what does a hemorrhoids look like,The story of the hospital, the doctor explains the hospital patients and the life of the hospital

    1. There is no nurse in the country hospital to pick up the cart. As long as it is a patient who can walk, we usually ask them to walk into the operating room by themselves. In order to reduce pollution, after the patients came in, we asked them to put on the slippers for our operating room.

    There are a lot of these slippers. They are placed in rows. There is no pattern. There are sandals for summer and cloth slippers for winter. Which pair the patient wants to change.

    So strange things came, after all these years of observation, I found that as long as it is a female patient, regardless of the season or temperature, they will basically choose cloth slippers. And as long as it is a male patient, they will basically choose sandals, regardless of the season and temperature.

    I once boringly asked a few female patients why they would choose cloth slippers in summer. Their answer is that the cloth slippers are comfortable and cleaner.

    I sweat, I am embarrassed to say this thing. Because in fact, sandals and slippers are washed and brushed on the faucet from time to time, but cloth slippers... I won’t tell you, you know.

    Moreover, when we disinfect slippers, we hold them all in a room with ultraviolet light for several hours. If it’s a sandal, the bacteria are basically killed because they are all exposed, but what about the cloth? Alas... I don't tell you, you know.

    From this incident, we can get the following revelations:

    a. Women are easily deceived by the appearance of things

    b. Women are insecure and like to be surrounded; men are more free and easy, and like simple and direct.

    c. The deepest part of cloth slippers not only hides bacteria, athlete's foot, but also the boring taste of a boring anesthesiologist.

    Live doctors explain the hospital patients and the life state of the hospital, 12m)

    2. Undress

    Entering the operating room, whether it is anesthesia or surgery, it is often necessary for the patient to expose part of the body, or even all of it.

    I found that the male patient is very refreshing to take off his clothes, and he will take off wherever you say, without even considering it. Even sometimes, as long as you take off his underwear, he will also take off his underwear.

    The female patient is more troublesome. It will be cold for a while, the bed will be hard again, and then you will be asked to take a quilt and cover her before she is willing to take it off. Anyway, there are many excuses and many reasons. It takes more than ten minutes for him to show his arm, and even if your saliva is dry, it may not be able to meet your requirements.

    From this incident, we can get inspiration: it is very difficult to take off a woman’s clothes, and we must be patient.

    Live doctors explain the hospital patients and the life state of the hospital, 12m)

    3. Fatty

    Whether it is a doctor, a nurse, or an anesthesiologist, the biggest headache is the kind of patients who are particularly fat.

    I won’t say much about the others, just take our anesthesia as an example.

    Once this patient became fat, all complications came, including high blood pressure, high blood fat, and diabetes.

    Moreover, anesthesia is very difficult to fight, and medicine is also difficult to add. If you add less, the effect will not be achieved, and if you add more, things will happen easily. It's really a headache.

    This thing tells us: fat people are not particularly popular everywhere, bobbins, super fat people step up to lose weight.

    Live doctors explain the hospital patients and the life state of the hospital, 12m)

    4. Terrible woman

    The amount of medicine used by our anaesthetist is calculated based on the weight of the patient. Generally speaking, the heavier the weight, the more medicine is needed, and the lighter the weight, the smaller the medicine consumption.

    But in fact, not all of them are like this. Some female patients who look very petite and exquisite have used enough medicine to bring down a 1.8-meter strong man, but they are still full of energy. And this phenomenon basically only exists in female patients.

    This thing tells us: Don't use common sense to infer women, a woman's tolerance is beyond your imagination.

    Live doctors explain the hospital patients and the life state of the hospital, 12m)

    5. Money and affection

    After years of observation, I found that the wealth of an operation patient is almost proportional to the family members waiting at the door of the operating room.

    I often see some patients who work in other places. There are no relatives or friends at the door. Many of them are not around, but have to go to work, have to work, or get caught in other things and cannot get away.

    But it's different for those with money. Any relatives who can't get a deal will come over and have a look.

