what does a hemorrhoids look like,Analysis of the medical records of Dachaihu Decoction and Guizhi Fuling Pills (fixed body + confirmed evidence)

    Case 1 Diabetic peripheral neuropathy case

    Zhang, female, 53 years old. She has a strong body and has been suffering from diabetes for many years. Due to unsatisfactory oral hypoglycemic drugs, she has recently injected insulin. In the past week, there was paroxysmal numbness, pain, no tenderness, no redness and swelling in the left upper limb. Sleepless all night, very painful. So he went to a third-class hospital in Wuhan for diagnosis and treatment. The doctor thought it was diabetic neuropathy. He was given acupuncture and medicine, the specifics are unknown. invalid. The family conditions of the patients are better, and special diseases are generally not treated locally. This time I was rushed to the doctor and asked me for treatment. I consider it as "Dachaihu body + neuropathy of upper extremities", with Dachaihu Decoction combined with Guizhi Fuling Pills, reused white peony, three pieces. After taking the medicine on the third day, I happily convinced that there was no pain after a dose of the medicine, and I slept well all night. The right hand is a little numb. Request to continue Chinese medicine treatment.

    (Fixed body: strong body-big Bupleurum body;

    Confirmation: Paroxysmal numbness and pain in the left upper limb ----- Meridian blood stasis: Guizhi Fuling Pills)

    Case 2 Coronary Heart Disease Case

    Zhang, male, 71 years old. First visit on March 16, 2012. Suffered from coronary heart disease and high blood pressure for more than ten years, and was hospitalized in a hospital for chest tightness, chest pain, shortness of breath, and suffocation a month ago. Oral and intravenous western medicine for coronary expansion and traditional Chinese medicine for nourishing qi and blood circulation. The symptoms of chest tightness and shortness of breath are always No obvious relief was seen. The doctor recommended a heart stent. The patient disagreed and was discharged from the hospital a few days ago.

    Current symptoms:

    Stereotype: strong body with tight muscles. The chest and flanks are full, the mouth is dry and bitter, and the stool is dry. The tongue is red, the tongue coating is yellow, and the pulse string is slippery and vigorous (attention! Bupleurum body pulse) ----- Big Bupleurum body

    Confirmed evidence: depression in the precordial area, shortness of breath, wheezing frequently, headache ----- blood stasis in the heart: Guizhi Fuling Pill.

    Second diagnosis: Shortness of breath, wheezing alleviated after the medicine, and precordial suffocation is still present; stools are unobstructed, tongue is red, and pulse is slippery. Prescription: Add 30 grams of Trichosanthis and 20 grams of Scallion White. Five doses.

    The third diagnosis: the depression of the precordial area is reduced, and there is no wheezing after the activity. He went in and out of the former, and stopped taking more than ten doses.

    Note: My first understanding of Dachaihu Decoction and Guizhi Fuling Pills for the treatment of coronary heart disease is due to the medical record of Hu Xishu, the master of reading the classics. Hu believes that coronary heart disease has multiple evils and evidences, and cited the original text of "Golden Chamber" as the proof: It is true if the breath is not enough to breathe." ("Golden Chamber Synopsis•Chest Bixintong Short Qi"). In this case, although the patient has short breath, often wheezes, and seems to have a deficiency syndrome, his body is strong, his muscles are tight, his stool is dry and knotted, and his pulse string is slippery (grasp alone!). Qi Huoxue Recipe is not effective, so Dachaihu Decoction combined with Guizhi Fuling Pill is effective. The principle of choosing prescriptions and medications in Chinese medicine is based on syndrome differentiation and treatment. The prerequisite for the treatment of coronary heart disease with Dachaihu Decoction and Guizhi Fuling Pills is that evil qi is the main contradiction of the disease. On the basis of determining this premise, the author also applied this prescription to the treatment of asthma, hypertension, hyperthyroidism, psoriasis and other diseases, and it has good curative effect.

