hemorrhoids essential oils,Alcohol therapy in "Compendium of Materia Medica"

    Alcohol therapy in "Compendium of Materia Medica"

    Chen Zhiqiang

    According to the Compendium of Materia Medica, wine can promote qi and blood circulation, clear the meridians and collaterals, carry drugs to the disease, regulate emotions, appetite and invigorate the spleen, and can relieve the toxicity of certain toxic substances, such as horse botulinum, tung oil, Tianxing surplus poison, spider sore poison, etc. Many medicinal wines are also recorded, such as purple wine, ginger wine, mulberry wine, green onion soy wine, wine, honey wine, rehmannia root wine, etc., but also achyranthes, tiger bone, burdock, soybean, wolfberry, tongcao, fairy spleen, dog meat It can be mixed and brewed into wine, and each has its own prescription.

    Two methods of brewing medicinal wine are recorded in the Compendium of Materia Medica. One is the dipping method: one or several drugs are directly immersed in rice wine, and the medicinal properties are dissolved in the wine before taking the medicinal wine; the second is to brew the medicinal wine by brewing the drugs, koji and wine-making raw materials together. Many medicinal wines are still in use today.

    Common alcohol therapy

    1. Direct drinking. Direct drinking is divided into warm and cold drinks. Warm drinking is about taking the wine after it is hot. For example, "you die, you wake up when you drink it." After the wine is warmed, its medicinal properties are faster and more powerful. Stronger, faster to exert its healing effect, and stronger flavor, especially in cold season, warm wine is more delicious. The cold drink is to drink directly without hot wine. Warm and cold drinks should be selected according to each person's preferences, seasonal climate, and specific needs for treatment, without being stuck.

    2. Combined service means taking alcohol and other medicines or food together, such as "for a broken throat, combine with wine, crisp, dry ginger, kimono, twice a day. Another example: postpartum hemorrhage, sake one liter Decoction with raw rehmannia juice."

    3. Made into medicinal wine for oral administration ①Wujiapi wine: dispels all rheumatism and paralysis, strengthens muscles and bones, and fills the essence. Scrape the bones with acanthopanax skin, decoct the juice and koji rice to make a drink, or chop it into a bag, soak in wine and boil it, or add achyranthes, angelica, sanyu. Commonly used in northern folk. ②Bu Xunjiu: Tonic deficiency and qi, dispel all wind and dampness, long service life and longevity, good color. Method of construction: "On March 3, you will receive three and two dollars for peach blossoms, five and two for mar orchids on May 5, six and two and six dollars for fat twists on June 6, and nine and twenty-nine for yellow camomile flowers on September 9. Money, dry in the shade, take three buckets of Lashui on December 8th, take 49 peach kernels at the vernal equinox, good ones, peeled tip, white koji, same as the previous flower and making koji, paper bag for 49th , Use a liter of glutinous rice, a bottle of white water, a pill of koji, a piece of noodles, sealed for a long time, and become dysfunctional, such as adding a piece of koji. This wine is of great benefit to beauty, health and anti-aging. ③Ginseng wine: nourishes the middle and nourishes qi, To cure all deficiency. Use ginseng powder and rice koji to make wine, or bag to soak in wine and boil it. ④ Lycium barbarum wine: tonic weakness, nourish vital energy, aphrodisiac, treat eyes and weep, strengthen waist and feet. Boil with Ganzhou wolfberry , Pound juice and koji rice for brewing, or dipping in wine with rehmannia glutinosa bags. ⑤Chrysanthemum wine: cure headwind, improve ears and eyes, remove dysfunction, and eliminate all diseases. Use chamomile decoction with koji rice to make wine. , Or add Rehmannia, Angelica, Chinese wolfberry and other medicines are also good. ⑥Hua Snake Wine: cure all kinds of wind stubbornness, paralysis, acute pain, malignant sores and scabies. Use a piece of white flower snake meat, the bag is placed in the bottom of the tank, Three or seven days of glutinous rice cover; take wine and drink. This method can also be used to make black snake wine. ⑦Deer antler wine: cure yang deficiency and weakness, fatigue and fatigue. Soak velvet antler and yam wine. ⑧Wuxu wine: Dabuyuan Yang. Use a big yellow dog, boil minced meat, even juice and koji rice to make wine and drink it. ⑨Lamb wine: nourish vitality, invigorate the spleen and stomach, and benefit the kidneys. Fourteen taels, a catty of almonds, boiled together, even bibimbap, mixed with woody aroma, don't make water, it will be extremely sweet and smooth for ten days. Add a method, five catties of lamb, steamed, and soaked in wine. At night, seven pears are used to eliminate them, pound the juice together, and drink it with koji rice. ⑩Huangjing Liquor: Strengthen bones and muscles, benefit the essence, turn gray hair, cure all diseases, use Rhizoma Polygonatum and Atractylodes Rhizome 4 kg each, wolfberry root, Cypress Five catties of leaves, three catties of aspartame, one catty of boiled wine juice, ten catties of koji, one catty of glutinous rice, and wine as usual.

    4. External use ①Rinse: rinse the affected area with wine, such as "snake bite sore, sore sore rinse, three times a day." and "Spider sore, poisonous bee sting everyone can rinse the affected area with wine." ② Fumigation: Use various methods to heat the wine to produce warm wine-containing gas to fumigate the affected area. For example, "lower hemorrhoids, dig the ground to make a small pit, use wine to enrich it, and accept the evodia powder to sit inside, but it is good for the third degree." ③Dipping: soak the affected area with wine or medicinal liquor. For example, if the husband’s feet are cold and unable to walk, use three liters of alcoholic wine and three buckets of water into the porcelain. The ash will be warm, and the feet will be stained to the knees. Take a bath. For example, "Mortals are hurt by salty and salty things, and the wind blows, and the pain is unbearable. Use half a catty of honey, 30 catties of water and wine, angelica and Qianghuo, and two or two nepeta, decoction and bath, overnight Heavier." ⑤ Nose drops: Introduce wine into the nose. For example, "the disease of ghost strike, which strikes people suddenly, like a knife stab, has pain in the chest and flanks, and cannot be suppressed, or vomiting blood, nosebleeds, or bleeding. A ghost row will blow both noses with wine. ⑥ Ear drops: Put wine into your ears. For example, "If there is a nucleus in the ear, such as a jujube nucleus, which is too big for pain, you can drop it with fire wine, and then you can squeeze it out after a while. ⑦Gargling: It is recorded in the book: "The windworm toothache, soaked pepper in shochu wine, rinsed it frequently. "

    In addition, there are records in the Compendium of Materia Medica that the corners of the wine spray house are used to keep mosquitoes away. Reprinted from the 7th edition of China Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine, July 7, 2006



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