what does a hemorrhoids look like,The needs of middle-aged female patients with hepatitis B who are actively seeking treatment from the perspective of consultation questions and types


    [Summary of PMP-A006 friends' questions]:

    Purpose: To investigate the changing characteristics of the content, type and density of questions, and to reveal the consultation needs of patients and their changing laws

    Method: Use the consultation link to ask all the questions raised by PMP-A006 friends; then analyze the content, type and density of the questions;


    (1) Summary of questions asked:

    (1) First question on April 2, 2012: 6 questions in total

    Is my elder sister's situation basically stable? (Judgment of family's illness)

    The second sister's virus load has decreased and has been getting better. Do you still need to check regularly? (Family's condition monitoring)

    Which category do I belong to according to your classification criteria? (Diagnosis type)

    What needs to be done? (General treatment)

    Can I, like my two sisters, keep decreasing the amount of virus? (Prognosis)

    Do I need treatment currently? (Special treatment)

    Number of questions: 6 Type:

    (2) Question on April 2, 2012: 1 question

    I recently read some articles on the Internet and I made some adjustments to my life. Can you see if I can do this? Are these methods feasible? I drink a cup of coffee in the morning and eat one vitamin C and two compound vitamin B. I take time to exercise in the afternoon and drink yogurt in the evening and eat a few honey soaked garlic before going to bed (I learned that honey and garlic are still good for the body). A few jujubes I want to keep my body in good condition by conditioning and improving immunity (diet therapy)

    (3) Question on April 3, 2012: 2 questions

    I now directly reduce bilirubin, and both transaminase have increased. A few days ago, I switched to a kind of cosmetics. These two days have skin allergies. There are small red spots on my face and some swelling of the skin on my eyes. Is Gao related to this? (Condition analysis)

    I really regret that I shouldn't take medicine casually, what should I do now? (treatment)

    Can my liver function be restored? (Prognosis)

    (4) Question on April 4, 2012: 1 question

    I think the disease is not terrible. What's terrible is that the collapse of my psychological defense line is really strong. I am fearless for any disease. According to your suggestion, what should I do? Why do I check what happened after half a month? Deal with the big deal and start the war, right? (Verification of medical decision)

    (5) Question on April 10, 2012: 1 question

    I want to go to the hospital tomorrow to check my liver function. Do I have to do other tests? (Recheck to verify)

    (6) Questions on April 16, 2012: 5 questions

    1. Did your answer on April 10 imply something to me? I wanted to ask a few times, but I didn't dare to ask, and I still couldn't face the problem. I had constipation and hemorrhoids a few years ago, because several of my peers in the unit had hemorrhoids, and I didn’t pay much attention to it. In the first half of last year, I often felt abdominal distension in the afternoon. I always thought it was a lack of exercise. I have been in contact with this, are these related to my current liver? I have no constipation and bloating for a long time now. (Symptoms for explanation)

    2. I want to know how much the one-week hepatoprotective treatment in March and the nine-day Lamy had affected me. I just dangled a few shots in front of the gun with my gun in my hand, so I'm going to pull me out 60%. Don't worry, I won't go to that doctor because of this. Because this is not a reason anymore, as I am now, after all, there are still experts requesting anti-virus, but I am willing to accept your opinion. To this, I just want to know the answer, please speak frankly, okay, I believe what you said. (Confirmation of treatment decision)

    3. You asked me to lag the inspection. What kind of inspection is it done once every six months, or wait for your request? (Recheck to verify)

    4. Will I be suddenly serious? Because my child is taking the entrance exam this year, I can’t get sick, nor can I get sick at this time. If I really get sick, will the development be very fast? I haven’t studied deeply enough, and my heart still can’t be bright. Hehe, I always worry about the day when it will suddenly break out. , Affect the child. Is this question not easy to answer? (Prognosis worried, verify)

    5. It's almost May Day. If you need to check something, can you arrange it during this time? (Recheck to verify)

    (7) Question on April 19, 2012: 1 question

    I feel better these past two days. I rarely feel tired anymore. Only a little nausea. Is it related to my coffee drinking? (Symptom verification)

    (8) Question on April 25, 2012: 1 question

    Why do I need an individualized plan? I thought I had written a guarantee and it would be done. Your requirements are really strict. Haha. How do you plan? Let me think about it again. (Learning summary for guidance)

    (9) April 28, 2012: 1 question

    After completing "Re-examination of Hepatitis B", ask: Hello. Do you think my understanding of hepatitis B is correct? (Summary of learning hepatitis B common sense for verification)

    (10) June 8, 2012: 1 question

    After completing "The Dislocation of Doctor-Patient Roles, The Deepest Injury Is the Patient", ask: This is my experience. Can you see if I understand it? (Summarize and verify the role of doctors and patients)

    (11) July 16, 2012: 1 question

    After completing the "Personal Medical History Summary and Personal Hepatitis B Plan", ask: Based on the information I provided, can it be concluded that I am not mother-to-child transmission, and when can I infer the infection? (Verification of important medical history details)

    (12) September 24, 2012; 2 questions

    Questions after 6 months of non-pharmacological intervention evaluation:

