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    General Introduction of Traditional Chinese Medicine Surgery

    1. Gong Qingxuan, the earliest surviving surgical monograph "Liu Juanzi Ghost Remedy", pioneered mercury ointment to treat skin diseases

    6. The most influential academic school in the history of TCM surgery: Ming and Qing Dynasties

    ① "Orthodox school" Ming Chen Shigong's "Surgery Zhengzong" as a representative

    ②"Quanshengpai" Qing Wang Weide's "Surgery Syndrome and Treatment Collection" as a representative

    ③The "experience school" is represented by Qing Gao Jinting's "Ulcer Experience Collection"

    Basic Terminology of Traditional Chinese Medicine Surgery

    1. The naming principle is generally based on

    Incidence site: such as child carbuncle, breast carbuncle, gangrene, etc.

    Form: Snake head boil, Liriodendron wind, etc.

    Disease characteristics: rotten boils, streamers, wet sores, etc.

    2. Sore

    3. Carbuncle

    4. Should refer to

    5. Pouch pus

    6, leakage

    Etiology and Pathogenesis of Traditional Chinese Medicine Surgery

    1. Surgical diseases are especially common in "heat poisoning" and "fire poisoning." According to the "Surgical Heart Techniques", "carbuncle is originally caused by fire poisoning."

    2. The main pathogenesis of surgical diseases is: the prosperity and decline of the evil and the positive, the stagnation of qi and blood, the obstruction of the meridians and the visceral disorder

    Dialectics of TCM Surgical Diseases

    Partial differentiation

    Upper part syndrome differentiation: The upper part of the human body includes the head, face, neck and upper limbs. The etiology is mostly wind-heat and wind-heat

    Syndrome differentiation in the middle part: The middle part of the human body, including the chest, abdomen, waist, and back, is where the five internal organs live, and the cause is mostly stagnation of qi and depression of fire.

    Lower part of the syndrome: the lower part of the human body refers to the buttocks, front and back yin, legs, shins, feet, cold and dampness, dampness and heat are common.

    2. Yin and Yang dialectics: the general outline of the dialectics of the eight outlines, and the general outline of the dialectics of all other surgical diseases

    Yang Syndrome and Yin Syndrome

    Acute onset chronic onset

    The skin color is red and pale or dark purple or the skin color remains unchanged

    Skin temperature is cold or not hot


    Swelling range, the root disc is condensed and the root disc is loose

    The lumps are soft and moderately hard as stone or soft as cotton

    Pain feels severe pain, refusing to press the pain to ease, dull pain, no pain or soreness

    The disease position is deep and shallow skin, muscle, shallow in epitope, blood veins, muscles, deep in inner position

    Pus quality Thick pus thin

    Ulcer shape, granulation red, lively and moist, granulation pale or dark purple

    The length of the disease is longer than the shorter

    Systemic symptoms

    Tongue coating and pulse condition Red tongue coating yellow pulse more than pale tongue coating less pulse insufficient

    The prognosis is easy to diminish, easy to collapse, easy to converge, more smooth and difficult to diminish, difficult to collapse and difficult to converge, and more reverse

    3. Identify swelling

    Phlegm: swollen or soft like a cotton bun, varying in size and shape, everywhere, neither red nor hot, with the same skin color, seen in scrofula, lipoma

    Emphysema: The skin is tight and soft, and the skin is sunken when pressed. It is like a subcutaneous gas reservoir, full of elasticity, not red or hot. It often grows with mood and anger. It is seen in gas galls and breast addiction.

    Causes of pain: Wind pain: Pain has no fixed place, suddenly one after another, taking notes very fast, and when encountering wind, it is dramatic. See in Xingbi and so on.

    4. Diagnosis of pus

    Method to confirm pus ①Contact method ②Light transmission method ③Point pressure method ④Punch method: Method for puncturing pus ⑤B ultrasound

    TCM surgical treatment of diseases

    1. Elimination

    2. Support method: divided into two methods: supplementary support and through support

    3. Complementary method

    3. Incision selection: in order to facilitate drainage, choose the lowest point or thinnest part of the abscess cavity to enter the knife. Generally, the sore should be cut directly through the meridian to avoid injury to the blood network; radiation incision to avoid injury to the breast network;

    The face should be cut along the natural texture of the skin as much as possible;

    Finger abscess should be incised from the side;

    For abscesses in the joint area, the incision should be avoided as far as possible. If it is an abscess in the joint area, a transverse incision, arc incision or S-shaped incision is generally performed

    For low paraanal abscesses, radial incisions should be made with the anal canal as the center