    Last year, I had a hernia (a kind of minor surgical operation, the blood can't get a few drops). The patient is a big boss in this town who runs a factory and has a family property of several hundred million. That family member is called a lot, what sons and daughters, daughters-in-laws and sons-in-laws are not to be mentioned, even the grandchildren are all alike. In addition, there are countless secretaries, assistants, and drivers. The corridors at the entrance of the operating room are surrounded by three floors and three floors. That is a drain.

    And during the operation, I still had two incidents and found that there were only more and more heads, not one missing. Everyone honestly waited at the door, and never left. Do not spill urine when you are closed,

    As for the end of the operation, it is even more terrible. No matter when you go to his intensive care unit, there will be no fewer than ten people. They dare not speak one by one for fear of disturbing the patient to rest, but they refuse to leave.

    There were so many flowers and blues that the corridors were full.

    This incident tells us:

    Who says that money can't buy family affection? Look at how filial the children are. You don't care what their starting point is, and don't care if they are sincere, at least they did it.

    Think about ourselves. My mother has had high blood pressure for so many years. At most, I can only buy some medicine for her. I can only go back and see during the Chinese New Year. Where can I have time to fulfill my filial piety?

    Live doctors explain the hospital patients and the life state of the hospital, 12m)

    6. Small tadpoles of Niu B

    I often see reports of virgin pregnancy, and many people do not believe it is true. But this matter really made my buddies come across one.

    It was an ordinary painless flow. The girl was still crying and wiping tears before entering the operating room. How could it be possible? Am I still a virgin?

    At first, everyone didn't care, thought it was this girl who was talking nonsense? As a result, when the stone cutting position was set, the obstetrician and gynecologist was dumbfounded, because an intact hymen was placed there. It was really an original product.

    The doctor was frightened, thinking that the B-ultrasound had done a mistake, and quickly called the girl up, and everyone went to the B-ultrasound room to do it again. But the result was even more bizarre. Several B-ultrasound doctors took turns and the results were the same-early pregnancy.

    After clarifying the situation with the family, the doctor stretched the spatula in nervously. A few minutes later, an intact gestational sac appeared in front of our eyes. Things are ironclad, really pregnant.

    After the consultation, the girl finally told the truth.

    At that time, the boyfriend wanted that. The girl almost made him do what he did. The man just touched the hole, and he vented like a pillar and lost his armor. As a result, it all shot to the edge of the hole.

    Then the shit in the shit followed the girl's stream, and slowly swam up and down, until the shit went all the way to the shit, and it turned out to be nothing.

    What this story tells us:

    a. Don’t underestimate the tadpole’s determination and ability to find a mother

    b. Always remember to put on those suits, safety first, be careful

    Live doctors explain the hospital patients and the life state of the hospital, 12m)

    7. Great maternal love

    You can often see such a plot in some sensational soap operas:

    At the door of the operating room, the doctor ran out of the operating room without any urgency, and asked the family anxiously: Now that the mother is abnormal and the situation is very dangerous, do you want to protect the adult or the child? Then the family members outside hesitated for a while, and finally answered to take care of the baby. At the same time, in the operating room, the mother smiled weakly and said: Take care of the baby, as long as the baby is fine, I will die without regret.

    The TV series wanted to use such a plot to show the ruthlessness of a man or mother-in-law and the greatness of maternal love.

    But in reality, it's not like this. And we will not run out to ask this question in the middle of the operation. If it is true that an adult and a child are in danger at the same time, we will naturally choose to protect the adult.

    Of course, it’s not to say that the TV series are all made up. If the mother is really dangerous, such as serious heart disease, such as advanced cancer or something, I will ask this question before the operation. I encountered this situation several times when I went to the obstetrics and gynecology department to sign the anesthesia consent form.

    But without exception, the family members did not hesitate to choose: if this happens, protect the adult and give up the child. At this time, most of the mothers were present. They all made the same choice, don't go too far and stay silent.

    This incident tells us:

    a. Being afraid of death is human nature, don’t feel embarrassed

    b. The love of parents for their children deepens with the time they spend with them. It is too early for mothers to talk about feelings when they have not even seen it once.

    c. Maternal love is great, but children, you have to let your mother live to love you.

