hemorrhoids treatment cream,"Dangdan" health care

    Finally, for all the "Dandan", what should be learned is also learned, let's get some dry stuff. I have collected some health care methods about "Dangdan" and recommend to everyone.

    1. Dandan dress code

    (1) YES

    A: The underwear is best made of pure cotton or modal, the thinner the more breathable;

    B: Change the underwear every day, and wash them separately, not mixed with clothes and socks;

    C: Pure cotton and linen is a good fabric;

    D: Wear quick-drying underwear when doing sports. Cool and comfortable;

    E: The bedding and bedding should be washed once a week, read to your wife.

    (2) NO

    A: I like wearing jeans the most. The 40-degree crotch feels particularly warm and secure;

    B: The chemical fiber is very comfortable to wear. The dark pants have a pungent sour or strange smell, I like it!

    C: Just wash the underwear and hang it in the bathroom;

    D: I only have two underwear! I think it's enough! Change when you want to change;

    E: Sleeping wear tight briefs to have a sense of security, never sleep naked

    2. Egg and egg health exercises

    Since among the four most vulnerable balls of a man's body, the second ball of the eye has eye exercises, why can't the other two balls have exercises? There really are:

    (1) Lie flat on the bed before going to bed with your legs straightened naturally and slightly apart. Rub your hands together, gently press your lower abdomen with one hand, and gently circle your testicles with the thumb and index finger of the other hand so that they are in the position of your tiger's mouth;

    (2) Use the remaining three fingers to gently pinch the testicles. This is the massage process, and count 81 silently. Then change hands left and right, repeat on the other side;

    (3) Focus on your mind during massage. If you have an erection, try to restrain yourself, naturally;

    (4) When massaging the testicles, the technique should be light but not heavy, and grasp the principles of lightness, gentleness, gentleness and uniformity;

    (5) Some patients with organic diseases of the reproductive system should not use this method, such as epididymitis and testicular tuberculosis.

    3. Teaching magical skills—Tidougong

    This is to massage the testicles, groin, and perineum by rubbing, rubbing, shaking, and pulling. Stimulate the secretion of male hormones, improve immune function, prevent premature ejaculation, sexual dysfunction, prostatitis, prostate hyperplasia, etc.

    (1) Massage the scrotum

    Use your palm and four fingers to lightly hold the scrotum and lift it gently. Use the pad of your thumb to gently rub the upper part of the scrotum and massage the opposite testicle. Generally, the left hand massages the right side and the right hand massages the left side. Rub each hand 81 times, once a day, for two to three minutes each time. The massage time should not be too long and the intensity should be light;

    (2) Massage the groin

    Use your two fingers to press on both sides of the base of the penis, rubbing from top to bottom, once a day, 81 strokes each time. The groin is a pathway that transports blood to the testicles and connects nerves. With good blood circulation, the function of the testicles will be improved;

    (3) Press the perineum

    Use the middle fingers of the left and right hands to rub the position between the root of the scrotum and the anus, and press 50 times with both hands. Perineum is the stimulation center of sexual function. Regular massage can improve the quality of sexual life, prevent hemorrhoids and prostate hyperplasia, and effectively exercise the anal sphincter.

    4. Dietary advice from nutrition experts

    You can eat vegetables, fruits and some herbs; do not eat high-fat meats and avoid drug abuse.

    (1) Fresh vegetables and fruits

    It is better to choose deep and bright colors. In this way, you can get vitamin C, flavonoids, and polyphenols, all of which have antioxidant capacity and help you improve your own anti-inflammatory ability; tomatoes, watermelons, and pumpkins are also very good for you. But you should pay attention to thoroughly removing pesticide residues on vegetables and fruits: there is evidence that pesticides and by-products of pesticides are related to the occurrence of testicular cancer.

    (2) Chinese herbal medicine

    Cistanche, Cuscuta, Donggea, etc. are all herbs that promote the functional activity of male sexual organs. Studies have shown that zinc plays an important or even key role in the development of the testicles and daily activities, so you should eat more. It exists in lean meat, pork liver, fish, egg yolk, shellfish and other aquatic products. The food with the highest zinc content is oysters.

    (3) Reduce fatty food

    A high-fat diet can interfere with the production of testosterone, leading to abnormal sperm. You should pay attention to the light diet. Eat less or skip foods such as trotters, lamb and dishes with irritating seasonings.

    (4) Avoid drugs and chemical damage

    Raw cottonseed oil, Tripterygium wilfordii (Chinese herbal medicine), Scrophulariaceae, Asparagus, hydrated stone, Cork, Scrophulariaceae, and other compound decoctions will affect spermatogenesis and reduce sperm motility; many western medicines will also affect testicular function, some require long-term use Antihypertensive drugs such as diuretics (such as hydrochlorothiazide, etc.) can cause men’s erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, and ejaculation disorders; beta-blocker antihypertensive drugs (such as propranolol, etc.) can affect libido; calcium antagonists Antihypertensive drugs (such as nifedipine) can cause decreased libido and ejaculation disorders.

    (5) Diet therapy

    1) Therapeutic prescription for acute orchitis: pumpkin flower loofah meatball soup

    Main ingredients: 5 pumpkin flowers, 50 grams of loofah, 50 grams of lean pork, appropriate seasoning.

    Production method: Wash the loofah and chop into meatballs, put in boiling water, wait for the meatballs to rise, put in the pumpkin blossoms and loofah slices, boil once or twice, and serve, 1 dose per day.

    Effect description: clearing damp heat, reducing swelling and removing blood stasis.

    2) Testicular health medicated diet: dodder oyster porridge

    Main ingredients: about 60 grams of dodder seeds, 60 grams of oysters, 100 grams of japonica rice, appropriate amount of ginger.

    Production method: Wash the dodder first, mash it, add water to decoct the juice, remove the residue, add rice to the porridge, add oyster ginger shreds when the porridge is ready, and cook for a while.

    Effect description: Nourish the kidney and essence, nourish the liver and improve eyesight.

    (6) Eat secret recipes cleverly

    Chewing Cistanche: High-quality Cistanche can be made into chewable tablets for easy consumption. Take it at 5 o'clock in the afternoon every day. If you have prostate or testicular discomfort, continue to eat like this, and it will be effective in one month.

    Houttuynia cordata: Houttuynia cordata is a comprehensive and powerful natural antibacterial agent. It works no matter where inflammation occurs in the body. Letting Houttuynia cordata become a frequent visitor on your table is good for men's health.

    Portulaca salad: Testicular eczema is prone to occur in summer. Purslane with olive oil is a salad that can help you relieve.

    Pumpkin seeds are often knocked: Pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc and male hormones, and eating it often helps prevent prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

    Thank you for watching. We protect the health of our men. Pay attention to men's health, you can always be "strong", thank you all!



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