what does a hemorrhoids look like,"Treatment of winter disease in summer" is sought after, "Yang Yang in spring and summer" is particular

    In recent years, as a traditional Chinese medicine treatment, "Winter Disease and Summer Treatment" has been welcomed by more and more people. Especially in the face of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, everyone is paying more and more attention to "resistance" and starting to think about using Chinese medicine for conditioning, which makes this year's "winter disease and summer treatment" extremely popular. The Chinese medicine believes that human beings are in touch with the world, and the law of four o'clock must be followed to treat diseases and health. However, how to grasp the degree of each person's strengthening of Yang Qi and how to choose the time to strengthen Yang Qi is a very particular thing.

    1. Yang Yang Wenyang and aphrodisiac

    Let me first talk about what Yang Qi is. Yang Qi is the driving force behind the body's material metabolism and physiological functions. It can be divided into kidney yang, spleen yang, heart yang, Wei yang, etc. according to the function and generation of yang qi. "Deficiency of Yang Qi" is a general term that can be differentiated as kidney-yang deficiency, spleen-yang deficiency, and heart-yang deficiency according to different symptoms. Clinically, according to the degree and type of the patient's yang deficiency, and the patient's physical condition, yang, warm yang, and aphrodisiac are carried out.

    Nourishing Yang means maintaining Yang Qi. For example, in summer, we must at least not waste the yang unnecessarily, such as staying in a low-temperature air-conditioned room for a long time, sleeping in the air vent at night, and drinking a lot of cold beer and cold drinks. Further yang can be called warming, such as acupuncture, moxibustion, or warming medicine. Aphrodisiac is generally aimed at patients with severe yang deficiency. Aphrodisiac generally refers to tonifying kidney yang. Kidney-yang deficiency may include a group of symptoms, such as cold hands and feet, fear of cold, infertility, dysmenorrhea, low libido, etc. Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine for invigorating the kidney and yang may have the effect of improving sexual function, but its effect is far more than that.

    Second, to maintain health in the sun

    More than two thousand years ago, the "Suwen·Four Qi Tiao Shen Dalun" said: "The four o'clock yin and yang are the root of all things. Therefore, the saint nourishes the yang in spring and summer, and the yin in autumn and winter. The gate of growth." Traditional Chinese medicine believes that in spring and summer, the weather becomes warmer, the body’s metabolism increases, the body’s metabolism increases with sweat, and the qi decreases with the body’s body. gas. The weather is hot, the ground transpiration is strong, and the natural humidity is high. Humidity is the evil and easy to damage the yang. Therefore, the yang should be nourished in spring and summer. In addition, in spring and summer, the yang energy is full, and at this time, the use of warm products can better meet the requirements. The period from the small summer heat to the beginning of autumn in the lunar calendar is commonly known as "fuxia". There are early summer, second summer, and third summer. This is the hottest and hottest season of the year-dog days. It is suitable for winter and summer treatment. At this time, targeted treatment is easier to restore and help the body's yang, strengthen the defense function, and improve the body's disease resistance, so as to reduce or disappear the diseases that tend to occur or aggravate in winter.

    Therefore, in the spring and summer seasons, everyone should adjust their spiritual sentiments, daily activities, and eating habits in accordance with the gradual growth of natural yang. Keep a positive and enterprising mentality in spirit. Don’t be lazy or bored. Set a goal and work hard to achieve it. This kind of complacent positive state will speed up the body’s blood circulation, excite the body’s nerves, and benefit Yang. The growth of anger. In daily life, you can go to bed late and get up early (note: the late sleep mentioned here is relative to the ancients who lie down at night in autumn and winter, and according to modern habits, it should not exceed 23:00), because yang enters yin during sleep, and yang is in a suppressed and hidden state. So in simple terms, you can take a little sleep less in the spring and summer to invigorate the Yang Qi. In normal wear, try to be loose and comfortable without restraint, to avoid hindering the growth of Yang Qi. Like many people in our lives prefer to wear tight clothes in spring, which leads to acne on the head and face. In fact, it is caused by the poor growth of Yang Qi and depression on the head and face. . In addition, in summer, indoor and outdoor activities should be appropriately increased to make the body sweat properly and gradually increase the yang energy. The air-conditioning disease caused by long-term hiding in the air-conditioned room is also caused by the inability of yang to grow normally and the inability to leak sweat.