    Live doctors explain the hospital patients and the life state of the hospital, 12m)

    8. Eating instant noodles can really cause stomach cancer.

    I once saw a gastric cancer. The patient was only twelve years old and a little boy.

    The little boy’s parents are busy making money and work very busy every day, and they don’t have time to take care of the little boy. Asking grandma to cook for him, but it didn't suit the little boy's appetite. No way, his parents gave him some money every day and let the little boy go out to buy food by himself.

    But after the little boy got the money, he never took it out to buy a serious meal, and he bought all snacks. Especially for instant noodles, I don’t know how many packets to eat every day. From the age of six until the age of twelve, he finally vomited blood to the floor one day, and went to the hospital for gastroscopy. It was already in the middle and late stages of cancer.

    This story tells us:

    a. If you really love your child, just cook him a meal.

    b. Don't take good care of your body because you are young. Cancer is not far away from us.

    c. Don't eat too much instant noodles, it can really cause cancer.

    Live doctors explain the hospital patients and the life state of the hospital, 12m)

    9. The rich

    In the operating room, I often encounter some wealthy people, or to express their wealth, some minor operations that only use local anesthesia or even do not use anesthesia, but patients must choose general anesthesia.

    We don't care anymore, anyway, the money sent to the door is not earned.

    Sometimes this happens. The operation takes only ten minutes or even a few minutes to complete, but we have to work for hours before and after anesthesia.

    So, is it really better to choose general anesthesia?

    In fact, the opposite is true. If nothing else, it is a three-point poison. The anesthetics of one syringe and one syringe, which have no idea of ​​side effects, are all pushed into your body. Do you think this is a good thing?

    Also, a good throat must be inserted into a plastic tube more than 20 centimeters long and thicker than a pen. Is it comfortable?

    There are also some postoperative tracheal bleeding, coughing and sputum, lung infections, etc., which is simply to spend money to buy.

    This story tells us:

    a. The most expensive is not necessarily the best

    b. Wear as big a hat as you have a big head, and don't worry about it. No disease to find a disease,

    Live doctors explain the hospital patients and the life state of the hospital, 12m)

    10. Fear

    As long as a normal person enters the operating room for surgery, they will feel more or less nervous and scared. Some serious ones will even go crazy and make loud noises.

    These are all normal things, and it's not normal if you don't feel nervous.

    However, this kind of tension is only concentrated before entering the operating room or before the start of the operation. When the operation starts, as the operation proceeds, the patient's tension and fear will naturally disappear without a trace. I have encountered that kind of patients more than once, crying to death before the operation, but after the operation, I talked to us about the patients.

    Because they found that there is really nothing to be afraid of.

    This incident tells us:

    Fear is actually just our wild thinking about the unknown. Really wait until things happen, you will find out, in fact, it is nothing more than this, really nothing to be afraid of.

    Live doctors explain the hospital patients and the life state of the hospital, 12m)

    11. Healers do not heal themselves

    Many people think that doctors, especially surgeons. I cut and cut the patients every day, and when I am sick and have to undergo surgery, I will definitely not be afraid.

    In fact, the opposite is true. The more frequent the operation, the more nervous it is when it is their turn. Because they know that their own disease, this operation may cause this complication, there may be that sequelae or something. The more I think, the more scared, the more I think, the more nervous. Some even start to cry by their own cranky thoughts.

    This story tells us:

    The ignorant is fearless, and it's definitely not a good thing to know too much.

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    Live doctors explain the hospital patients and the life state of the hospital, 12m)

    12. Egg pain

    I always see a lot of people on the Internet saying that they are so painful, and tell you, don't make a joke about it. I really wait until someday you feel so painful and you cry.

    When I was studying, I was on duty one day and received an emergency.

    The patient is a 23-year-old young man, usually in good health and nothing is abnormal. As a result, I had a good nap and slept well that day, and suddenly I felt painful.

    Well, it's the kind that really hurts.

