what does a hemorrhoids look like,Wearing the right underwear to avoid the "chest" risk, wearing the wrong bra can cause breast cancer

    Too small a bra affects breast lymphatic return

    For women, no matter how sexy a piece of underwear is, it should be discarded if it feels uncomfortable to wear. Comfort should always be the first requirement for underwear, and underwear comfort is not comfortable, mainly depends on whether the right size is selected. Many women may have encountered the embarrassment of the slippage of the bra straps, which is actually a typical feature of inappropriate bra size. Many women around us deliberately choose smaller bras in pursuit of sex appeal, highlighting cleavage, which is actually very detrimental to breast health. Studies have found that a bra that is too tight can affect the blood circulation of the breast, causing ischemia and fibrosis under the breast, and breast pain. In addition, a bra that is too tight can also affect the normal return of breast lymph fluid, which is not conducive to timely removal of harmful substances. Over time, it may induce cancer of normal breast cells.

    However, wearing the wrong bra is actually a very common problem among women, including women in Europe and the United States who have a longer history of wearing bras. A British survey showed that 70% to 80% of women in the country wear the wrong size bra. In China, there are also many women who don't know the exact size of their bust. So how can we buy a more suitable and comfortable bra? The key is to accurately grasp the breast size.

    How to measure bra size

    1. Measure the upper and lower breast circumferences of the breasts with a tape measure. The upper bust is the circumference of one week along the highest part of the breast (ie, nipple) with a measuring tape. The lower bust is the bust of the tape measure close to the lower edge of the breast. Women with sagging breasts should push their breasts up to a normal position for measurement.

    2. Subtract the upper bust circumference from the lower bust circumference, and compare the obtained values ​​to the table below to get the cup size of the bra worn.

    3. The cup size + lower bust size is the bra size.

    Cup classification AA A B C D E F

    Bust difference (cm) 7.5 10 12.5 15 17.5 20 22.5

    Synthetic fiber underwear may cause dermatitis

    Most women choose bras with beautiful colors and sexy textures. But this kind of underwear often hides risks.

    In terms of material, the best choice for underwear is natural fiber products. Among them, cotton fabrics are more suitable. It has good moisture absorption and warmth retention, and the price is moderate. Among the natural fiber underwear, cotton fabrics only damage the skin 2%, while silk, which is known as the "second skin of humans", is the best, with almost zero damage to the skin. Synthetic fiber products have poor hygroscopicity, which is not conducive to the absorption and emission of human sweat, and it is difficult to adjust the microclimate environment between the skin and underwear, so it is often stuffy when worn next to the body. It is worth noting that synthetic fiber underwear may also cause skin damage. For example, nylon underwear often contains lactam residues, which can cause skin dryness, roughness, thickening and even cracking and dermatitis.

    The color of the underwear is chosen according to personal preference. But some dyes may contain carcinogenicity. Dyes can be absorbed by human skin through sweat. There are many dyes in dark underwear. If the color fastness of the dyes is not good enough, the skin will absorb more and the harm will be greater. Therefore, the best choice of underwear is natural or light color. Try not to buy deep red, purple red, navy blue, coffee, dark green and black. If you have a particular preference for these colors, you must change them frequently. Underwear that is too white is not very safe. This kind of products often add fluorescent whitening agent for whitening, which is also a carcinogen.

    New bras should be washed before use. The bra fabric may leave harmful substances such as formaldehyde in the weaving, printing, dyeing, and sewing process, so it must be washed before wearing.

    If you want to have exquisite lines, in addition to paying attention to diet and exercise, you can also take advantage of your strengths and circumvent weaknesses and create beauty by wearing underwear that suits you. However, if you wear inappropriate underwear, you are prone to breast hyperplasia and gynecological diseases. Choosing good underwear is not only about beauty, but more importantly, maintaining health.

    ■Special underwear

    Body shaping underwear should not be worn every day

    Body-sculpting underwear can instantly make women who are flat in their own shape appear as concave and convex curves instantly, and can easily hide the fat that cannot be lost in a short period of time, so it is favored by some women. However, rumors about body shaping underwear can cause breast hyperplasia and oppression of internal organs have always existed, making people "love and hate" for body shaping underwear.

    "Sculpting underwear causes breast hyperplasia" is still inconclusive

    According to experts, most of the body shaping underwear currently on the market mainly uses physical constraints to shape a certain body shape to make the body look straight and uneven. However, this kind of physical restraint is often simply regarded as a "tight fit", which has given birth to sayings such as "long-term wear of body shaping underwear can cause breast hyperplasia". Breast surgery experts said that there are currently no large number of clinical cases and comparative experiments to prove that compression of underwear on the breast will cause hyperplasia.

    Experts explain that breast hyperplasia is the most common breast disease in women, and it is more common in women between 20 and 45 years old. The cause of the disease is mainly caused by endocrine disorders, most of which are affected by factors such as marriage and childbirth, diet, human living environment, and genetics. It is likely to be a multifactorial disease, so it is difficult to identify whether a single factor is a direct cause.

    Do not wear during menstruation or breastfeeding

    However, it is indisputable that unsuitable body shaping underwear and long-term wearing of body shaping underwear will adversely affect breasts.

    Inappropriate body shaping underwear will cause pressure on the breast, affect the blood circulation and supply of the lower part of the breast, cause breast ischemia, spasm, and oppress the lymph glands in the breast. Wearing body-sculpting underwear for a long time may also affect the body's normal blood circulation and sweat excretion. If it is a one-piece body-sculpting underwear, it is easy to cause the vulva environment to be humid and to breed bacteria. In addition, women’s abdomen has important organs including the uterus, ovaries, intestines, and stomach. Wearing body-shaping underwear for a long time will cause muscle tension, hypoxia in the abdominal cavity, damage to physiological functions, and cause constipation and hemorrhoids.

