hemorrhoids essential oils,Top ten killers of men's health sub-health tops the list

    The ten key words of men’s health, sub-health is at the top of the list, and other common diseases follow closely behind. Men, be careful!

    TOP.1 Sub-health

    Reason for listing: 90% of white-collar workers

    The survey shows that the incidence of sub-health is between 45% and 70%, and the proportion of white-collar workers who have sub-health status is even higher. More than 70% have poor memory, forgetfulness, and insufficient concentration, and nearly 90% have sleep disorders. , Such as insomnia and dreaminess, body aches, weakness, neck and shoulder stiffness, dizziness, numbness of hands and feet and other symptoms of body fatigue. About 80% of the body’s immunity is decreased, such as frequent colds and coughs, slow recovery after illness, and easy diarrhea. .

    Expert Reviews:

    Sub-health is the temporary transitional phase between health and disease. People in a sub-healthy state have many uncomfortable symptoms and experiences although they have no organic disease. In layman's terms, these people always feel uncomfortable even though various laboratory tests are normal.

    Comprehensive interventions on people in sub-healthy state can restore them to a healthy state and prevent them from becoming diseased. People who are in a sub-health state must first carry out active self-regulation, develop regular and healthy living habits, and properly perform aerobic exercises to enhance immunity, maintain a good mental state, and treat work, life and study with a relaxed attitude Gradually adapt to the various challenges of the society, and continuously improve their psychological endurance. Secondly, you can go to a regular hospital for psychotherapy, or for autonomic nerve adjustment, take Chinese and Western medicine to relieve anxiety and depression, or perform physical therapy.

    TOP.2 Fatty liver

    Reason for listing: 2 out of 10 people

    Fatty liver has become the second most serious liver disease after viral hepatitis. Among Chinese middle-aged and young men aged 30 to 40, a quarter of them are diagnosed with fatty liver. With age, the risk of fatty liver Higher and higher, where men are higher than women. According to the latest statistics from the Department of Liver Diseases of Jianguo Hospital of our city, the detection rate of fatty liver is as high as 35% among patients who come to see a doctor due to poor appetite or liver tenderness, and most of these people are young and middle-aged men.

    Expert Reviews:

    According to clinical observations, the probability of fatty liver patients with cirrhosis and liver cancer is 150 times that of normal people. At the same time, due to the relatively low immunity of fatty liver patients, the chance of infection with hepatitis A and B is significantly higher than that of normal people.

    Some patients with fatty liver can develop steatohepatitis and liver fibrosis, eventually leading to liver cirrhosis. Once fatty liver is detected, attention should be paid. In the clinic, many rich experience and results have been obtained in the comprehensive treatment of fatty liver with Chinese and Western medicine, physics, dietary conditioning and exercise. In terms of diet conditioning, the Hepatology Department of Wenzhou Jianguo Hospital has specially formulated a "healthy recipe" for patients with different liver diseases. If necessary, patients and friends can come to the hospital to get it for free. In addition, it is necessary to sit less and move more, exercise moderately, and cultivate a healthy lifestyle.

    TOP.3 Prostate disease

    Reasons for being on the list: Men's "mutilation"

    Statistics from the World Health Organization show that prostate disease is more common among young and middle-aged men, accounting for about 35% to 40%. Over 80% of elderly men suffer from prostatic hyperplasia for a long time. At present, the proportion of patients with prostate disease in China is increasing year by year. , There is a trend of getting younger and younger, and more than 50% of male infertility is caused by complications caused by prostate disease.

    Expert Reviews:

    The "young and middle-aged" period is an "eventful autumn" for the prostate. At this time, if the human body’s sexual activities are too frequent, coupled with social pressure and changes in people’s lifestyle, such as sedentary sitting, addiction to alcohol and tobacco, inappropriate massage, and inattention to urinary system hygiene, the prostate will be overloaded and physically and mentally for a long time A state of exhaustion leads to a decrease in resistance, and it is easy to attract pathogenic bacteria. When the prostate is damaged by inflammation, it can first lead to a decline in semen quality, reduced fertility, and even infertility.