    The young man didn't care at the time, thinking he was just suffering from a cold and cramps. Turn over and continue to sleep. As a result, the egg hurts more and more later. After the pain, I couldn't stand it anymore, so I hurried to the hospital.

    I was in the hospital for a while. When I found the urology department, half of the scrotum was swollen to the size of a fist.

    I didn't say anything, we rushed to the operating room for anesthesia and surgery. But it was too late. The urologist used warm gauze to enlighten for an hour, and the right testicle was still pitch black, completely necrotic. In the end, there was no choice but to cut it off. Fortunately, a man egg is like a kidney. As long as there is one, it can work normally. Otherwise, this young man can no longer be a father before he gets married.

    I didn’t believe the young man’s words at first. I thought it must be some violent action that would cause the testicular torsion, but the young man cried and swore to swear. He really didn’t do anything. He just lay there and slept. .

    This is incredible, just sleeping there quietly, without even turning over, how can testicular torsion occur?

    I still don't believe it. But the urologist next to him said that this is a normal thing, because according to their research, a man’s penis is erected 70 to 90% of the time when he is sleeping.

    Oh, here to explain, not all the erections here are the kind of hard erections that we usually think, but they may also be the kind of semi-soft or not. Anyway, as long as the penis is congested and the cavernous body swells, it is called erection from the perspective of urology. Once the penis congestion is too fast and the erection is too fast, the phenomenon of testicular torsion may occur.

    In other words, every man in the world, as long as he can still get an erection, he is likely to be like this young man.

    This story tells us:

    a. It’s not an unfounded statement.

    b. A man is under a lot of pressure.

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    Live doctors explain the hospital patients and the life state of the hospital, 12m)

    13, appendix

    Appendectomy is one of the most basic operations in surgery. Almost every surgeon starts by learning to cut the appendix and foreskin. It is a must-learn skill for every surgeon.

    If the knife is well opened, it won't show the ability, it's just a small appendix. Once you encounter something difficult to drive, you can't get off stage for three to five hours, and your old face is lost to your grandma's house.

    When I first came down, I was a little unhappy, washing my hands and changing clothes while cursing: You two waste, you have been with me for such a long time, you can't even deal with a small appendix. Is it useful to eat shit?

    But when the attendant came to power, he was dumbfounded. He came up to look for more than an hour, but he did not find where the appendix was.

    Facts have proved how foresighted the director is. Because he was busy working on the stage for a while, although he finally found the appendix, the appendix was stuck with the intestines, blood vessels, and mesenteric next to it because of long-term inflammation and inflammatory exudation, forming a fist-like Large intestine ball. The appendix is ​​wrapped in the innermost part of this gut ball. The director held the scalpel there for a long time and made gestures back and forth. It was also a dog biting and stabbing the scorpion. He couldn't make a mouth and didn't know where to cut it.

    So the expert gave an order, the original only three-point appendix incision was turned into a ten-centimeter transverse incision, a few people took out all the intestines in the patient's stomach, from the beginning to the end, a little bit of decomposition, inch by inch Peeling, an appendix opened from ten o'clock in the morning until the moon became scarce, and it was finally completed.

    After the operation, the two resident doctors who first came to the stage had completely collapsed and were unable to stand firmly. The old guys were also sweaty, their faces flushed, and they shouted: The appendix is ​​really hard to cut.

    This story tells us:

    a. Don't underestimate the basic skills, the more basic, the more kung fu is tested.

    b. When we encounter some unsolvable problems, we might as well abandon some aspects, maybe there will be dawn.

    c. The appendix is ​​really hard to cut.

    Live doctors explain the hospital patients and the life state of the hospital, 12m)

    14. Rumors

    This story is also related to the appendix. Once I went to the city to do errands, but I lost time and missed the last bus. Can only call back to the hospital.

    As soon as the driver heard that I was an employee of that hospital, he immediately got excited. He lowered his voice and asked me: Oh, then there was a major incident in your hospital recently, do you know what happened?

    event? What's the big deal? I'm very surprised, I'm in the hospital every day, why didn't I hear any major events?