    During the color Doppler ultrasound, the examiner said that the second sister’s looks better than mine. The doctor did not ask her if she had hepatitis B during the last examination, and the result of the eldest sister’s B-ultrasound was also very good. Did my second sister and I both have chronic disease accumulation? (B-ultrasound results for explanation)

    The second sister's "leukopenia with increased lymphocyte ratio, it is recommended to review once a month to rule out infection;" wait for the review after one month, what should I pay attention to now? (Please ask for guidance on family medical details)

    (13) November 3, 2012: 3 questions

    Is it not easy for me to send a consultation like this to find information separately? Do I need to create a new consultation for each of my two sisters? (Establish family medical record management for guidance)

    I also want to ask Dr. Fang a question. Before I gave birth, I was breast-milk, and there was no high-priced globulin. My child was given two shots of hepatitis B vaccine immediately after birth, and then two shots as usual. Is there a basis? ? Because my friends often ask me this question, I am afraid of misleading others. (Verification of health education details)

    I also read her medical history analysis in "PMP-A0047 First Condition Report and Evaluation of Learning Experience" https://m.haodf.com/touch/zhuanjiaguandian/Fangqing123_786462352.htm

    I have a doubt: Is her condition really infected as an adult? I know this is not what I am considering, but the article is here. I think this sentence should be confirmed for "excluded from the 97% self-healing rate of adult infection." (Verification of health education details)

    (14) December 11, 2012: 1 question

    Today I want to ask the doctor a question. There are often doctors who say not to eat spicy food. Can I eat raw onion and garlic in my current situation? My eldest sister likes to eat raw garlic. She eats a few cloves of raw garlic for lunch and dinner almost every day. I used to persuade her to eat less, but it was useless. Sometimes I can’t help but eat some raw garlic. Shandong people like to eat pancakes and green onions. We are close to Shandong and we also have this habit in our diet. Are these taboos?

    (Confirmation of diet details in non-drug intervention)

    (15) March 21, 2013 2 questions

    Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day are the busiest times every year, so it is difficult for her to go for check-ups, so I want to go back a little bit. I wonder if this is feasible? (Families regularly review and request details for verification)

    Except for occasional pain in the liver area, I have no other discomfort. Please ask Doctor Fang for further instructions on what items need to be checked during this review. (Regular review of details for verification)

    (16) April 20, 2013 1 question

    Following your doctor's advice, I am going to have a gastroscopy tomorrow. I have never done a gastroscopy before, and I just checked the requirements for gastroscopy. Can I do an ordinary gastroscope, or are there any special requirements? Troubled Doctor Labor. (Special inspection details require verification)

    (17) May 27, 2013: 2 questions

    Doctor Fang is good, I will report my recent situation to you, and I am bothering Doctor Lao Fang.

    In the past month, the overall body feels good. In fact, I have never regarded myself as a patient, ha ha.

    There are problems:

    1. Vitamin C and compound Vitamin B have not been able to persist in eating. It has been more than half a year after stopping. Do I need to persist in eating? (General drug treatment decision confirmation)

    2. A naive question: Will mosquito bites our blood cause people around us to get hepatitis B? Is it because the dose is small that it will not cause infections in others? (Verification of health education knowledge)

    (18) May 31, 2013 1 question

    Have finished eating a box of golden bifid. Now give feedback about the situation:

    In the afternoon, the abdomen is only slightly swollen, and if you don't pay attention, you will not feel it. I counted it roughly today. There are fifteen or six exhausts. Stool in the morning is basically formed, but not smooth. Haha, it’s because of the lack of exercise. I will continue to exercise in the future and should be able to improve.

    What else do I need? (Verification of general medical intervention details)

    [Summary] Analysis of question features:

    From April 2, 2012 to May 31, 2013, PMP-A006 friends asked themselves and their family members 17 times about health and medical issues, a total of 33 questions;

    The first stage of the consultation (January): April 2, 2012-May 2, 2012 (the first month): A total of 9 questions were asked, involving 19 small questions, including various aspects. The first Weeks are the most intensive.

    The second stage of consultation (the second and third months): May 3, 2012-July 3, 2012: one question and one question;

    The third stage of consultation (4th, 5th, and June): July 4, 2012-October 4, 2012: 2 questions and 3 questions;

    The fourth stage of consultation (July to December): October 5, 2012-April 2, 2013: 3 questions and 5 questions;

    The fifth stage of consultation (more than 1 year later): After April 2, 2013: 2 questions and 3 questions.

    Preliminary characteristics: (1) Consultation continuity is maintained well. Consultation density is initially high and continues to be low. In the first month (especially the first week), the density of consultation questions was up to 9 times and 19 questions; then the density dropped to less than 1 time per month. (2) The content of the questions was initially broad and most of them were open questions. It is difficult to answer concisely and accurately; the subsequent questions are mainly detailed and verifying questions, which are convenient to answer. (3) In the order of consultation time, it can be observed that the content of the questions has gradually changed from the prognosis of chronic hepatitis B, disease judgment and treatment recommendations to review requirements, details of healthy living common sense and health education, etc., reflecting the cognitive level of PMP-A006 and The practice ability is continuously improved, and the degree of cooperation between doctors and patients is continuously improved.

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