    In the treatment of prostate diseases, the current clinical classification is mainly based on the recommended standards of the Chinese Medical Association Urology Branch to treat prostate diseases. According to the different conditions of different patients, choose different treatment plans or combine part of the treatment plans. First, differentiate the symptoms and types, and then equip the symptoms with experts and professional equipment for treatment to ensure that each patient has a suitable treatment plan and a shorter treatment course. , The curative effect is more direct and other advantages, it is praised as "short-term high-efficiency" therapy by the medical circle.

    TOP.4 Sexual dysfunction

    Reasons for the list: The most "harmful" man's self-esteem

    As the pace of work accelerates, people with strong daily work pressure and mental stress, irritable people, people with negative physical and energy balance are prone to various mild, moderate, and severe ED diseases, and bad lifestyles such as tobacco and alcohol And urinary inflammatory infections are more stubborn risk factors. According to a large amount of data, half of the cause of family breakdown comes from the disharmony of the sex life of the husband and wife. ED severely hits the dignity and self-confidence of men.

    Expert Reviews:

    Sexual erectile dysfunction is divided into psychological, organic, and mixed erectile dysfunction. For this reason, before treatment, the cause should be found first, and then the corresponding treatment plan should be taken for various causes, such as patients with hypothyroidism, after With proper treatment, after the thyroid function is restored, sexual function will be improved accordingly, or even return to normal; if it is vascular ED caused by arteriosclerosis, the blood lipid level must be adjusted first, and then other treatments. At the same time, during the course of treatment, Chinese medicine also has good curative effect in the treatment of ED. It mainly takes the medicines for regulating the liver and kidney, soothing meridians and activating collaterals, nourishing yin and strengthening yang, and supplemented by acupuncture, massage and other treatments. .

    To prevent the occurrence of sexual dysfunction, the following points should be noted: 1. Weight loss: Obese people have inconvenient movements during sexual intercourse, and their penis is relatively short, which easily leads to failure of sexual intercourse. 2. Quit smoking and alcohol: Tobacco and alcohol components have an inhibitory effect on the production of testosterone, resulting in insufficient corpus cavernosum congestion, weak erection, contraction of corpus cavernosum smooth muscle and vascular smooth muscle, and insufficient penile congestion. 3. Develop a good lifestyle, maintain proper exercise and adequate sleep, etc.

    TOP.5 Infertility

    Reason for listing: Nearly half of the problem lies with men

    According to authoritative statistics, infertility accounts for about 15% of married couples, and about 40% of men’s infertility. Foreign scientists have found that in the past 50 years, the sperm density of men’s testicles has dropped by about 50%. In recent years, the diagnosis and treatment of male infertility has received more and more attention from the society and has become an important part of family planning work.

    Expert Reviews:

    Male infertility itself is not an independent disease. The World Health Organization (WHO) divides the causes of infertility into 16 categories, which are mainly due to the following factors: One is infection of the reproductive organs. After the male reproductive organs are infected with pathogenic bacteria, the presence of inflammation will affect the normal secretion of the gonads and decrease the spermatogenic function, and make the sperm morphology change, vitality and survival decline, thereby losing the ability to fertilize and leading to infertility. Second, most patients have symptoms such as acute orchitis, epididymitis, prostatitis, urethritis, and structural abnormalities of the reproductive organs. In severe cases, it can cause narrowing of the vas deferens and epididymis, or even obstruction, which prevents sperm from passing smoothly and entering the female body. Egg union. In addition, congenital or acquired organic diseases of the reproductive organs, mental factors, environmental factors, physical health, sexual intercourse habits, etc., can all cause male infertility.

