood and gold interact, so the sound and color are superimposed, and the liver is the gallbladder. . If you can use the courage to open up the deaf, Bise Siming, Sheng Sicong, and those who do all the art of the room, the wind will come down. The taste is salty and the blood is soft and firm, and it is the medicine for Jueyin liver, Shaoyang gallbladder, and blood. Cover the liver and hide the blood, set the hidden non-essence, the non-divine, the yin condensed to firmness, the person who has the symptoms of lumps, polyps, malignant flesh, and erosive hemorrhoids. and also.

    "Medicinal Xingjie": turtle shell, salty, flat, non-toxic, enters the lung and spleen. The main body is steaming, coughing, agglomeration syndrome, erosive hemorrhoids, sore swelling and blood stasis, causing abortion, and the woman's five colors are leaking. Nine ribs are better.

    Note: Danxiyun, turtle shell belongs to metal and soil, the reason why the lung and spleen enter. It must be taken from raw materials, and it is unusable to boil off. Fleshly cold, spleen injured by overeating. Do not eat if you are sick, for fear of benefiting from the disease. Eating the same chicken can kill you. Eat blood with amaranth, and turtles with mustard seeds cause sickness. Don't be careful.

    "Jingyue Quanshu": The taste is salty, the Qi is calm, and the liver, spleen, kidney and blood are divided into medicine. It can eliminate symptoms and buildup, treat temperature malaria, remove interstitial blood deficiency and overwork heat, women's blood and malignant blood, leakage of five colors, meridian obstruction, treatment of labor difficulties, abortion, and postpartum cold and heat, and epilepsy in children. Spot acne, trouble and asthma, also reduce sores, swollen intestines and carbuncle, dampen blood stasis, converge toxins, and remove erosive hemorrhoids.

    "Materia Medica": Tonic Yin to reduce fever.

    Xianping belongs to yin, the color is green into the liver, it treats fatigue, steaming, cold and heat, warm malaria, malaria will heat evil, people with yin deficiency, malaria will not heal for a long time, vitality deficiency, evil sinking in the middle Jiao, She became a malaria mother. The soft-shelled turtle can benefit the yin and eliminate heat and dissipate agglomeration, so it is necessary to cure malaria. Low back pain, hard side, bloody hemorrhoids, salty can soften. Obstructed labor, intestinal carbuncle sores, epileptic spot acne, Jueyin blood disease. Shizhen said: Insects are yin, so they are all yin supplements, or: The substance belongs to metal and soil, so it enters the spleen and lungs to cure various syndromes.

    "Ben Jing Feng Yuan": Turtle color is green, entering Jueyin Liver Meridian and Chongmai, it is the yang in the yin, the yang is odd and the yin is even, so only the rib is taken as the guide of the liver meridian. The owner, malaria mother, cold and heat due to exhaustion, spleen disease, yin sore on menstrual water, does not appear to be the main treatment of "this classic". It is used for all bone steaming and sweating, which can nourish the fire of the liver channel. It is similar to the turtle shell, and it is the disease of the Yin menstrual blood. Turtles use the abdomen, the abdomen is the kidney, the turtle uses the flanks, and helps the liver. However, it is a liver-removing agent, not a liver-tonifying agent. Pregnant women can not use it, because it can cut the liver and blood. Liver deficiency without heat is forbidden. Calcined ash to grind extremely fine powder, treat soups, burns, and rotten skin, and apply sesame oil when dry, and mix with dry sesame oil, and the pain will stop immediately. Its power of detoxification, healing bones and steaming, killing worms can be understood silently. Turtle head burned with gray wine service, treatment of children's anal prolapse, women's vagina fall off, whichever is good for shrinking. Sheng Xue Tu is particularly effective.

    "Materia Medica Chongyuan": The turtle grows in the pond and turns with the shadow of the sun. In the water, there must be moist floating up, covering the water and air of Shaoyin, and going up on the day of the fire. In addition, Jiajie is a kind of metal, its main sexual advantage, its smell is flat, and it is also watery. Indications of depression in the confidant, who accumulate cold and heat, say that the blood-qi in the confidant is discordant, and the symptoms are lumps, internal hardened and cold and hot body. The turtle is endowed with the qi of water and yin. He also said to go to the spleen, the disease is firm, the body is cold and hot. If the disease is sick, there is no heat or cold in the body, and the turtle shell can also go. The husband's confidant accumulates, and the disease is hidden inside. If polyps, erosions, hemorrhoids, malignant flesh, the disease is seen outside. Turtle shell is a kind of gold, and gold is used for profit, so other evils can also go.

    "Materia Medica Seeking Truth": [Pan] Relieving yin and accumulating heat, eliminating fatigue and steaming bones.

