what does a hemorrhoids look like,Do you know what it means when these parts of the body are uncomfortable?

    Dark circles and chapped lips are not necessarily caused by lack of sleep or lack of moisture. Medical scientists say that 70% of health problems are reflected on the face. Want to know your physical condition? Just look at your face!

    6 passwords the eyes tell you

    Dark circles: I wake up early in the morning and find that my eyes are dull and dark? Be careful! This may be due to too much waste deposits in the blood. The skin of the lower eyelid is thinner than other parts, and it is most likely to reflect the color of blood. Think about it, have you felt too stressed or tired recently? Renal dysfunction, which controls the urinary and reproductive organs, can also make the eye area dull. Australian medical experts say that staying up late and eating more whole-grain foods is the best way to eliminate dark circles!

    Eyelid swelling: Even if you don't drink much water before going to bed, your eyelids are still swollen in the morning? You may have a fluid disorder! There are many reasons for the imbalance of water metabolism. If in addition to the swollen eyelids, you also feel weak in the lower body and dry mouth, it may be that your kidneys are "making trouble." A healthy kidney can smoothly drain excess water from the body. When water is insufficient, it will slow down its metabolism and accumulate water in the body, causing mild edema. Don't worry, drink a few large glasses of water, and you will be able to restore a pair of electric eyes soon!

    Fat particles: Beauticians often recommend using some kind of oil-free eye cream to deal with fat particles under the eyes. But medical experts believe that fat particles are a warning sign of high cholesterol in the body. Remove fried food and animal offal from the recipe, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, the annoying small particles will soon disappear!

    Red blood streaks: The eyes are obviously congested, which may be caused by poor blood circulation. Don’t be busy dripping eye drops, move the head, neck, and shoulders to clear the blood flow of the upper limbs, and then sleep well, so that the eyes can be fully rested. You can apply some vitamin C lotion on the back of the neck and shoulders. Helps to smooth blood circulation, red blood streak can be reduced quickly.

    Needle eye: Don't take long needle eye seriously! Japanese medical experts have found that long needle eyes indicate that your immunity is declining, and bacteria can easily enter the eyes from the roots of the eyelashes, causing inflammation. If you have repeated needles, it is best to go to the hospital for a comprehensive health check. Drink Buzhong Yiqi Decoction often to improve your own immunity, and you can completely "break up" with the needle eye.

    The whites of the eyes are yellow: If the whites of the eyes are not clear, there may be problems with the liver and gallbladder. Bile is a yellow-green liquid. After it is secreted from liver cells, it is stored in the gallbladder. When the gallbladder or liver becomes unbalanced, the bile flows to the blood, causing the whites of the eyes to turn yellow. Fortunately, bile can break down excess fat in the body. With sufficient bile, there is no need to worry about weight in the short term!

    6 passwords my mouth tells you

    Lips are too white: Lips, like the lower eyelids, belong to the mucous membrane. The epidermis is very thin, so it can completely reflect the color of blood. This is the reason why the lips are red. If your lip color becomes light, it may be due to insufficient red blood cells. It is recommended to change the diet and eat more animal liver and tofu to reduce the symptoms of anemia.

    Lips are too red: there must be a limit to red lips and white teeth! If your lips are too bright red, don't be busy cheering. It may be that you are suffering from the "fever" represented by red. Traditional Chinese medicine divides fever into "excess heat" and "deficiency heat". "Deficiency" is caused by the decrease of body water. When the body temperature rises, the body's regulatory function is weakened, and the cheeks, lips and tongue will become locally red. Eating more fresh fruits and drinking plenty of water can help you dissolve excess calories in your body and restore lip color to normal.

    Rupture of the corner of the mouth: If you feel tingling or even swelling and rupture in the corner of the mouth, it is probably an early warning of gastritis. When the mucosa of the stomach wall is in a fatigued state, it will cause internal heat and cause red and swollen mouth corners. Don't be afraid, 80% of early gastritis can be cured. It is recommended to chew a few more times when eating to give the stomach some time to fully absorb and digest the food. After the temperature of the stomach wall is lowered, the redness and swelling at the corners of the mouth will soon disappear.

    Dry lips: Although the lips are mucous membranes, the biggest difference from the skin is that there are no sweat glands. It is definitely an "impossible task" to make lips secrete sweat and regulate body temperature. Lips can't secrete oil and preserve moisture. They need mucus from the mouth to moisturize. When the mucus is insufficient, the lips are easy to dry out and their resistance will weaken. Bacteria and viruses just take the opportunity to invade. In addition to drinking plenty of water to keep oral mucus adequate, it is recommended to rinse your mouth with light salt water, because salt is a major driving force for the production of oral mucus.