    Case 3 Lung Cancer Case

    1 Fixed body: fat body, solid body, usually healthy, thick yellow tongue, unresolved stool for more than 10 days-Bupleurum body;

    2 Confirmation: dark red complexion, dark tongue stasis-blood stasis syndrome: Guizhi Fuling pills.


    Bupleurum 24, scutellaria, 10 pinellia, 12 ginger, 15 jujube, 12 fried citrus aurantium, 12 white peony, 12 rhubarb 5;

    Guizhi 15 Poria 15 Dan Bark 15 Red Peony 15 Fried Peach Kernel 15.

    Take 2 pairs and decoct them in the decoction room. I started to take the medicine in the afternoon, and I started to have bowel movements that night. I often called my family members to relieve the stool all night, but I couldn't. The next morning, when I rounded the room, I found that the patient was more conscious than before. I asked the family members to use Seruna anus to help defecation if the problem still persists after taking the second medicine.

    During the rounds on the third morning, the patient was able to express clearly that he wanted to relieve the stool and he could recognize us. According to the patient’s daughter, according to my instructions yesterday, after giving Kaisailu in the afternoon, the patient had a gradual defecation, but the bowel movement was not smooth. He began to excrete a little bit of juice, and then relieved a little silt-like stool. I have had such a bowel movement more than a dozen times, and I still often say that I want to have a bowel movement. The patient’s daughter asked me not to give the patient any more traditional Chinese medicine. She couldn’t stand it anymore. She was smoked all night and couldn’t sleep. She was about to collapse. I said, it’s best to take two more and clear the stool, otherwise it will become poisonous if you stay in the body. But the family insisted not to eat. The patient continued to relieve stool intermittently that day, and did not stop until the evening, and gradually recovered consciousness and diet.

    On the fourth day, the patient's consciousness has basically returned to normal. He can read books by himself in the afternoon. The symptoms such as coughing and wheezing have been greatly reduced. There is no obvious swelling on the face, and no obvious irritation in the jugular vein. The patient reported that his illness was cured and asked to be discharged. The patient was discharged the next day. I feel very sorry that this patient has not been able to continue to take Chinese medicine to observe the condition. Maybe he will continue to take Chinese medicine for a period of time. His overall condition and lung tumors can develop in a good way, but he failed to do so due to family reasons.

    Case 4 Metabolic Syndrome Case

    Zhang, female, 60 years old. Due to dizziness, fatigue, and poor sleep, I came to the clinic on March 2 this year by a friend.

    The patient is moderately fat, speaks quickly, complains of dizziness, wakes up late in the morning, poor energy, tired easily, poor sleep quality, can’t eat more, eats too much, bloating and belching, often feels throat discomfort, easily irritable, and stools. Dry, full of pain under the heart, tenderness in the left abdomen, dark tongue, white tongue coating, slippery Guan pulse. Body mass index 26.29 (overweight), blood pressure: 133/91; hypertension, mild breast hyperplasia, ophthalmology: increased lens density, gynecology: cervicitis, liver function: γ-glutamyl transpeptidase (GGT) deviation High, four blood lipids: high total cholesterol (CHOL), high triglycerides (TG), high L-cholesterol, kidney function: high glucose (GLU), abdominal ultrasound: fatty liver, cholecystitis, gallbladder Multiple stones, gynecological examination: cervicitis.

    1. Fixing body: medium-weight to weight, speaking fast; can't eat too much, eating too much will cause abdominal distension, belching, irritability, dry stool, full of pain under the heart, slippery Guan pulse-----Dachaihu body.

    2 Confirmation: Tenderness in the left Shao abdomen—— Guizhi Fuling Pill;

    I often feel throat discomfort and white tongue coating-Banxia Houpu Decoction;

    Prescription: Bupleurum 15g, Scutellaria baicalensis 10g, Ginger Pinellia 15g, Citrus aurantium 10g, Raw White Peony 15g, Rhubarb 5g, Cinnamon Twig 10g, Poria 15g, Peach Kernel 15g, Dan Bark 15g, Magnolia Bark 10g, Sustemma 10g, Ginger 15g, 15g red dates, 7 doses, decocted in water. And the antihypertensive drugs can be reduced after taking the medicine.

    Follow-up visit: dizziness is obviously relieved, sleep is improved, energy is more abundant than before, appetite is good, and stool is smooth. The original prescription continued to take 15 doses, and the antihypertensive drugs can be reduced after taking the medication.