    4. Ligation

    5. Hanging wire method


    Sore Yang Syndrome: Golden Cream, Yulu Cream

    Half-yin and half-yang syndrome: Chonghe ointment

    Yin syndrome: Huiyang Yulong ointment

    1. Boils

    2. Carbuncle

    3. Neck carbuncle

    4. Have gangrene

    5. Erysipelas

    6, send

    7, go yellow

    8. Invasion (dry sinking, virtual sinking, dry sinking)

    9, scrofula

    Hair (cellulitis) erysipelas

    Pathogenic bacteria Staphylococcus aureus, hemolytic streptococcus, anaerobic bacteria β-hemolytic streptococcus

    Subcutaneous, subfascial, intermuscular, intradermal reticular lymph nodes throughout the body

    The local symptoms are dark red, the center is obvious, the border is unclear, bright red, the center is light, the border is clear,

    The swelling is more obvious, larger than the inflammation range, and the edge is slightly higher than normal skin

    Persistent burning, severe facial pain

    Suppuration often

    Relapse and impermanence

    Breast disease

    1. Breast carbuncle: Cause 1. Stagnation of milk 2. Liver depression and stomach heat 3. Feeling of external evil.

    2. Milk leakage

    5. Breast addiction:

    Recipe: Xiaoyao Loubei Powder Modified

    ②Chong Ren Disorder

    Governing Law: Tune She Chong Ren

    Recipe: Erxian Decoction and Siwu Decoction

    6. Nucleus (breast fibroadenoma): It is characterized by breast tuberculosis in young women between 20 and 25 years old, which is shaped like a pill egg, with clear borders, smooth surface, and pushing movement.

    7. Milk rock (differentiation key/breast fibroadenoma)

    8. The etiology and pathogenesis of galls (meat galls, gas galls, stone galls)

    Skin and sexually transmitted diseases

    1. Identify common symptoms of skin diseases

    2. Principles of external use:

    1 According to the stage of the disease

    2 pay attention to control infection

    3 Medication should be mild first and then strong

    4 The drug concentration should be low to high first

    5 Keep an eye on drug sensitivity

    6For external use ointment, please use cotton to dip in various vegetable oil or paraffin wax to gently remove the ointment used last time. Do not scrub with gasoline, soap or hot water.

    3. Snake sore

    4. Foot moisture: equivalent to tinea pedis in western medicine

    5. Wet sore:

    6. Differentiation of acute eczema and contact dermatitis

    Acute eczema contact dermatitis

    The cause is often unclear and there is an obvious cause

    The location is not fixed, often symmetry occurs often limited to the contact location

    The rash is pleomorphic, papules, blisters, etc. The boundary is unclear and simple, with edema and blisters, and the boundary is clear

    Unclear history of exposure

    Main symptoms: Itching, intense itching or burning

    Prognosis often has recurrence, remove the cause, no recurrence if no contact

    The patch test is negative and more positive

    7, addiction rash

    8. Features of psoriasis

    9. Gonorrhea

    11. Features of secondary syphilis skin lesions

    Hilar and rectal disease

    1. Tooth line

    2. Anorectal ring

    3. Hematochezia, swelling and pain, prolapse and pus

    4. Digital anorectal examination: understand the lesions of the lower rectum, anal canal and surrounding anus.

    5. Internal hemorrhoids

    Its clinical manifestations: blood in the stool, prolapse, damp perianal, itching, pain, constipation

    6. Thrombotic external hemorrhoids: It is characterized by sudden severe pain in the anus and dark purple blood clots. It usually occurs at 3 or 9 o'clock in the bladder lithotomy position.

    7. Anal leakage: Classification: simple anal leakage and complex anal leakage

    Complex anal leakage (refers to more than 3 openings inside and outside the anus

    8. Anal fissure: its characteristics: periodic pain in the anus, bleeding, and constipation

    Peripheral vascular disease

    3. The main clinical manifestations of tendon tumors are purple veins, with coiled protrusions like earthworms, forming masses

    4, ecthyma: mainly occurs in the lower third of the inner and outer sides of the legs.

    4. Gangrene: It is more common in young men, elderly people or diabetic patients.

    [Cold-dampness blocking type] Yanghe Decoction

    [Blood Stasis Type] Taohong Siwu Decoction

    【Damp-heat and poisonous type】Simiao Yongan Decoction

    【Heat Toxin Injury Yin Type】Gu Bu Tang

    [Qi and sound deficiency type] Huang's Biejia Decoction

    5. The change of intestinal carbuncle

    1. Chronic carbuncle 2. Abdominal mass 3. Damp-heat jaundice 4. Internal and external fistula formation

    Differential diagnosis; 1. Perforation of stomach and duodenal ulcer 2. Right ureteral calculi 3. Obstetrics and gynecology diseases: ectopic pregnancy, rupture of ovarian follicle or corpus luteum cyst, torsion of ovarian cyst, acute salpingitis

    External governance

    1. Regardless of whether the pus is formed or not, you can choose golden powder, Yulu powder or Shuangbai powder

    2. Chinese medicine anal drops



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