    Big "tone": take a sigh of relief into the mirror, if you smell heavy "tone", be careful! More than 60% of "tones" are caused by dental diseases. When bacteria invade the gap between the root of the tooth and the gums, it will cause gingivitis after multiplying and produce an unpleasant "breath." In addition, if the oral cavity is not cleaned thoroughly, the tartar formed by food residues will also make you exhale an unpleasant smell. It is recommended to wash your teeth thoroughly.

    Drooling: After waking up in the morning, is there always saliva on the corner of your mouth? Drooling is caused by excessive secretion of saliva. It may be that your gastrointestinal function is weak and cannot fully absorb water, causing water retention, and saliva is diluted, so it flows to the mouth. If you still feel bowel or stomach irritation, it is best to see a gastroenterologist.

    6 passwords your tongue tells you

    Tongue tremor: Stick your tongue out in front of the mirror. If your tongue trembles slightly, it may be a sign of mental tension and physical decline. Japanese medical experts found in a survey study that more than 70% of people would not realize the tremor in the early stage, and by the time it was discovered, it was often too late. It is recommended that you adjust your work and rest time as soon as possible, do not stay up late, eat a reasonable diet, otherwise you will soon face the danger of neurasthenia!

    Purple tongue: When the blood contains a lot of waste and the body's water supply is insufficient, hypoxic blood and oxygenated blood will mix together, making the blood vessels purple. If in addition to the purple tongue, you also feel stiff shoulders and back pain, it only means that too much toxins have been deposited in your body! You may wish to stick to a light diet for a week, do a sauna, and maintain regular, light aerobic exercise, so that toxins will be discharged quickly.

    The tongue coating is too thick: The tongue coating on the tongue is easily scraped off like tofu residue. It may be due to poor gastrointestinal function or excessive eating. If such tongue coating is always present, it is best to go to the gastroenterology department and let the doctor help you reduce stomach fire.

    The tongue coating is too thin: the tongue coating is unknown or white, and the color of the tongue surface is uneven, which is called "map tongue" in medicine. Korean medical experts pointed out that people with allergies are most likely to have this condition, especially in spring and autumn. The appearance of "map tongue" indicates that your resistance is declining. It is recommended that you stay away from allergens such as pollen, seafood, small insects, etc. during this time, so as to avoid "success".

    Yellow tongue coating: Yellow tongue coating is probably a sign of cold virus invasion! Be sure to keep warm, eat more warm foods such as pumpkin and beef, and make a cup of warm milk before going to bed at night. It can form a protein film in the stomach to prevent bacterial invasion.

    Black tongue coating: faintly black tongue coating, probably due to increased body temperature! An increase in body temperature is not necessarily a fever. Vigorous exercise and anger can make the tongue black. Taking a hot bath and doing some soothing exercises can effectively lower your body temperature.

    6 passwords the nose tells you

    Nose size: The size of the nose has a lot to do with breathing conditions! The nose is wide and the bridge of the nose is tall, indicating that your respiratory organs are well-developed, the physiological structure is good, and you can breathe enough air; but in severely polluted places, you will also inhale too much exhaust gas. If the nose is petite, it indicates that your breathing function is weak, and airtight areas will make you short of breath and chest tightness. If you stay in the office for 1-2 hours, you should go to the corridor or the window to breathe in fresh air for 5 minutes to prevent sudden lack of oxygen.

    Nose flares: The nose flares during normal breathing, which may be caused by low vital capacity! Don't take it lightly, low lung capacity will affect your normal metabolic function. Practice abdominal breathing for 5 minutes a day-your belly swells up when you inhale, and your belly tightens when you exhale, and your lung capacity will soon increase a lot!

    Nose acne: Pimples on the nose are mostly caused by a problem with the digestive system. Eat more bananas, sweet potatoes and other foods to keep the digestive tract open and avoid indigestion.

    Red nose: Sudden red nose? Your liver is overloaded! When you drink too much alcohol, the body keeps blood in the liver in order to break down the alcohol, which causes the blood vessels to dilate, which gives you a red nose. Therefore, it is very important to control the amount of alcohol you drink.

    Sometimes nosebleeds: People with weak gastrointestinal tract can not absorb enough nutrients, muscles and blood vessels are very fragile, and it is easy to rupture with a slight collision. Energy consumption is high in winter. If the diet is not adjusted and the body's calorie supply is insufficient, it will cause occasional nosebleeds.

    Stuffed nose: A blocked nose can slow brain activity. If it is nasal congestion caused by allergic rhinitis, in addition to breathing difficulties, it will also cause insufficient oxygen supply to the brain. Nasal congestion indicates that the function of the mucous membrane of your respiratory tract is fragile. Japanese medical experts believe that this is mostly related to poor gastrointestinal function. Don't patronize the unobstructed "nose problem". It is also important to maintain the intestinal tract!

