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    Fengsui Pill, the essential medicine for solid essence

    China Chinese Medicine News    August 12, 2010

    □ Gao Jianzhong  The Second Hospital of Shanxi College of Traditional Chinese Medicine

    "Yizong Jinjian" has the compliment "Fengsui Pill is the essential medicine for solid essence". Zheng Qin'an, a physician in the Qing Dynasty, realized in his clinic: "This party should not be underestimated. Yu Chang has personally experienced that it can cure all the rushes of deficiency of fire, toothache, cough, shortness of breath, swelling of the face, throat swelling, ear swelling, red face, stuffy nose , Enuresis, slippery sperm disease, many miraculous effects, there are indeed unexpected and puzzling. I carefully figured it out, and then realized that the intention of the prescription is to reconcile the water and fire. From ordinary to ordinary, to the most wonderful I have tried it, and I hope that all the other men will try it too.” (See "The True Biography of Medical Principles") In contemporary Chinese medical circles, apart from inheriting Pu Fuzhou's experience and using Sancai Fengsui Dan to treat aphthous diseases, it seems that Fengsui Dan is rarely discussed. . Afterwards, according to Zheng's term "reconciling water and fire" and the symptoms of "empty and fire rising", scholars were unable to truly understand and use this prescription during clinical trials.

    The test of Feng Sui Dan Fang was first seen in the book "Replenishing Deficiency and Loss Gate" compiled by Yuan Xu Guozhen. Original: "Feng Sui Dan: Reduce heart fire, benefit the kidneys. Phellodendron in threes and twos, shrunken Amomum in one and two halves, licorice. The medicine is pounded into fine powder, the boiled batter is thin and the pills are as big as tongzi, 50 per serving. Pills, use cistanche in half, cut into slices, a large cup of wine, soak for overnight, fry three or four to boil the next day, strain off the dregs, send it off, take it before eating hollow."

    This recipe has the effect of "lowering heart fire, nourishing kidney water". However, based on our current point of view analysis, the four herbs in the prescription have neither medicines for reducing the heart and fire (such as Coptis), nor medicines (such as Rehmannia glutinosa). In addition, this prescription comes from the "Buying Deficiency and Loss Gate", and except for Cistanche, other medicines have no beneficial effect, and Cistanche is not the main medicine in the prescription.

    The prescription is to make sense, and the prescription is useless if it is unclear.

    One day, when I read "The Cases of Renewing Famous Doctors", I saw Yi Silanzhi under the "Dental Gate", and one person had an unbearable toothache. He diagnosed his pulse as "the upper two parts have the body, but the two feet are powerful." This kidney meridian is too prosperous for fire and evil." After Yi’s case, self-note: “Kidney veins don’t sink and swell, but the invincible insults his victory, but the wife enters the husband. There is already a fire evil in the kidney meridian." , The person who wins the heart fire is kidney water, that is to say, the fire evil in the kidney meridian is caused by heart fire insulting the kidney. The medicine used in the case is "Phellodendron amurense is the king to nourish kidney water and vent kidney fire". After reading this, I think of Fengsui Pill Recipe. In the prescription, Phellodendron chinense is the king. "Reducing the fire of the heart" means reducing the fire of the heart and insulting the kidney. "Yishen water" means reducing the fire of the kidney to protect the kidney. Kidney water.

    Phellodendron has become a party by blindly purging fire and benefiting water. Or add licorice (the original dose is lacking) to strengthen the power of reducing fire and benefiting water, and it is enough for one party. Zhang Zhongjing has rhubarb licorice decoction, peony licorice decoction, guizhi licorice decoction, licorice ginger decoction and other prescriptions. Phellodendron and licorice combine to "relieve the heart and fire and invigorate the kidney water." What about Amomum? After all, Amomum is pungent and fragrant, which is not conducive to reducing fire, nor beneficial to water.

    "Yi Zong Jin Jian · Medical Formula Theory" quoted Zhao Yuhuang's words: "If you shrunk Amomum, it is pungent and warm in taste, good can enter the kidney, and the evil of the kidney is dry, and it moisturizes it. The person is only pungent, shrinking Amomum villosum to pass three energies to reach the body fluid, which can return the essence of the internal organs to the kidney. "Heart dryness and pungent moisturizing are mentioned here. The "Huangdi Nei Jing" says: "Kidneys are dry and dry, so fast food can moisturize the pungent pungent, which can induce body fluids and ventilate. "Compendium of Materia Medica" said: "Kidney is dry, moisten it with pungent, and reduce the pungent of Amomum villosum to moisturize the kidney. "It can be said that the power of Amomum villosum is to moisturize the kidney dryness. If there is insufficient water, it will be dry, and if water is sufficient, it will be moisturized. It is completed by Xin San Wen Tong and distributing Qi liquid, which is completely different from Rehmannia glutinosa medicine for nourishing kidney water.