    So the driver started talking. It turned out that the daughter of a neighbor’s cousin of his wife’s classmate, (I swear, that’s what he said at the time), an appendix was opened in our hospital, and it was a minor operation. A group of "SB quack doctors" in our hospital caused heavy bleeding. After several hours of rescue, the experts from the Municipal People's Hospital were finally rescued before they finally came back. After he came out, he was already unconscious, and he woke up after being in a coma for several days...

    I was shocked when I heard it, and hurriedly asked: When did it happen?

    Was it last week?

    last week! Are you talking about a 14-year-old girl named XXX? I suddenly woke up and screamed excitedly.

    Yeah, why, have you heard of this too?

    Nonsense, can you not know about this? This anesthesia is from Kota, and it is under the supervision of brother throughout the whole process. Can brother not know about this?

    However, the patient’s vital signs were very stable during the entire operation. Not to mention heavy bleeding, and the gauze was not red. Why did it become heavy bleeding, but it was rescued, and people at the People’s Hospital were asked to come down for rescue?

    In fact, the entire operation took only ten minutes from skin incision to abdominal closure. It went well, and when she left the operating room, the little girl hadn't woken up yet. Family members are aware of these conditions,

    How can it be passed on to others, and the taste will change? If there is such a serious medical accident, the family members will not be noisy, will they invite us to dinner at night? It's just hilarious.

    This story tells us:

    a. If the words are spread too many times, they will definitely change their flavor. That's how the rumors came about.

    b. The world is very small. Don't speak ill of their unit in front of others. Maybe you are the one who scolded.

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    15. Habits

    Although monitors have been invented a long time ago, rural hospitals are relatively backward. It was not until more than two decades ago that our hospital had the first monitor.

    Is this all high-tech?

    But the more high-tech, the more foolish it is. At that time, the only anesthesiologist in the operating room of our hospital, W, told the instructions that after playing around for a while, he already knew how to use this stuff. Except for a small detail, the heart rate of a normal person should be 60-100, so old W adjusted the alarm to 50-120, which means that as long as this limit is exceeded, the monitor will automatically send out a "didi". "The alarm sound.

    As a result, the careless old W knocked down the front and back, adjusted to a heart rate greater than 50, less than 120 will alarm, that is to say, as long as your heart rate is within the normal range, the monitor will keep ringing, and once there is danger , It stopped calling.

    No one cared about this at the time, anyway, after a long time, everyone knows it. If the machine keeps ringing, it means that the patient is safe. If the machine does not ring suddenly, it means something has happened.

    Later, with the development of the hospital, the number of operations increased, and the hospital hired a new anesthesiologist, F. Not long after Xiao F came, he discovered the problem, so he quickly fiddled with it and adjusted the alarm setting to the correct mode. So the trouble came. The surgeon suddenly couldn't hear the accustomed "didi" sound. He was always not at ease and couldn't open the knife anymore. He kept looking at the monitor. And it's not just one or two. Suddenly all people are not used to the machine that suddenly quiets down, and work immediately becomes frustrated. Because I always think that something is wrong with the patient.

    Later, everyone couldn't stand it anymore, so they asked Xiao F to adjust the monitor to its original appearance, otherwise everyone would be unable to operate. Although Xiao F tried his best to explain, his own setting is correct, and the previous setting is wrong. But everyone is used to calling the police, what should I do?

    In the end, Little F really couldn't hold everyone's turn bombing, and adjusted the alarm settings back to the original state. So slowly, Xiao F got used to this beeping alarm.

    As a result, all newcomers later became accustomed to this noisy alarm.

    Until one day, a relative of the dean operated. The dean, who had never entered the operating room, drove to the operating room. Seeing this scene, I asked curiously: Hey, what kind of machine is this? Why do you keep screaming?

    In fact, the dean didn't understand this, he just asked casually. But the anaesthetist present at the time thought that the dean suspected that they knew their mistakes and did not correct them, so they hurriedly adjusted the machine back in fright.