    6 passwords that cheeks tell you

    Redness of cheeks: I don't know when, two blobs of inexplicable "plateau red" appeared on the cheeks. This may be the "unexplained micro-heat" in Western medicine. The main reason is excessive physical exertion and imbalance of body water. If you have redness on your cheeks, excessive sweating and frequent breathing, it may be due to blood flow disorders caused by high fever. Take a comfortable hot bath, take two tablets of anti-fever medicine, and get a good night's sleep. You will soon be relieved and your complexion will return to normal.

    Pale cheeks: Anemia is manifested as pale lips, inner eyelids and cheeks, which is caused by insufficient supply of hemoglobin in the blood, which is responsible for oxygen transport. In addition, weak breathing will cause the skin's function to decline, reduce the function of producing melanin, and easily lead to pale cheeks. In addition to supplementing nutrition, it is recommended that you do more aerobic exercises such as jogging, walking, and swimming, so as to ensure sufficient oxygen supply.

    Wrinkles on the cheekbones: Suddenly there are several fine lines on the skin on the cheekbones? It may be caused by abnormal liver function. If the liver function cannot purify the blood or supply enough oxygen to the blood, the blood will become turbid, blood circulation will be abnormal, the metabolism rate in the body will be reduced, and the skin sensitivity will increase, resulting in the appearance of small wrinkles. German health experts pointed out that in addition to consulting a doctor and improving liver function metabolism, sun exposure should also be avoided because the skin at the cheekbones is thin and ultraviolet rays can also cause harm.

    Acne on both sides of the cheek: Hormonal imbalance will cause acne on the forehead and chin. If you have acne on both sides of your cheeks, you must first consider whether it is due to incomplete cleansing. In addition, it may also be caused by impatient mood, anxiety in life, and excessive work pressure. Why not take a self-guided tour to give your body and your mood a vacation!

    Enlarged cheek pores: With age, the body's sebum secretion will gradually decrease, and the skin's moisturizing ability will begin to decline. If the body lacks a certain vitamin at this time, the pores will become enlarged. The best solution is to take in enough vitamin C, the collagen contained in it can improve the skin's moisturizing power, make the skin appear elastic, and the pores will also shrink. Foods rich in vitamin C include apples, celery, bananas and kiwis.

    Black cheeks: If you find that your face is dark, you have to consider whether it is a kidney problem. The kidney has a filtering function and can regulate the metabolism of water in the body. If unfortunately, your kidney's filtering function is reduced, it will cause waste to accumulate in the body for a long time, making the skin appear dark and black. The initial manifestation is the appearance of pigmentation in the thinner part of the skin, which will gradually spread to the surroundings. I suggest you try the popular Korean three-day detox method with fruits and vegetables: drink a lot of water every day, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, avoid meat, the waste deposits in your body will be discharged soon

    Five zodiac codes

    When there is a problem with the heart, the left arm will be sore, numb, and painful.

    When there is a problem with the liver, the calf tends to cramp when sleeping at night.

    When there is a problem with the kidneys-the voice will not come out, and it will be hoarse.

    When there is a problem with the spleen and stomach - migraine.

    Next, we will prescribe the right medicine!

    The easiest and most effective way to detoxify the internal organs

    List of body organ worksheets, don't go to bed too late!

    Any attempt to change the biological clock will leave the body with an inexplicable disease. It is too late to regret it after 20 or 30 years.

    1. 9-11 pm is the immune system (lymph) detoxification time. During this period, you should be quiet or listen to music.

    2. From 11 in the evening to 1 in the morning, detoxification of the liver must be done while sleeping.

    3. Detoxification of gallbladder at 1-3 o'clock in the morning is the same.

    4. Detoxification of lungs at 3-5 o'clock in the morning. This is why people who cough have the most violent cough during this period, because the detoxification action has reached the lungs; cough medicine is not used to prevent the elimination of waste products.

    5. At 5-7 in the morning, to detoxify the large intestine, go to the toilet to defecate.

    6. Breakfast should be eaten when the small intestine absorbs a lot of nutrients from 7-9 in the morning. It is best for the patients to eat early. Before 6:30 and the health-care person before 7:30, those who skip breakfast should change their habits. Even if it is delayed until 9 or 10, it is better than not eating.

    7. From midnight to 4 in the morning is the spine hematopoietic period, you must sleep soundly, not staying up late! !

    1. When there is a heart problem

    1. Breathing will not be smooth, chest will be stuffy and sting, the stinging time is short, a few seconds after an attack, at most one minute.

    2. If it is severe, it will go from chest pain to the scapular area of ​​the back. It will come once every ten days and a half, and once every three or five months. The shorter the time, the more serious.

    3. A bad heart will involve soreness, numbness, and pain in the left arm. Because our heart’s nerves are the same as the left arm’s nerves, a problem with the left heart will involve the left arm.

    4. The heart will also be involved in the stiffness of the neck and inflexible rotation. When getting up in the morning, the neck is often twisted; because of the heart problem, the carotid artery will be narrowed, the blood supply will not be smooth, and the nearby muscles will naturally stiffen with blood loss.