    Third visit: The antihypertensive drug has been stopped, and overall I feel good and energetic. I have difficulty falling asleep recently, and occasionally dizziness. The original prescription is to remove Magnolia officinalis and Sugeng, add 2g Coptis chinensis, 5g cinnamon, 7 doses, decoction in water, and one dose for 2 days.

    Note: The patient has been treated with Dachaihu Decoction and Guizhi Fuling Pills afterwards. After stabilization, the dose will be reduced by half, that is, one dose of medicine will be taken for two days. The patient will return to the clinic a few days ago, saying that this summer is the most comfortable summer. A good sister went to the street together. Because of her prone to chest tightness, sweating, low back pain, etc., she was dragged down, and she didn't even dare to go out. This year, they were left behind.

    5 Cases of postoperative constipation

    1 Fixed body: strong body, red and fat face, history of high blood pressure and hyperlipidemia, blood pressure rises due to poor mood, sometimes headache, dark red tongue, yellow greasy tongue coating, slippery and strong pulse string (Chai Hu body pulse); sudden cerebral hemorrhage; red tongue tip, yellow tongue coating; no bowel movement after surgery, abdominal distension, intolerable abdominal distension, fever, irritability, occasional hand movement, pulse number ----- Dachaihu Decoction and Sanhuang Xiexin Decoction;

    2 Confirmation: The overall color of the tongue feels dark-Guizhi Fuling Pills.

    I took it at around 5 pm, and it was not pulled down by 8 pm, and then I let him take 3 packs of small chaihu granules plus a laxative medicine (the ingredients bought in the pharmacy are hemp seed, Yu Liren, cassia seed, raw Shouwu, Gallus gallus domesticus), did not come down until 12 o'clock at night, but the water was thin and smelly, then the irritability was relieved and I slept peacefully. The next morning, I was still bloated and irritable, but it was better than before. I added 30g of raw rehmannia, 15g of scrophulariaceae, 10g of Glauber's salt, and changed to 20g of rhubarb. The irritability was relieved.

    Case 6 Cough case

    1 Fixed body: fat body, big head, broad shoulders; full upper abdomen, pain and discomfort when pressed; slippery pulse string----Da Chai Hu Tang

    2Confirmation: dark circles, dark yellow skin, dry calf skin, sometimes cramps; dark red tongue-----Guizhi Fuling Pills

    The tongue coating is yellow and greasy, and the sputum is yellow and white.

    Follow-up visit: The cough is greatly reduced, so I caress my heart with my hand, saying that there is less meat here, and I am ready to eat. If there is no obvious discomfort, go to the upper part of the chest soup for treatment.

    Case 7 Acne case

    Yu, female, 37 years old. He is 158CM tall and weighs 75 kg. Strong body, prone to constipation. Repeated acne on the face and hyperpigmentation on both cheeks. Combined with Dachaihu Decoction and Guizhi Fuling Pills. 7 doses. The acne disappeared after the medicine, and the complexion appeared pale. With diet and exercise, the weight loss was more than ten kilograms. Only feel bitter. After serving 7 doses.

    1 fixed body: 37 years old. He is 158cm tall and weighs 75kg. Strong body, constipation-Da Chai Hu Tang

    2 Confirmation: Repeated acne on the face and hyperpigmentation of the cheeks---Guizhi Fuling pills.

    Case 8 Hemorrhoids case

    Zhang, male, 38 years old. The patient overeating was spicy and thick, and the anus was distended and uncomfortable for three days. City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosed hemorrhoids and recommended hospitalization for surgery. The patient wanted conservative treatment. The patient is strong, with a large hemorrhoid from a quail egg outside the anus, swelling, no bleeding, and no pain. I have nothing to suffer. Advise a light diet. Kaida Chaihu Decoction and Guizhi Fuling Pills three doses, decoction for internal use, rhubarb Glauber's salt and dandelion decoction and wash externally. After returning to the clinic three days later, the hemorrhoids no longer swelled and were reduced to the size of peanuts. Following three doses.

    1Fixed body: strong body----Da Chai Hu Tang

    2 Confirmation: a quail egg outside the anus, large hemorrhoids, redness and swelling --- local blood stasis: Guizhi Fuling pills.



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