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    "The Pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China" (a 2000 edition) says like this: bitterness and coldness. Return to the liver, stomach, and large intestine meridian. Functions and indications: clearing liver heat, laxative. Used for constipation, malnutrition in children, convulsion; external treatment of damp tinea. 2 "Compendium of Materia Medica" says the nature and flavor: bitter, cold, non-toxic. Indications: hot wind irritation, heat in the chest compartment, eyesight and heart, pediatric epilepsy convulsion, treatment of five chancre, killing three insects and hemorrhoids fistula, relieving crotonosis. 3 "Chinese Materia Medica" said that the "Chinese Materia Medica" which concentrates on the great achievements of herbal medicine summarizes the health functions of aloe vera as: ⑴ venting, that is, moistening the intestines and laxative; ⑵ regulating human immunity; ⑶ anti-tumor; ⑷ protecting the liver; ⑸ Anti-gastric injury; ⑹antibacterial; ⑺repair tissue damage; ⑻protective effect on skin.

    According to scientific research, it has been found that many ingredients in aloe have good nourishing and moisturizing effects on human skin, and are less irritating, comfortable after use, and have certain effects on rough skin, facial wrinkles, scars, freckles, acne, etc. Therefore, its extracts can be used as cosmetic additives, formulated into sunscreens, body washes, etc.

    As for mild bruises, contusions, Hong Kong feet, frostbite, cracked skin, warts, etc., aloe vera can be used to treat, and the effect is good. Modern studies have shown that its leaves contain aloe-emodin, iso-aloe-emodin and aloe bitterness, etc. Pharmacological experiments have purgative and anti-cancer effects. Aloe flowers are cold in nature, bitter in taste, and have the effects of clearing away heat, relieving cough, and stopping bleeding, and can treat cough and vomiting.

    The pharmacological effects of aloe

    1. Bactericidal effect: aloe tincture (Aloetin). It is a highly antibacterial substance, which can kill fungi, molds, bacteria, viruses and other germs, inhibit and eliminate the development and reproduction of pathogens. The germs of aloe antibacterial and sterilization are: diphtheria, tetanus, pneumonia, lactic acid bacteria, dysentery Bacteria, coliform bacteria, black death bacteria, cholera bacteria, and bacteria that cause otitis media, cystitis, suppuration, measles, rabies, polio, epidemic encephalitis and other diseases.

    2. Anti-inflammatory effect: the bradykininase of aloe vera can resist inflammation in combination with vascular tension. In particular, the polysaccharides of aloe vera can enhance the body's resistance to diseases and cure chronic diseases such as dermatitis, chronic nephritis, cystitis, and bronchitis.

    3. Moisturizing and beautifying effects: Aloe vera polysaccharides and vitamins have good nutrition, moisturizing and whitening effects on human skin. Especially the most troublesome acne of young girls, aloe vera has a good effect on eliminating acne. Aloe-emodin and other substances are anthraquinone glycosides, which can make hair soft and shiny, relaxing and refreshing, and have anti-dandruff effects. Therefore, aloe cosmetics such as aloe beauty cream, aloe skin cream, and aloe hair dye occupy 80% of the European cosmetics market.

    4. Invigorating stomach and lowering evacuation: The effective ingredients such as aloe-emodin and aloe-emodin in aloe can increase appetite and slow down evacuation of the large intestine. Taking proper amount of aloe vera can strengthen stomach function and physical fitness, and for critically ill patients who lose their appetite due to the deficiency of evidence, taking aloe vera can also restore appetite. For healthy people, taking aloe vera for a long time and sticking to aloe bath can prevent certain diseases, but it is necessary to take care of the symptoms according to each person's situation. Healthy human body fluids are weakly alkaline. Excessive fatigue or stress in life will make body fluids acidic and susceptible to virus infection. Commonly used Aloe vera will keep body fluids alkaline to maintain health and prevent colds. Aloe vera is a relatively effective medicine for treating constipation of exuberant heat type. For severe constipation caused by deficiency of kidney qi or spleen qi, it is necessary to choose mild foods or drugs to treat constipation. After taking aloe vera which can clear away heat and relieve fire, it will aggravate the condition. Therefore, different methods should be used for different types of diseases. Cold is hot, and hot is cold.

    5. Strengthening the heart and promoting blood circulation: The calcium isocitrate in aloe vera can strengthen the heart, promote blood circulation, soften hardened arteries, reduce cholesterol content, expand capillaries, make blood circulation unblocked, reduce cholesterol values, and reduce the burden on the heart. Keep blood pressure normal and remove "toxins" from the blood.

    6. Immunity and regeneration: Aloin A, trauma hormone and glycan peptide mannose (Ke-2) have anti-viral infection, promote wound healing and recovery, have anti-inflammatory and sterilization, clear heat and reduce swelling, soften skin, and maintain cell vitality The combination of curdlan and callic acid also has wound healing activity. Therefore, it is an ideal medicine for treating trauma (hemorrhagic trauma, non-bleeding trauma) without leaving scars.