    5. If there is a problem with the heart, the fire poison (heart fire) will rise, and the fire poison will slowly rise until the forehead stays here. It is impossible to run out from the forehead. After staying for a long time, there will be sores here, and many people will feel dizzy. It will pass through two cheeks and eyes, so there is a problem with the heart and both cheeks will become red.

    6. In addition, the fire poison will drop down when it reaches the top, from the forehead along the two brow bones, around the temples, through the back of our head, along the neck into the throat, into the intestines, and out from the anus; so the fire poison comes down, two Brows and bones will be sore; some friends are hyperactive, and gradually the pressure on the eyes will increase, and the eyes will burst forward, which is the so-called "bulky eyes".

    7. The fire poison came down, and along the two temples, the temples were called "skewed head" on both sides, the blood vessels would expand, and the expansion would stimulate the nerves next to him, and the pain was unbearable.

    8. Slowly, the fire poison will come down from the back of the head, and then it will start to swell, and it will feel strange, and then it will be worn to the neck. If the neck stays for a long time, the lymph will be enlarged;

    Slowly enter the throat, the throat is prone to inflammation, often feel something choked in it, swallowing but unable to swallow, vomiting and vomiting.

    Fire poison will enter the intestines again, and the intestines will become dry and hotter. If the temperature is too high, the water will come to alleviate. The more water will come quickly, the feces in the intestines will rot, and we will have diarrhea; If the portion is insufficient, the feces will be dry and cannot be discharged.

    9. Heart problems can cause our spleen and stomach to be injured. Once the spleen and stomach are injured, the ability to digest and absorb is reduced. The food that is eaten cannot be digested, and eventually the stomach will be bloated. Those things will recoil back, which is called "gastric acid".

    10. There is a problem with the heart, the nutrient cannot be delivered, and I always feel that I am not physically strong. I want to eat more to supplement it. Too much food will bring a lot of sugar. Exclude sugar from the liver and kidneys. Too much sugar will cause the liver. , Kidney failure, it is easy to get "diabetes".

    11. If there is a heart problem, a person’s nerves will decline, a little thing will be tense, and it will be frightened. It is not easy to fall asleep at night. After falling asleep, it will have nightmares, which will continue, the so-called "nightmares".

    2. When there is a problem with the liver—especially with hepatitis, none of the following 4 phenomena can occur frequently

    1. Pain in the upper right abdomen.

    2. Sore right back.

    3. The right shoulder felt sore, numb, and painful, even causing the right hand to be unable to rise.

    4. Calf cramps easily when sleeping at night.

    When the liver has problems, our body will produce the following phenomena:

    1. The liver has a front side and a back side. If the front side is hardened and swollen, it will squeeze into our intercostal nerves, and the intercostal nerves will be swollen and painful; if it is behind, it will cause right back pain

    2. If the liver is not good, the quality of sleep at night will be poor, and it will not be easy to fall asleep over and over again; dry mouth, bitter mouth, bad breath after getting up, gums will bleed when brushing teeth. I usually have no interest in food. If I don’t eat or be hungry, I feel full when I eat a little bit. After two steps, my calf will be very sore, and my body will feel more and more tired, and my hands and feet will become weaker.

    3. People with a bad liver often twist their feet, and they won’t get better if they are twisted; if they accidentally cut, the wound will not heal easily.

    4. Friends who like to drink, suddenly drink less. Or if you have a skin disease that cannot be cured for a long time, you must pay attention to the liver.

    3. When there is a problem with the kidneys-the phenomena that our body will produce include:

    1. There are two pathways for the kidneys, which come up from the spring on the sole of the foot, go to the inside of the back of the foot, and then walk up the inside of the leg.

    Article 1 Walk up from the back until the waist is combined with the bladder, and then walk up on both sides of the spine. When our kidneys are not good, our Qi will be insufficient, and blood will not come.

    Therefore, the waist will be sore, the back will be painful, and then the neck will feel stiff;

    When you get to the back of your head, you will feel dizzy and uncomfortable. When you get to the top of your head, you will feel swollen. When you go over the top of your head, you will feel dry and dry your eyes.

    The second article comes up from the front, passes through the thighs and joins our genitals and liver, and finally runs along the sides of the body to the chest and joins the lungs.

    With kidney problems, both sides of the thighs will be sore, soft, weak and often itchy.

    If we can’t send air to our chest and combine with our lungs, our breathing will slowly become unsmooth. After a long time, the trachea inside will naturally lock up. Once the air is locked, it will not be easy to enter. People will feel suffocation and must "dry cough" to slow down it.

    2. Insufficient qi cannot combine with the bladder, causing the cells of the sphincter in the bladder to metabolize and die easily, causing relaxation, poor urination, and frequent urination. After a long time, the cells slowly die out, and finally urinary incontinence.