    "Shen Zhai's Suicide Note" contains a case: "A woman with diarrhea, two feet of no god, this kidney dryness is not compatible." Cistanche is used to moisten the kidney dryness and heal it. Zhang Dongfu said in the annotation: "Kidney dryness is not compatible, and the four characters are wonderful. Everything is firm and seamless, and dryness is flawed." He added: "Yin Shenzhai is not compatible with kidney dryness, because of thinking. Huajing is a syndrome, and reason is sympathetic." Then "sealing the marrow" is to treat "kidney incompatibility", and good treatment of "kidney incompatibility" is the "essential medicine for strengthening essence."

    Therefore, we can think that the disease syndrome treated by Fengsui Danfang is the violent movement of phase fire based on kidney dryness (that is, diffuse kidney fire). This disease syndrome is different from Zhibai Dihuang Decoction, which is used to treat deficiency of kidney yin and inflammation of deficiency and fire, and it is also different from Qianyang Dan syndrome (Qianyang Dan: Amomum villosum, Aconite, Tortoise shell , Licorice), is more different from the treatment of weakness of the spleen and stomach, Yin and Huo Shang Chong Buzhong Yiqi Decoction plus Phellodendron. Of course, Fengshui Dan recipe is by no means the same as Huanglian Ejiao Decoction, which relieves the heart fire and invigorates the kidney.

    If Amomum villosum is understood as the treatment of Zhongjiao damp resistance and Fengsui Dan is used to treat damp-heat syndromes, or even to treat diseases that have nothing to do with kidney dryness and phase fire, this is an expansion of the use of prescriptions, not the original Fang Zheng.

    Source https://www.zysj.com.cn/yianxinde/7/74490.html

    Pu Fuzhou and Feng Sui Dan

    Brother Chengyuan once told me that the two seniors of Chinese medicine he admired most in his life. Among the two old gentlemen, one is positive and the other is strange. The positive one is Pu Fuzhou; the odd one is Zhang Ci Gong. Pu Fuzhou (1888-1975), a native of Zitong, Sichuan. Born in a family of traditional Chinese medicine, he studied medicine with his grandfather since childhood. He was 18 years old in Xuanhu Township. After Zitong became famous, due to an accidental medical error, he decided to suspend the clinic, study behind closed doors for three years, and finally mastered it. In 1955, Pu Laofeng was transferred to the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In 1971, Premier Zhou Enlai instructed: “Pu Lao is a doctor with real talents and learning. It is a valuable asset to sum up his medical experience.” In 1986, Deng Yingchao wrote an inscription in memory of Pu Lao: “ Comrade Pu Fuzhou, a well-known Chinese medicine doctor, has profound medical knowledge, rich experience, and excellent clinical effects. It is worth learning. Over the years, Comrade Zhou Enlai and I have benefited a lot. We wrote several lines to express our deepest memory and respect for him." Pu Lao Through a large number of clinical practices, the new insights of "sweat without injury, down without damage, warm without dryness, cold without condensation, elimination without cutting, supplement without stagnation, vomiting without relaxation", have put forward the new insights of "Eight "Fa" is more complete in theory and practice.

    Pu Lao advocated equal emphasis on theory and practice. He once tried some drugs personally to understand their toxicity and ancient conclusions. For example, in his early years, he had doubts about the "eighteen anti" in the book of Chinese medicine. He used half a catty of honey and four or two green onions, mashed the green onions and mixed them with honey. After half a day, he fed them to the dog one third per hour. After the dog ate it, there was nothing unusual. He took it again by himself, and he was still safe and sound. I also took seaweed and licorice together. After many experiments, it was concluded that "seaweed can be used with licorice, but I feel a little uncomfortable after taking it." And found that the compatibility of the two drugs is stronger to soften the knot.

    Pu Lao took the medicine calmly and lightly, paying attention to stomach qi, although he was critically ill, he waved away as though he was critically ill. It is because he has reached the realm of "flying flowers and picking leaves". Pu Lao likes to use Fengsui Dan to treat oral ulcers. I have a dull talent and a bad memory, so I have a soft spot for this small prescription with only three herbs. This method has been used a lot, and I have gradually realized it.

    Feng Sui Dan's side was first seen in the book "Replenishing Deficiency Loss Gate" compiled by Yuan Xu Guozhen. Original: "Feng Sui Dan: Reduce heart fire, benefit kidney water. Phellodendron three taels, shrunken amomum one and two halves, licorice two taels. The medicine is pounded as fine powder, the boiled batter is thin and the pills are as big as tongzi, each serving Fifty pills, cut into slices with cistanche halves, a large cup of wine, soak for one overnight, fry three or four to boil the next day, strain off the dregs, send it, take it before eating hollow."