    Turtle shell is exclusively used in the liver. The taste is salty, and the color is blue. Although the book contains the liver, it is green into the liver. The tortoise is a tonifying kidney and enters the kidney. Separate. However, they are all products for removing heat and liver, and the insects are all yin and cold, so they can remove heat. It's not a real liver medicine. Where there is heat accumulation in the blood of Jueyin, you can see Lao cough bone steaming, cold and heat exchanges, warm malaria, and waist and abdomen flanks, blood lumps, hemorrhoids, obstructive labor, ulcers, carbuncle sores, epileptic spots, etc. Taking this Xianping can eliminate it. All the symptoms are related to the yin deficiency and evil entering, so the turtle shell is used to enter the yin to remove heat and dissipate knots. If there is no eagerness in the liver.

    "De Pei Materia Medica": Avoid mint.

    Salty and flat. Into the foot Jueyin blood points. Cure labor malaria, remove flank hard, remove back pain, cure spot acne. Where the summer evil is divided into yin, out and merged in yang and hot, and merged in yin and cold, it will cure and heal itself.

    Get Artemisia annua, cure bone steam. Served with oysters. Add peach kernels and three-lens to treat Bendan qi pain; adjust chicken white and apply yin sore.

    Eliminate accumulation, vinegar broiled; treat bone steaming and heat, and children will be broiled; treat heat evil, broiled with wine. It is suitable for decoction, but not for pills. If the end of the armour is taken by mistake, it will become a turtle for a long time.

    It is unsuitable for people suffering from fatigue. It is forbidden for those with dryness of sex and dryness of blood.

    "Commentary of Materia Medica": Turtle carapace is flat, the golden qi harvested in the autumn of the day, starts with the Taiyin Lung Meridian; tastes salty and non-toxic, gets the water taste of the north of the land, enters the foot less kidney meridian. The smell is all down, and it is overcast.

    In the confidant, the place where the Jueyin Liver Meridian passes, the accumulation and tangible can be described as a symptom, the fake one is called the lump, the hard accumulation, causing cold and heat, the condensation of the liver qi in the Jueyin, very hyperactive, and the qi of the turtle. Ping into the lung, Lung Ping can make the liver, and the salty taste can be soft and firm, so it is the master.

    For the ruffian, the liver qi is stagnant, and Xianping can make the liver soft and firm, so it is also the master.

    Polyps, erosions, hemorrhoids, and evil flesh are born in the nose, and the nose has the orifices of the lungs; during the life of two stools, the two stools also have the orifices of the kidneys, which enter the lungs and kidneys and become soft and firm, so all evil flesh is eliminated.

    "Shen Nong's Materia Medica Reading": Turtle Jia has a level of qi, and enters the lungs with golden qi; it tastes salty and non-toxic, and gets the taste of water and enters the kidney.

    For the confidant, the lower abdomen, the lower abdomen, and the flank ribs are also in line with the heart. The hard accumulation of symptoms, causing cold and heat, is the condensation of Jueyin’s liver qi. It's also.

    For the ruffian, the liver qi is stagnant, and Xianping can control the liver and make the liver soft and firm, so it also mainly focuses on polyps, erosions, hemorrhoids, and evil flesh.

    "Shuzheng": The turtle has no male, and uses the snake as its horse. The snake moves quickly and swiftly, while the turtle staggers and turns green. Turtles have no ears, so they can be regarded as hearing. Husband heat does not mean that the wind is unclear, and the wind does not stop with the rain. Those who generate the wind with heat will make peace with the rain, which is called the transformation of water by its nature. The flesh is soft and yin, and the strong is yang. The armor is wrapped in meat, and its shape is soft and rigid, and yang is in yin. The transformation of water and wood means that the clock is in the softness and there is rigidity in the yin and the yang. Therefore, those who have accumulated symptoms and entanglements in the confidant can be removed, and those who have cold and heat besides the ailments can go. Those who can open and close the orifices belong to Yang, and the mouth is also; those who cannot open and close belong to Yin, and the front and back of the ears and nose are also Yin. The nose produces polyps, the posterior yin produces hemorrhoids, the anterior yin is corroded, and there is rigid yin and yang in non-softness? So I can go.

    Zhongjing's medicine is based on Chu's clan system and the scriptures, but also in Chu's ingenuity to expand the essence of physics to enlighten later learning. If you are ill from the outside, according to the insider, use the turtle shell to decoct the pill, boil the turtle shell to make it rotten like glue, and then boil it with various medicines to form a pill. This is the method of turning rigidity into softness. Danger, all with the softness; the evil prevails in the middle, and reaches the top without letting it out. With the cohosh and the other medicines, the turtle and the medicine are decocted at the same time. The softer will pass along with the strong. What? Although the disease is ill, the suffering is still not stopped, it can be known that there is no inside in the past, and the one who emphasizes the outside and overtakes the inside, he will always emphasize the inside and the outside, and there is no outside. Therefore, the treatment of Guizhi Decoction, Da Chai Hu Decoction, Xiao Chai Hu Decoction, and Da Cheng Qi Decoction is still in the outside world. Its Tinglishi, Wei, Qumai, and the four-worm, peach kernel, Bignonia, and Peony, can pass through the water, but they can't go with each other one by one to get rid of their occlusion. The material, boiled to make it thin and thick, governs all the products, and is attributed to the cold and heat outside, and the cold and heat are also bad. Heat-toxin congestion, no matter whether it is in yin or yang, the throat and throat are painful, but if the face is red, the spots are like brocade, and the saliva and blood are in Yang, the eyes are blue, and the body is in Yin. For those who are treated with Chowder Biejia Decoction, although the disease cannot be raised or lowered due to qi, the source of the disease is not due to blood clogging, and cohosh can pass through the ears. Therefore, it must be combined with water and wood, from bottom to top, and directly connected to the turtle carapace of the eye, and its taste is flat, clearing blood and heat, and the main body is reduced, but when the solution in the throat is solved, the upper and lower parts are connected. , The evil heat naturally penetrates too. From here, it can be understood that the blood is blocked by heat, and the blood resistance is increased by heat, and the turtle is suitable for the main body. After the push, people's so-called yin and qi to remove addiction and blood stasis can not be ignored.