    3. The pupil part of looking at things is called "vision", which is directly controlled by the kidneys. If the kidneys have problems, the kidney water cannot be delivered to the eyes. The eyes will feel dry, sour, and astringent. Slowly, the vision will be blurred, and severe shadows will appear. It is called "floaters". After a long time, the pressure will increase and cause "glaucoma".

    4. When you get up in the morning, your heels will feel uncomfortable. When a person is resting, the blood is in the liver and the kidneys are temporarily ischemic. The blood must be sent to the whole body when you get up. The kidneys are not good, the qi is too weak, the blood comes too slowly, and the joints lose blood. Naturally, it will be stiff, and with a little movement, the blood will circulate to the joints.

    5. People can talk while they are alive. Talking consumes vital energy, and their kidneys are not good and the qi is too weak. If you consume the qi, you will not want to talk. When you have to talk at work, your voice will not come out and you will be hoarse.

    6. If you want to take a deep breath, you always feel that you don’t have enough air. Natural breathing will be faster. When breathing is short, the nasal cavity will be ischemic. The mucous membrane of the nasal cavity will be weakened due to ischemia, and the dust in the air will destroy it and destroy it. Of course, it will be sensitive. The weather will be humid and changeable. If you can’t bear it, it will happen. It is called "allergic rhinitis."

    7. The prostate of male friends, women’s ovaries and uterus are indirectly and directly related to the kidneys. Therefore, if the kidneys have problems, the prostate will become hypertrophy at a certain age; women’s ovaries and uterus will suffer from poor kidneys. Weak, cold, and deficient cold will not have the power to drain the menstrual blood that should be discharged every month. If the discharge is not clean, it still stays in the uterus. Every menstrual blood must come out, and it will stay in the uterus if it cannot be discharged completely. It is inevitable to cause blood clots to accumulate and form tumors called "uterine fibroids".

    8. Every menstrual blood can't come out, it hits back and forth inside, the endometrium of the uterus will not be able to withstand the pushing of the menstrual blood inside, it will be deformed and ectopic, called "endometriosis"; Slowly the endocrine will be confused, and excessive secretions will form a red and white belt.

    9. Over time, the kidneys are getting worse and worse, and the qi is getting weaker, and the hands and feet will start to become cold, especially in winter. Slowly for a long time, neither sitting nor standing nor walking, it will definitely cause nerve injury. It is not easy to sleep at night. If you finally fall asleep, you will be awakened even if you fall asleep. I was dreaming all night, and I was tired every day.

    4. When there is a problem with the spleen and stomach-the phenomena that our body will produce include:

    1. Possible symptoms of shoulder pain: "Liver" problems when the right shoulder is often painful. There are problems with the "heart" and "stomach" when the left shoulder is sore. When both shoulders feel uncomfortable at the same time, and the neck often feels stiff, there must be something wrong with the "digestive organs".

    2. Migraine: You often feel pain on both sides of your temples, despite long-term consultation. The medicine is still ineffective, and you may also have constipation. Difficulty in defecation or diarrhea and flatulence. As long as the digestive organs are cured, the migraine that has been troubled for a long time can naturally be cured.

    3. Most people think that "constipation" and "diarrhea" are two separate things, but some people have constipation and diarrhea alternately at the same time, and usually feel that appetite is lost. Flatulence in the abdomen. Compression or palpitations in the chest. Difficulty breathing and insomnia, and I feel my physical strength is weakening day by day. Muscle wasting and the cause cannot be found. With the above phenomena, you may have suffered from "chronic enteritis". Failure to deal with it quickly may cause fatal peritonitis

    4. Small intestine and lymphatic system: Unexplained pain often troubles us. If your throat is not inflamed, but it is often uncomfortable or painful, both sides of your neck are often swollen and painful, and the outer side of your shoulders and arms will also have discomfort and swelling pain, but check No reason, after massage. Massage can only be relieved when standing. Please pay attention to the red light of "small intestine" and "lymphatic system".

    5. Large intestine: When you often feel dry mouth. I have a bitter mouth, I want to drink more water, and I am prone to stuffy nose. Runny nose; usually there is no tooth decay, but the teeth will hurt. The sides of the neck will swell up. Uncomfortable. For things that cannot be lifted, the above tells us that the "large intestine" has been red.

    Five, diabetes

    1. Diabetes is not just a lack of insulin, it is formed when the kidneys, liver, and heart are not very healthy, so it is not easy to treat. And it is easy to cause other diseases such as kidney failure, stroke, blindness, amputation...

    2. When diabetes develops to a certain stage, there will be obvious symptoms of more than three and one less. More than three (eating more, drinking more, urinating more) and less (weight loss).

    The following symptoms may occur in diabetic patients:

    1. Abnormal vision: Diabetes can cause obstruction of the peripheral blood vessels in the eye, which can cause eye fatigue, blurred vision, and obscure small characters. In severe cases, it can lead to blindness.