    The Fengsui Pill in Zheng Qin'an's "True Medical Principles" comes from "Yi Zong Jin Jian", and its composition is: Phellodendron amurense, Amomum villosum, and Licorice 3 coins. Zheng's press: "Fengsui Dan is the method of absorbing qi and returning to the kidney, and it is also a prescription for up, middle, and down. The bitterness of Phellodendron cypress enters the heart, and the qi of the winter cold water enters the kidneys, and the color is yellow and yellow. Into the spleen, the spleen is also the pivot of reconciling water and fire, and the meaning of the three talents has been established. Besides, Xisha is warm, can absorb the vitality of the five internal organs and return to the kidneys, and licorice can harmonize the upper and lower sides, and can also confine the fire. , The roots of the human body are immortal, so it is called the marrow. Among them are the most wonderful ones, the bitterness of cork, the sweetness of licorice, and the bitter sweetness can transform yin. The pungent of Xisha, the sweetness of licorice, and the sweetness of licorice can transform yang The yin and yang are combined and meet in the middle palace, and the water and fire are both aided, and the way of the three talents is in Sijun. This party should not be underestimated. Yu Chang personally experienced it and can cure all the rushes of the virtual fire, toothache, cough, shortness of breath, face Swelling, throat numbness, ear swelling, red eyes, nasal congestion, enuresis, and hydatidism have repeatedly achieved miraculous effects. There are indeed unexpected and puzzling ones. I carefully figured out the meaning of the prescription, and the focus is Reconcile water and fire, from normal to normal, to the most wonderful."

    The treatment of Fengsui Pill can be summarized in the words "external flame floats, dampness and heat internal". Outside the phase fire, the qi and blood will float on the surface and fill up, that is, "tinnitus, ear swelling, swollen face, swollen teeth, red eyes, epistaxis, nasal sores, acne, mouth sores, throat numbness, insomnia, dizziness, Headache, heart palpitations, irritated heat, night sweats, and sweating on the head" various symptoms; if the phase fire is not submerged, the three yin will lose its warmth, the water will not melt, the moisture will be accumulated, and the growth disorder will cause heat depression, resulting in "slippage, premature ejaculation, Yang, enuresis, frequent urination, nocturia, vaginal itching, hemorrhoids, sticky stool, etc.

    In Fengsui Pill, the smell of cork is bitter and cold, and it is collectible. It can guide the wanderer of Xianghuo to "home". When Xianghuo is hidden, the blood will go down. The smell of Amomum villosum is warm and aromatic, which is the only movement in the recipe. The nature of the medicine rises and then falls. It can not only wake up the spleen and stomach, raise the clearing yang, but also absorb qi and return to the kidneys. If the kidney qi is sufficient, the triple energizer is truly unblocked; the smell of licorice is sweet and smooth, and it can benefit the spleen and stomach. Clear the lung qi, so it can collect the floating qi and blood, and slow down the fierce fire.

    The main points of the use of Fengshui Dan: 1. Its pathogenesis is "external fire, damp and heat internal"; 2. Symptoms of deficiency excitement and congestion are more common in the upper Jiao, while excessive dredging and renal failure are more common in the lower Jiao; 3. Common physical examinations: conjunctival hyperemia, bloody white eyes, oral ulcers, pharyngeal hyperemia, swollen tonsils, acne, and greasy facial skin; 4. Tongue examination: red or red tongue, or red tongue only, tongue coating How thick and greasy, white or yellow greasy, and even turbid and greasy, the sublingual veins are more stasis; 5. Pulse diagnosis: when the ulnar pulse is floating, sometimes the Shuangcun pulse is insufficient, and when the Shuangcun rises or fishes , Then the foot pulse is weak or smooth; 6. Repeated oral ulcers, insomnia, stomach upset, combined with Bupleurum and Longmu Decoction is effective; 7. Combination of Guizhi and Longmu Decoction is effective in treating alopecia areata; 8. Treating hand, mouth and foot Diseases, herpetic angina, thrush, there are more opportunities to use Fengsui Dan, combined with Shengjiang San for those with heat depression; 9. Swelling and painful gums, inability to align the teeth, or even face swelling, if one side, use rhubarb together Fuzi Xixin Decoction; 10. Eczema caused by damp-heat, it is advisable to use the Jianwei Shengma Biejia Decoction; 11. Leucorrhea, yellow belt, vaginal itch caused by damp-heat betting, Fengsui Dan is very effective; 12. Nocturnal emission, premature ejaculation, Yang Strong, low Jiao deficiency and cold, it is advisable to use Qianyang Pill or Zhu's warm-qian method.



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