    Someone will ask in the future, hey, why doesn't the machine call today? The anesthesiologist will answer, and the dean will be transferred back. So everyone stopped talking about it.

    So, when the buddies came, the legendary "normal alarm sound" was no longer heard. Everything is back on track, the knife is opened, the anesthesia is hit, and no one can say anything unaccustomed to.

    This story tells us:

    a. The so-called habit is actually just an excuse. There is no habit that cannot be changed. The key is whether you want to change it.

    b. Even if a thousand words add up, it is not as loud as a leader. Think about it, it's better to be an official, at least someone will listen.

    c, as the saying goes, immortals fart, which is extraordinary,

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    16 continued, primary three

    After all these years of work, I have seen a few things in my junior year. There are all kinds of things, but there is nothing to say. But the day before yesterday, this matter was not allowed, it was a bit weird.

    The patient is not one of our people, but a small boss in a neighboring city, the kind who has little wealth. If you don't know why, I just fell in love with a married woman on our side.

    Of course, this is not the point, the point is what happened. For your understanding, let's call this little boss "hemorrhoid man" for now.

    As the name suggests, the hidden danger of men with hemorrhoids has been around for some time, and I could bear it before, but I just couldn't bear the pain recently, so I thought about finding a hospital to cut it off. Originally, this is not a major operation, so it can't be done. It's just that after Xiaosan knew about this, he told him: Why don't you come and drive here, so that I can take care of you nearby.

    Hemorrhoids man thinks about it, so he ran to our hospital by train. There is nothing to say about the operation. The point is that in the evening after the operation, Xiaosan sat on the side of the bed and accompanied the man with hemorrhoids for an afternoon. Just about to say that he stood up and went home, he stood up. Suddenly, I felt dizzy, and then "Portong" fell into the ward and fainted.

    Fortunately, it happened in the hospital, so I was treated soon. Although he was not a surgical patient, the doctor on duty rushed over immediately and performed treatment, and Xiao San quickly recovered. After an examination, I didn't find any major problems, that is, the blood pressure was too low. The doctor asked Xiao San to be hospitalized for observation first,

    Live doctors explain the hospital patients and the life state of the hospital, 12m)

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    But Xiaosan refused anyway. It was not that he was reluctant to pay, but it was too early. If he didn't hurry back, her husband would doubt it. Doctor Ren and his lover didn't listen to any persuasion, and finally reluctantly hung up a bottle of balance solution and went back. .

    Early the next morning, a man broke into our doctor's office angrily, crying and clamoring for our doctor's life or something. After inquiring in detail, it turned out that the mistress didn't say anything after returning yesterday, but said that she was dizzy and weak and wanted to sleep. Her husband asked her to see a doctor, and she said she had seen it. In the morning, her husband realized that his wife was out of breath.

    "Wrong, I don't know how many times I told her yesterday, asking her to be hospitalized for observation for a period of time, she just refused to listen, must go back, and finally sneaked away while I didn't pay attention. If you don't believe me, ask her husband" ( We didn’t even know she was a junior)

    "Her husband?" The man was blindfolded, "I am silly, I am her husband."

    "Ah..." I don't need to say more about the next thing. The next day, the man with hemorrhoids was asked about a day's transcript from the police station before he was able to come back to change the dressing with a swollen nose, blue face and big pig head. While changing the dressing, he cried and said: How could I do anything to her? I'm like this, how can I do anything to her?

    , Hey, the room is speechless.

    This story tells us:

    a. There are risks in the junior third, so you need to be cautious when entering the industry

    b. If rabbits do not eat grass at the edge of the nest, it does not mean that you can go to other rabbits to eat grass.

    c. When people are unlucky, they have to sew cold water (hemorrhoids male)

    d. Although the true cause of Xiaosan's death has not been determined yet, according to the doctors in the hospital later, similar things often happen. They are all women in their 30s and 40s. They are usually a little weaker, but there is absolutely no major problem. They are often dizzy and dizzy, and then suddenly die. Please pay attention to female compatriots with similar symptoms, it is best to go to the hospital for examination



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