    2. Easily fatigued: Because the blood sugar in the body cannot enter the cells, the whole body is weak.

    3. Poor skin resistance: the physique is usually acidified, the peripheral blood vessels are easy to block, the wound is not easy to heal, easy to purulent, and it is easy to cause periodontal disease and Hong Kong feet.

    4. Nerve disorders: muscles and nerve tissues are not nourished, so the circulation is blocked, the fingertips appear numb, and the severe ones even lose feeling.

    5. Wounds are not easy to heal: At the end of diabetes, due to peripheral vascular necrosis, the wound becomes black and ulcers are not easy to heal, and sometimes even amputation is needed to continue life.

    Six, headache

    Headaches are not a disease. It can kill people. According to surveys, at least 600,000 people in Taiwan have headaches. The more headache medicines they take, the more they become ineffective. The headaches worsen, and some people have at least headaches every month. For more than 15 days, more than 30% of them abused headache medications, but the headaches persisted, but they developed the habit of drug addiction.

    In fact, headache has a certain relationship with internal organs. In terms of location: the forehead reflects the heart, the stomach near the temples on both sides, the top of the head and the back of the brain are abnormal renal function, and the two sides behind the ear reflect the liver. Dizziness is due to insufficient kidney qi, but if the head is dizzy, pay more attention to the liver. , Especially men.

    Seven, constipation

    Modern people live a busy life. They often eat low-fiber fast food, do not drink water often, do not exercise often, often have constipation, but cannot defecate normally, coupled with emotional instability, taking drugs or improper use of nutritional supplements, can also cause constipation.

    People with long-term constipation often have sequelae such as bad temper or endocrine disorders because feces accumulate in the large intestine for too long.

    In fact, the real cause of constipation has a lot to do with heart fire. Fire poison is transmitted down to the intestines and stomach, causing the intestines to move too slowly, the water is absorbed, and the feces are too late to be discharged, resulting in constipation. If the peristalsis is too fast and the water is too late to be absorbed, it will become diarrhea. Even the fire goes down to the rectum and anus to form hemorrhoids. Constipation is too long, it may be a warning sign of intestinal dryness, colon cancer, and diabetes.

    Eight, shoulder or neck pain

    It hurts if it doesn't work, and it hurts if it doesn't work. The main factor is that the visceral qi and blood are not running smoothly, and the visceral mechanism is not sound.

    Generally speaking, shoulder or neck pain is very learned, not so-called sports injury, fifty shoulders, ligament inflammation. . . Wait for the simple reason. Therefore, why do people spend time and money on long-term rehabilitation, injecting steroids for pain points, or taking painkillers, but the mental suffering is more painful. In fact, the location of soreness can reflect internal organ problems, such as long-term Sore neck and shoulder on the left,

    Mainly because the heart is located on the left side of the human body, long-term heart fire will rise, or heart function problems will naturally cause qi and blood obstruction, and there will be stiffness, soreness, inflexibility of the left neck or shoulder, or often used to stiff neck. . . It will extend to the soreness of the left scapula.

    Similarly, the liver is located on the right side of the human body. When the liver yang is hyperactive and the liver fire rises, the soreness mentioned earlier will appear on the right side of the body. Sometimes the sore position will run away, changing from one side to both sides, because the heart and liver fire has not been eliminated for a long time. After the fire is transmitted down, it will cause gastrointestinal motility obstacles, and the shoulders reflect the stomach.

    If you can use a little method every day to get rid of the fire and toxins in your body, keep the blood and blood flowing, and naturally eliminate the aches and pains!

    ———————————— Even the gorgeous dividing line——————————————

    According to Chinese medicine, there are many toxins in our body. Any substance that cannot be excreted in time and has adverse effects on our body and spirit can be called "toxin", such as blood stasis, phlegm dampness, cold qi, food accumulation, qi depression , Get angry. These toxins accumulate in the five internal organs, which will accelerate the aging of the five internal organs, and then the skin, bones, muscles, and nerves that are supported by the five internal organs will age together. Although the toxins are hidden deep, they still leave clues on the surface of the body. Different appearances represent where the toxins are hidden. Now, we need to find out where the toxins are hidden and expel them from the body as soon as possible.

    If the liver has toxins

    1. The surface of the nail has a raised ridge or a depression. Chinese medicine believes that "the liver governs the tendons" and the nail is a part of the "tendon", so when toxins accumulate in the liver, there will be obvious signals on the nails.

    2. Breast hyperplasia occurs, and the pain of the breast before menstruation increases significantly. The mammary gland is a fortress along the route of the liver meridian. Once there is "toxic" in the liver meridian, mammary gland hyperplasia will occur, especially when the menstrual blood is about to be discharged, it will become swollen and painful due to the congestion of blood.