    "New Compilation of Materia Medica": Turtle shell, taste salty, calm, non-toxic. Use vinegar. Dispelling carbuncle syndrome, lumps and polyps, erosions, hemorrhoids, removing tuberculosis, steaming thin bones, and warming the malaria to cold and heat, healing intestinal carbuncle and reducing swelling, abortion with blood stasis.

    The meat is not cold, and there is cartilage under the item, so there is no need to check it. The goodness of soft-shelled turtle is good for attacking fortifications without damaging the qi. It is suitable for people who have stagnation and stagnation between yin and yang. However, it should be studied and tuned, and the world knows how to make it. If it is decocted in a decoction, it will not be effective.

    Or suspect that the turtle meat can replenish the yin, and the turtle armor can attack the fortress, but the opposite is true. The husband's turtle used to replenish the yin in the original femininity. Those who are suspicious of the king, use the turtle shell to attack the fortress. I don’t know that the turtle’s nature is good. Wherever there is a gap, the turtle must use armor to get into it. It is that the strength lies in A, so the use of A is to attack the fortress. The original reason is not selfish.

    Or ask if turtle shell can be used more? Said: Although its nature is good at attack, its flavor is still nourishing. But the meat will make up more and the attack will be less, and the A will attack more and make up more.

    Or ask turtle shells that are good at killing tuberculosis insects. Said: Without killing tuberculosis, how can we get rid of tuberculosis and thin bone steam? Why is there worm in the disease of bone steaming? Gai worms live by themselves due to damp heat, not due to infection, sweating due to heat, and hot due to sweating, as if the tide is intact, the yin and yang are accurate, and it is safe and not to grow insects? And this worm is not born between the intestines and stomach, but is born in the bone marrow? If it can nourish the yin, without the smell of killing insects, the marrow that is born will not be enough for the insects. However, the insecticidal medicine consumes more pith, the worm dies and the bone marrow is empty, and the heat still remains. The heat has not gone, and the worms have reproduced, and the disease will never end. Turtle beetle kills insects and replenishes the water of yin, so it is the most suitable to cure bone steam disease.

    Or ask the turtle shell to kill the insects in the bones. What can I do to kill the insects and replenish the marrow? Said: Killing the worms in the bones, stopping the turtle shells blindly is enough, and those who supplement the yin are suitable for business. Duo accepts the spread of foreigners and wants to discuss it with the world. Recipe with a catty soft-shelled turtle shell, vinegar broiled, Yizhidi bone skin half a catty, Danpi 4 taels, a catty rehmannia, half a catty dogwood, half a catty ground chestnut powder, white peony root, atractylodes rhizome, coix seed 4 taels each, Scrophulariaceae Two, two or two schisandra, six liang of sand ginseng, each for the end, a catty of yam, for paste, beaten into pills. For a long time, the insects will die, and the bone steam will heal. To observe its prescription, it is wonderful to use the turtle shell as the king, and the ground chestnut powder and dogwood as the assistant to kill the insects inside and outside. It is also wonderful that the medicine of Qunyin is neither cold nor hot, and the heat in cooling the bones is the essence of the bones. Many discerning people in the world will know the magic of this method.

    Husband tortoise and soft-shelled turtle, although they are both yin, have different sex. Turtle sex is happy, while turtle sex is happy to enter, turtle sex is static and not moving, while turtle sex is moving but not static. Therefore, turtles are longer than tonic and turtles are longer than attack. Turtles can be used as cream to nourish the yin, and turtles can be used as the last to attack. Those who nourish yin can benefit from taking it for a long time, and those who attack tough ones can use it successfully temporarily. Although the turtle shell can be used to nourish the yin for a long time, it may not be used to nourish the yin for a long time, but it cannot be used as a tortoise decoction cream alone. .

    "Materia Medica": salty, cold, yin, into the liver. To invigorate yin and remove heat, dispel nodules and soften the firmness, cure liver and menstrual blood diseases, and provide medicine for malaria.



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