    Body-sculpting underwear is recommended to be worn for 4 to 6 hours a day, and it is best not to wear it every day, and change loose clothes frequently. Do not sleep in body-sculpting underwear. Do not use shaping underwear during menstruation or breastfeeding.

    When shopping for body shaping underwear, you should also pay attention that it does not mean that you can wear it well. In fact, the try-on is mostly subjective. Trying on on an empty stomach is different from trying on shapewear after a meal. In addition, the feeling of trying on it for a short time is different from wearing it every day. Therefore, it is best to ask the clerk to help measure the size including the bust circumference (upper and lower bust circumference), the distance from the upper edge of the breastbone to the breasts, arm circumference, and hip line height to choose the most suitable body shaping underwear.

    Invisible bra

    May induce skin eczema

    In the past two years, invisible bras have become popular. The manufacturer advertises that this product can create a plump breast shape, improve flat breasts, loose breasts, and sagging breasts. It can also get rid of the shackles of traditional bra straps and back buckles, and it is safe and comfortable to wear any clothing. But is the invisible bra so perfect?

    The material is destined to have adverse reactions

    Invisible bras are generally made of silicone materials, and are mainly fixed by the inner glue on the skin tightly to ensure that they do not slip off. The silicone material itself has a relatively tight texture, and in order to make the chest line beautiful, many invisible bras have a certain thickness and poor air permeability. When the bra is in contact with the skin too closely, the sweat cannot evaporate, which will result in higher local skin temperature. This part of the skin is soaked in sweat for a long time, it will cause redness, swelling, itching, and skin problems such as eczema. In addition, the skin of women's breasts is very delicate. Once a large area of ​​silicone is pasted for a long time, some people will have allergies and contact dermatitis.

    Limited breast effect

    There has been a wave of taking off traditional bras abroad many years ago. In recent years, invisible bras have also chanted the slogan "no bondage", which has been favored by many Asian women. However, the figure of Europeans is obviously different from that of Asians. European women’s breasts are generally full and tall, while most Asian women face problems such as not full breasts, breast expansion, postpartum sagging, etc. Traditional bras can all be in these aspects. Play a very good adjustment and improvement effect, in contrast, the invisible bra has limited effect. Because there is no shoulder strap support, the invisible bra can't really improve the bust. It can only visually improve the chest shape by adjusting the height of the two pieces of silicone cups, and may even squeeze and destroy the original chest shape due to such adjustment.

    Isn't that invisible bra can't be worn? Experts remind that invisible bras are not absolutely impossible to wear. The key is to pay attention to the occasion and method of wearing. First of all, the wearing time should be as short as possible. If you have an event at night, you need to wear a backless, strapless evening dress and the like. It is best to wear a normal bra during the day when you go to work, and change to an invisible bra before participating in the event. Secondly, it is important to note that if you stay in a high temperature environment for a long time, try not to wear an invisible bra to avoid skin damage. In addition, it is not advisable to wear an invisible bra during strenuous exercise. Before wearing an invisible bra, it is best to test whether your skin is allergic to it, and if you have an allergic reaction, stop wearing it.


    Pregnant women

    2 pieces of underwear at different stages

    The change in breast circumference of pregnant women is the overall increase from the bottom of the breast to the armpits, that is, not only the cup, but also the entire chest circumference will expand horizontally. From pregnancy to childbirth, the breasts will increase to about twice the size of the original cups. The average female bra can no longer completely cover the breast circumference during pregnancy, and it cannot give the breasts proper support. Therefore, you should choose underwear for pregnant women after pregnancy. This type of underwear is mostly made of cotton or relatively soft material, which will feel more comfortable to wear, and will not oppress the breast and nipples. The specially designed shoulder strap will also make pregnant mothers feel more comfortable.

    When shopping for underwear, some pregnant women are more convenient. Buying directly from the Internet may result in inappropriate underwear sizes. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers go to the physical store to buy in person, and it is best to find a professional clerk for consultation. Shop assistants will help pregnant women measure the size of their breasts. The appropriate standard is that the size of the cup can completely fit the chest, no excess fat is exposed, and the lower bust can fit the skin without being too tight or too loose.

    In addition, it needs to be reminded that because the breasts of pregnant women are in constant change, it is necessary to change the underwear of the inappropriate size in time, and avoid wearing one size to the end. It is best to prepare at least two underwears of the same size during each period of pregnancy so that they can be cleaned and replaced frequently.

    Reject "expired" bras

    A qualified bra should be worn for half a year without deformation. But does this mean that the bra can be worn forever as long as it is not deformed? In fact, bras also have a life span. As the most intimate clothes, bras will inevitably produce some sweat and bacteria, and some chemical agents will inevitably remain after long-term cleaning. From the perspective of hygiene, it is recommended that the bra should be replaced after wearing it for more than 3 to 4 months.

    Is your bra "expired"

    In the following self-test, if there are more than three matches, you should change to a new bra.

    ●Steel ring deformation

    ●The fabric or elastic on both sides loses elasticity

    ●The lower elastic band is loose

    ●Wrinkles or depressions on the cup

    ●The shoulder strap loses its elasticity and is easy to slip

    ●The fabric and color are old

    ●No matter how you adjust the buckle, it doesn’t fit



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