    3. Emotional depression is easy. The liver is an organ that regulates emotions in the body. Once the poison in the liver cannot be discharged in time, blocking the movement of Qi, it will produce obvious bad emotions.

    4. Migraine, acne on both sides of the face, and dysmenorrhea. The sides of the face and the lower abdomen are the "one-acre three-quarters" of the liver meridian and its partner gallbladder meridian. Once the liver does not detoxify smoothly, one's own backyard will catch fire first.

    How to detoxify more smoothly

    1. Eat green food. According to the theory of the five elements of traditional Chinese medicine, green food can reach liver qi, play a good role in soothing the liver, relieving depression, and alleviating emotions. It is a food that helps the liver to detoxify. Traditional Chinese medicine experts recommend green oranges or lemons, with the peels to make green orange juice or green lemonade, and drink directly.

    2. Wolfberry improves liver tolerance. In addition to detoxification, it should also enhance the liver's ability to resist toxins. Goji berry is the first food of this kind. It has a good protective effect on the liver and can improve the liver's tolerance to toxins. It is best to chew and eat a small handful every day.

    3. Press the key points of liver detoxification. This refers to the Taichong point, which is located in the depression before the first and second metatarsal junctions of the instep. Press and rub it with your thumb for 3~5 minutes to feel a little soreness. Do not use too much force, alternate pressing with both feet.

    4. Tears detox method. Compared with men who never cry, women live longer, which has to do with tears. Traditional Chinese medicine has long known this understanding, and it has also been confirmed by Western medicine. Tears as excretion fluid, like sweat and urine, do contain some biochemical toxins harmful to the body. So, when you are uncomfortable, wronged, or depressed, just cry out.

    If the heart has toxins

    1. Tongue ulcers. Chinese medicine believes that the tongue and the heart are most closely related, so ulcers grow on the tongue. It is usually thought that the heart has internal fire or fire poison.

    2. Acne on the forehead. The forehead is a territory under the jurisdiction of the heart. When the heart's fire becomes a fire poison, this territory will also boil, so a lot of acne appears one after another.

    3. Insomnia, heart palpitations. The heart is constantly working. When the fire poison stays in the heart and cannot be eliminated, sleep will not be stable.

    4. Chest tightness or tingling. Blood stasis in the heart is also a toxin, just like a traffic jam on the road. The lighter is chest tightness, and the heavier is stinging.

    How to detoxify more smoothly

    1. Bitter detox. The first recommendation is lotus seed core. It has a bitter taste and can disperse the heart fire. Although it has a cold nature, it will not damage the human body's yang. Therefore, it has always been regarded as the best food to dissolve heart heat. You can use lotus cores to make tea, and add some bamboo leaves or raw licorice to enhance the detoxification effect of lotus cores.

    2. Press the heart detoxification point. This refers to the Shaofu point, located in the palm of the hand, between the 4th and 5th metacarpal bones, between the little finger and the end of the ring finger when making a fist. You might as well press this acupuncture point with some force, alternating left and right hands.

    3. Mung bean diuresis and detoxification. Mung beans can dissolve and discharge toxins from the heart through diuretic and heat-clearing methods. However, when eating mung beans, use liquid forms, such as mung bean milk or mung bean soup. Mung bean cakes are less effective.

    The best time for heart detoxification: 11-13 noon is the strongest time for the heart. You can eat some foods that protect your heart and help detoxify, such as tuckahoe, nuts, soybeans, black sesame, jujube, lotus seeds, etc.

    If the spleen has toxins

    1. Dark spots on the face. Women with long spots usually have a weaker digestive system.

    2. Excessive vaginal discharge. The spleen is responsible for dehumidification in the body. If there is too much moisture, which exceeds the capacity of the spleen, excessive moisture in the body will occur. Increased vaginal discharge is one of the manifestations.

    3. Fat accumulation. Fat has another name in Chinese medicine: phlegm dampness, which is caused by the poor digestive function of the spleen and the inability to excrete garbage toxins from the body in time. Effective weight loss must be done around the theme of restoring the normal metabolism of spleen and stomach, otherwise it will rebound.

    4. Obvious breath, acne or ulcers around the lips. The area around the mouth and lips belong to the spleen. When the toxins in the spleen cannot be excreted, the accumulated toxins must find opportunities to erupt from these places.

    How to detoxify more smoothly

    1. Eat sour to help detoxify the spleen. For example, ebony, vinegar, which are the best foods to dissolve toxins in food, can enhance the digestive function of the stomach and intestines, so that toxins in food can be excreted from the body in the shortest time. At the same time, sour food also has the effect of invigorating the spleen, which can play a good role in "anti-drug food".

    2. Press the key points for detoxification of the spleen. This refers to the Shangqiu acupoint, which is located in the depression on the front and lower medial malleolus. Rub the acupuncture point with your fingers to keep the feeling of soreness. You can do it alternately with your feet for about 3 minutes each time.