    For the sake of science, it is recommended that patients should first go to a regular hospital for examination in accordance with the World Health Organization's 24-point screening method, and then treat the cause. There are many ways to treat male infertility. For example, segmental obstruction of the vas deferens and varicose veins can be treated surgically, low sperm quality can be treated with integrated Chinese and Western medicine, and effective anti-inflammatory treatments can be taken for urinary infections, anti-sperm antibodies Those who are positive can be treated with immunosuppressive agents.

    What needs to be reminded here is that patients should maintain a "normal heart" and do not have to "seeking eagerly", so as not to cause too much psychological pressure and affect the efficacy. Infertility examinations and treatments take a long time. Patients and doctors must be patient and actively cooperate to have hope.

    TOP.6 Stone disease

    Reason for listing: "Time bomb" in the body

    Stone disease is a common and frequently-occurring disease, and its incidence is about 10%. Stone disease can cause other diseases of the body, such as hydronephrosis, renal failure, uremia, cholecystitis, etc., which can cause serious harm to the patient's physical and mental health.

    Expert Reviews:

    With the accelerated pace of modern life and changes in dietary structure, the incidence of calculi has gradually increased. These trends are particularly prominent in Eastern China. Due to the large consumption of shellfish food, the incidence of calculi is obviously higher. However, Many stone diseases have no obvious symptoms and are easily overlooked by people, leading to worsening of the disease or sequelae. Therefore, as long as they are diagnosed as stone diseases, they should be treated as soon as possible with or without symptoms.

    At present, there are many methods for clinical treatment of calculus, such as drug stone removal, extracorporeal shock wave technology non-invasive lithotripsy, electromagnetic wave technology non-invasive lithotripsy, holmium laser lithotripsy, ultra-minimally invasive laparoscopic stone removal, cystoscopy stone removal, open surgery stone removal, etc. The German dual-position extracorporeal shock wave technology is a non-invasive lithotripsy technology widely recognized by the international medical community. It solves the problem of recurrence of stones in surgical treatment. It can accurately crush the stones into powder or millet according to the size of the stone, and then follow Bile and urine are excreted from the body, and the treatment is not affected by the body and the body shape, does not damage the organs, and the cost is low.

    TOP.7 Gastrointestinal disease

    Reason for listing: contagious stomach disease

    As the saying goes, "ten people have nine stomach diseases", which shows that the incidence of stomach diseases is very high. Many people call themselves "old stomach disease", which shows that stomach disease is not easy to eradicate and easy to recur. At present, the incidence of chronic gastric disease caused by Helicobacter pylori infection is 60%, accounting for 70% of all chronic gastric diseases. It is mostly caused by unclean diet and mutual infection. Because of the existence of Helicobacter pylori in the mouth and saliva, one person If you are sick, people who eat at the same table can infect each other. Antibiotic treatment is not effective and easy to repeat infection. The incidence of bile reflux gastroesophageal disease has increased year by year in recent years, and currently reaches 20%. Due to the acceleration of the pace of life and the increase of psychological pressure, its incidence is increasing year by year.

    Expert Reviews:

    Many men do not take gastrointestinal diseases seriously because of their busy work or self-reliance. I thought that if I took some painkillers, I would be fine. I don't know that if gastrointestinal diseases are not treated in time or treated improperly, it will cause gastrointestinal ulcers, perforations and other diseases. Once you find gastrointestinal discomfort, you must go to a regular hospital for treatment in time.

    In terms of prevention, gastric patients should pay attention to recuperation and eat regularly. Three meals a day should be properly matched, not overeating, full breakfast, good lunch, and less dinner. Quit smoking and drinking, maintain a good mood, participate in physical exercises appropriately, reduce psychological pressure, and prevent excessive fatigue and damage the stomach.

    TOP.8 Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases

    Reasons for the list: 10 snoring and 2 sudden deaths

    At present, sleep apnea syndrome (SAS) has become a common disease in China. Among them, the incidence rate of men over 40 has been high. Many patients suffer from hypoxia of the heart and cerebrovascular caused by sleep disorders in their sleep. Sudden death in unconscious sleep. According to incomplete statistics, about 2 out of 10 snorers died unexpectedly.