    3. There are various methods, but Sanfu Tie is only the most common one

    We know that the method of "treatment of winter disease in summer" is the most representative method of acupoint application therapy at Dog Days, but for Chinese medicine with a unique theoretical system and rich treatment methods, "Yang Yang in spring and summer" (treatment of winter disease in summer), It is by no means confined to Sanfu Tie.

    First, there is diet therapy. Zhang Zhicong, a physician in the Qing Dynasty, once said: "In spring and summer, yang is abundant on the outside and deficiencies in the inside. Therefore, it is advisable to use Xin-hot warm-yang diet to replenish Yang Qi." For those who are in this age, it is advisable to eat jujubes, longans, chestnuts, lotus seeds, lychees, walnuts, yam, beef, pork loin, quail, rice field eel, salmon, sea bass and other foods that are beneficial to the temperature. If these foods that warm and nourish Yang Qi are cooked together with japonica rice to make porridge, they can also receive the effects of strengthening Qi and regulating immunity.

    Followed by oral Chinese medicine. In Ming Dynasty Li Shizhen's "Compendium of Materia Medica · Four Seasons Medications" said: "Spring Moon should be added with pungent and warm medicine... Xia Yue should be added with pungent and hot medicine, such as Elsholtzia, ginger, etc., to smooth the air of summer; Chang Xia Yi In addition to the sweet and bitter warming medicine, ginseng, atractylodes, medicated tea, etc., we should also talk about the ointment. The ointment is not only used in winter, it is a prescription with comprehensive nutrition, nourishment, prevention and treatment, and comprehensive conditioning , Differentiation of symptoms and supplements, mild medicinal power, stability and long-lasting, good taste, easy storage and taking, etc. It is very suitable for elderly people with many chronic diseases to take in summer to treat "winter disease".

    Once again is acupuncture therapy. Qi Boyun: "In the dormant period, bathe the child in peach and willow water, moxibustion on the same day at noon, and then swab it with green silk, and there are also chancre and worms that appear to be sweaty." Moxibustion and external washing methods treat diseases. In addition, therapies such as massage and hot compresses of traditional Chinese medicine can nourish the yang of the deficiency in the body, so as to promote the energy of growth, and achieve the effect of strengthening the body and eliminating the evil, promoting the improvement of winter diseases, and achieving the effect of curing the disease.

    4. Adhere to the body, do not follow the trend blindly

    There are many diseases suitable for applying the principle of "winter disease and summer treatment", and they are generally divided into the following two categories: One is the disease that is prone to occur in winter. Such as repeated colds, chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, tonsillitis, repeated respiratory infections in children, allergic rhinitis, peptic ulcers, coronary heart disease, stroke, chilblains, etc. The second is the disease that tends to get worse in winter. Such as chronic obstructive pulmonary emphysema, cor pulmonale, rheumatic and rheumatoid arthritis, frozen shoulder, cervical spondylosis, etc. In fact, the suitable diseases for "winter disease and summer treatment" are far more than these.

    "Yi Zong Jin Jian" once said: "Although the evil of the six qi is the same, people suffer from it and get sick in different ways, why? The shape of a person is thick and thin, the qi has ups and downs, and the viscera has cold and heat. Every time the evil is transformed from the person’s visceral qi, illnesses are different.” In other words, according to the treatment principles of “depending on the person”, “time” and “place” in Chinese medicine, all diseases in modern medicine According to traditional Chinese medicine, there are people with yang deficiency and yin deficiency; for those with yang deficiency and coldness, the "spring and summer nourishment of yang" can be used, that is, winter disease and summer treatment. In other words, not everyone is suitable for "winter disease and summer treatment." In real life, people want to use and give full play to this health rule, and they must combine their physical characteristics to maintain health and prevent diseases. Before the first treatment, it must be diagnosed by a doctor of Chinese medicine, selected acupoints based on syndrome differentiation, and treated according to the body. If you have hemorrhoids, eczema, or hemoptysis and other febrile venereal diseases, you should not take the ride of winter and summer treatment, otherwise it will “add fuel to the fire” and make the condition worse.



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