    3. Take a walk after dinner. Exercise can help the spleen and stomach digest and accelerate the excretion of toxins, but it takes long-term persistence for better results.

    The best time to detoxify the spleen: After a meal, toxins are most likely to be produced. If food cannot be digested or absorbed in time, a lot of toxins will accumulate. In addition to walking after a meal, because it is sweet and invigorating the spleen, you can also eat 1 fruit an hour after eating to help invigorate the spleen and detoxify.

    If there are toxins in the lungs

    1. The skin is rusty and dull. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the lungs manage the skin of the whole body. Whether the skin is moist and fair depends on the good function of the lungs. When there are more toxins in the lungs, the toxins will be deposited on the skin along with the action of the lungs, making the skin color look dull.

    2. Constipation. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the lungs and large intestine are a system. When there are toxins in the upper lungs, there will be abnormal stasis in the lower intestines, and constipation will occur.

    3. Sentimental, easy to sad. Toxins in the lungs will interfere with the circulation of qi and blood in the lungs, making the lungs unable to smooth the suffocation in the chest, and feeling depressed much more sentimental.


    How to detoxify more smoothly

    1 Radish is a detox food for the lungs. In the eyes of traditional Chinese medicine, the large intestine and the lungs are the most closely related. The degree of toxin excretion from the lungs depends on whether the large intestine is unobstructed. Radishes can help the large intestine to excrete stool and can be eaten raw or mixed into cold dishes.

    2 Lily improves lung resistance to poison. The lungs have always disliked dry air. In dry conditions, it is easy to accumulate toxins. Mushrooms and lilies have a good effect of nourishing the lungs and nourishing yin, and can help the lungs to fight against toxins. Do not process them for too long when eating, otherwise the juice in the lily will be reduced and the anti-virus effect will be greatly reduced.

    3 Press the key points of lung detoxification. The acupuncture point beneficial to the lungs is Hegu, which is located on the back of the hand, between the first and second metacarpal bones. At the midpoint of the radial side of the second metacarpal bone, you can pinch this part with your thumb and index finger and press hard.

    4 Perspiration and detoxification. The lungs manage the skin, so sweating happily, let the sweat take away the toxins in the body, and refresh our lungs. In addition to exercise, the method of sweating can also be a hot bath. Add some ginger and peppermint essential oil in the water before the bath to make the sweat secrete more freely and to discharge the toxins in the body.

    5 Take a deep breath. Every time you breathe, there are residual exhaust gases in the lungs that cannot be discharged. Compared with the fresh, oxygen-rich air, these exhaust gases are also a toxin. Just a few deep breaths can reduce the residual exhaust gas in the body.

    The best time to detoxify the lungs: The strongest time for the lungs is 7 am to 9 am, and it is best to detoxify through exercise. Performing aerobic exercises such as jogging when the lungs are at their strongest can strengthen the lungs to discharge toxins.

    If the kidney has toxins

    1. Low menstrual flow, or short menstrual period, dark color. The occurrence and disappearance of menstruation are both a manifestation of whether kidney function is vigorous. If there are many toxins in the kidneys, menstrual blood will decrease.

    2. Edema. The kidneys manage the fluid movement in the body. After the kidneys accumulate toxins, their ability to discharge excess fluid decreases, and edema occurs.

    3. Acne on the lower jaw. The lower jaw of the face is governed by the kidneys, and the kidneys do not detoxify enough toxins, and excess toxins will appear in the lower jaw.

    4. Tired easily. The toxins in the body consume the energy of the kidneys, and the energy provided by the kidneys is reduced, so the body becomes tired, tired and sleepy, and limbs are weak.

    How to detoxify more smoothly

    1. Kidney detoxification food: winter melon. Winter melon is rich in juice. After entering the body, it will stimulate the kidneys to increase urine and expel toxins from the body. You can use winter melon soup or stir-fry to taste as light as possible.

    2. Kidney anti-toxic food: yam. Although yam can nourish many organs at the same time, in the end it is mainly used to invigorate the kidney. Regular consumption of yam can enhance the detoxification function of the kidney. Toasted yam is a very good way to eat. The anti-toxic effect of yam that has been "concocted" with caramel will increase accordingly.

    3. Press the main point of liver detoxification: Yongquan point. This is the lowest acupuncture point in the human body. If the human body is a building, this acupuncture point is the outlet of the sewage pipe. If you massage it frequently, the detoxification effect is obvious. The Yongquan point is located at the front 1/3 of the sole of the foot (the toes are not included in the calculation). This point is more sensitive. Don’t use too much force, just feel it a little. It’s better to press and knead it for 5 It takes about minutes.

    The best time for kidney detoxification: The most suitable time for kidney detoxification is 5-7 in the morning. After the body is repaired overnight, toxins are concentrated in the kidney in the morning, so it is best to drink a glass of white water in the morning to wash the kidneys.



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