    Expert Reviews:

    Sleep disorders have become an invisible killer that seriously threatens people's health. When breathing is intermittent, blood flow will increase or decrease sharply, and the expansion of blood vessels will increase, leading to increased incidence of hypertension, angina, myocardial infarction, cerebral thrombosis and cerebral hemorrhage. In addition, snoring in children can inhibit intellectual potential, affect academic performance, and cause bedwetting and developmental delays.

    At present, the clinical treatment of snoring can be carried out by the US low-temperature plasma knife or the power system minimally invasive surgery under the endoscope. The American DiegoTM minimally invasive treatment system won the 2003 Outstanding Design Award from the American Association of Industrial Designers. The entire process of the operation is completed under the good lighting of the endoscope and TV monitoring. The operation is safer, more accurate, fast and thorough, and the normal mucosa and structure of the nasal cavity and sinuses should be preserved as much as possible to promote the recovery of physiological functions of the nasal cavity and sinuses Sex surgery. Pay attention to exercise and diet to prevent weight loss.

    TOP.9 Cardiovascular disease

    Reason for listing: The number one killer of life and health

    In China, one person dies from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases every 12 seconds. The newly published survey shows that the incidence of cardiovascular diseases in Asia is increasing rapidly. It is expected that in 2010, China will usher in a second wave of cardiovascular diseases with a high level of stroke and a rapid increase in myocardial infarction. In China's second wave of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases brought about by these changes, hyperlipidemia has played a role that cannot be ignored.

    Expert Reviews:

    To do a good job of pretreatment of cardiovascular disease, the focus is to control hyperlipidemia. The first way to control hyperlipidemia is diet adjustment: eat less foods containing saturated fatty acids and high cholesterol, such as fatty meat, dairy products, hairtail, animal offal, etc., and eat more protein-rich foods with low cholesterol such as lean Beans, oats, apples, carrots, olive oil, pears, almonds, walnuts, garlic, onions, seafood (especially fatty fish). Secondly, when necessary, under the guidance of a specialist, you can take lipid-lowering drugs.

    TOP.10 Anorectal diseases

    Reasons for the list: Ten people and nine hemorrhoids

    According to relevant census data, the incidence of anorectal diseases is 59.1%, hemorrhoids account for 87.25% of all anorectal diseases, and internal hemorrhoids are the most common, accounting for 52.19% of all anorectal diseases. The disease can occur at any age, and it is more common in people aged 20-40, and it can gradually increase with age.

    Expert Reviews:

    Hemorrhoids is a common and frequently-occurring disease. It can be affected by both men and women, but it is mostly in adults. Its onset is often associated with standing for a long time, sitting for a long time, little activity, long-term constipation, diarrhea, long bowel movements, drinking, and eating spicy food. And other factors. Therefore, the prevention of hemorrhoids should start from the daily diet. The diet should avoid spicy food and drink less liquor. In the early morning of each day, you should drink the right amount of warm water on an empty stomach, eat more vegetables, fruits and other foods that have the effect of moisturizing the intestines, and avoid abuse of laxatives. Develop a regular bowel habit, do not read books and newspapers during defecation, in addition, levator anus exercise is a simple and effective way to prevent hemorrhoids.

    In the treatment of hemorrhoids, the Johnson & Johnson PPH anastomosis technology currently used in the United States is a more advanced treatment method than drug therapy and surgical therapy. The prolapsed rectal mucosa above the hemorrhoids is circularly removed through the PPH stapler to restore the normal physiological anatomy of the anal pad Position to effectively treat prolapsed hemorrhoids. The whole process only takes 15 minutes, with less bleeding and pain during the operation, quick recovery after operation, without damaging the anal cushion tissue, and without affecting the function of the anus. It can defecate normally after 24 hours, without pain and complications.



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