    7. Immunity and anti-tumor effects: the viscous polysaccharides in aloe vera (acetylated glucomannan, mannan, acetylated mannan, aloe mannan, alocutin, alomicin, etc.) can improve immunity and inhibit, Destroy the growth of abnormal cells to achieve the purpose of anti-cancer.Japanese aloe research expert Dr. Soda Moyue pointed out in a paper "Research on the Anticancer Effect of Aloe Vera" (published in 1966): Aloe mannan, alocutin, alomicin and other components in aloe can prevent cancer cell activity. Japanese aloe research expert Dr. Suzuki Yunan's paper "Aloin-A Anti-tumor Activity" put forward the excellent efficacy of animal experiments. The macromolecule substance in aloe-"aloe antigen" has agglomeration properties for red blood cells and contains substances that can react with cell membranes; aloe anticancer-A has strong physiological activity, and animal experiments have confirmed that it has anti-cancer effects. Improve the body's anti-cancer immunity, increase NK-cells, and kill abnormal cells and cancer cells in the organism. Another theory of using aloe vera to treat cancer is that aloe vera can enhance the body's own healing power. This fact has been proved.

    8. Detoxification: because of its bitter cold and clearing heat, aloe can inhibit excessive immune response and enhance the phagocytic function of phagocytes, so it can remove metabolic waste from the body. The aloetin alomicin and other components in aloe have the effect of promoting the liver to decompose harmful substances in the body, and can also eliminate toxins invaded from the outside of the organism. Radiation or nuclear radiation can cause burn skin ulcers during the treatment of cancer. Aloe treatment can not only detoxify, reduce inflammation, and regenerate new cells, but also increase the number of white blood cells that are reduced by radiation therapy.

    9. Anti-aging effect: Mucin (protein) in aloe vera is based on arboran A B\aloe mannan\aloetin and other polysaccharides as its core components. Mucus substances are important components to prevent cell aging and treat chronic allergies. Mucin exists in the muscles and gastrointestinal mucosa of the human body, making the tissues elastic. If the liquid is insufficient, the muscles and mucous membranes will lose their elasticity and become stiff and aging. If the cells that make up the human body are insufficient in mucin, the cells will gradually weaken and lose the ability to defend against germs and viruses.

    10. Analgesia and sedation: When fingers are swollen and painful or toothache is unbearable, stick aloe vera leaves on the affected area to eliminate pain, neuralgia, gout, muscle pain, etc. Oral administration and topical aloe can also have analgesic effect. Aloe can also prevent and treat hangovers, motion sickness, and seasickness.

    11. Sunscreen effect: The natural anthraquinone glycosides or anthracene derivatives in aloe can absorb ultraviolet rays and prevent red and brown spots on the skin.

    12. Anti-insect and antiseptic effects: Aloe juice has good disinfection and antiseptic effects. In summer, aloe vera juice is applied to the skin to prevent mosquitoes from biting. Colombians often put aloe vera juice on children's feet to prevent pests. Aloe juice is sprayed on doors, windows and indoors, and flies can't enter. The Dai people use aloe juice to prevent flies from entering the room.

    13. Deodorant effect: Aloe vera can prevent body odor such as feet, mouth and armpits. Long ago, people used aloe vera to eliminate body odor. When hunting, African Congoles put aloe vera juice on their bodies to prevent the animals from smelling body odor. The peculiar effect of aloe has attracted the attention of the scientific community, especially the medical community, especially the western developed countries represented by the United States, invested a lot of manpower, material resources, and financial resources in the research, development and application of aloe. "Aloe has developed very rapidly, with significant utilization of development results, and huge economic benefits. Its research results are not only used in medical treatment, beauty, food and health care, but also in dyes, metallurgy, textiles, pesticides, animal husbandry and other fields. Since then, aloe is worth a hundred times. .

    Aloe skin care effect

    Aloe gel is very permeable to the skin and can reach the deep layers of the skin. It is rich in vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, polysaccharides, and its beauty effect is almost all-round!


    Apply the aloe vera gel to the face in the morning and evening for 15-20 minutes, sticking to it, can make the facial skin smooth and white, and also have a good effect on eliminating various spots.


    Aloe vera gel has a very high moisturizing effect. Its super penetration can help the skin capture oxygen and lock the skin moisture

    ⊙Oil control

    Its balanced skin ingredients can effectively organize oily skin and achieve the effect of deoiling and moisturizing.

    ⊙Acne removal

    After cleansing, apply more aloe vera gel to the acne area to allow it to be absorbed naturally, which can effectively eliminate acne. It also has a good effect on eliminating acne marks.



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