hemorrhoids and anal fissures,Family secret internal medicine experience quick-acting prescription

    All the miscellaneous diseases of the family secret medicine will be treated with medicine until the disease is cured, and it is safe to record, so as to add the benefits of the rapid recovery of the disease.

    1. Tiaojing Seed Soup

    Homecoming Chuanxiong Evodia (one coin each) Rehmannia glutinosa (half each) White peony Poria cocos Danpi (eight points each) Yuanhusuo Tangerine peel (each seven points)

    If the menstrual period is advanced, the color will be purple, and the strips will be eight points. Those who are overdue will have a lighter color, add five points each of Guangui, dried ginger, and cooked moxa.

    Do not fall in advance or backward, add three slices of ginger to each serving, a bowl and a half of water, and fry for eight minutes. After the water reaches the sun, take it empty. Fry with dregs and take it before lying down. One dose a day, take it until two or three days after menstruation, pregnancy will occur after copulation.

    For those who are quasi-infertile during menstruation, use Dipsacus, Adenophora, Eucommia, Angelica, Motherwort for two points, Ligusticum chuanxiong for one coin, Amomum villosum for five cents, Cyperus rotundus for two cents, Tangerine for one cent, and seeds for safflower for three cents. Take four doses until the end of the period, and then take the next period to get pregnant.

    2. The theory of seeking an heir to get pregnant

    In the past, Chu Cheng said: When the male essence vents first, while the female essence arrives later, the yin wraps the yang and the male is pregnant. If the female sperm evacuates first, and the male sperm arrives later, yang wraps yin, and the female is pregnant. He also said: At the beginning of the letter of the month, the turbidity is not clear, and the copulation is a female. Wait for the two-legged day, the female body will be weak and the turbidity will be exhausted, and then the man will take care of it for more than a month, and the yang will be better than the yin, and the male will be pregnant. On the left and right sides of the uterus, if the male essence vents from a woman, the left gives birth to a male, while the right gives birth to a female. Those who conceive in high winds, drunk and full, or take medicine stones often die. The weather must be clear and bright, the day will be warm and windy, the stars will be bright and the conceived will be rich. If the season is not correct, or the conceived person is angry and mad, it is stupid and poor. Or the conceived after the thunder and lightning, the monsters will be born, and the heirs will be careful.

    3. Hand, foot, and numbness

    The carapace tail slices and the panwood turtles are each refined with two or two net ends, and one or two at the end of Sichuan, and uniformly, each serving seven points, using good aging wine, five drums to send down, drunk cover to remove sweat. After taking the medicine, the sore area is more painful, the numb area is more numb, the head is dizzy, the back sweats, and the dizziness is fixed. If you do not feel any pain after taking it, you must take it until you feel it.

    4. Hand and foot bone pain

    Use rehmannia glutinosa, pound it, immerse it in 2 catties of dripping shochu, stir evenly with bamboo chopsticks after a toast of heat, until it is cold. When drinking, take the soaked ground wine.

    Ma said: This prescription can be taken by people who are vacant, but not for people who enter the network such as rheumatism.

    5. Gout

    The pain throughout the body is divided into the ends of Angelica sinensis, Guizhi, Yuanhusuo, and Tianma, each of which is taken in five servings, and the wine can be healed after delivery.

    6, arrow wind

    Use Yuanhusuo, Guixin, Angelica, Wulingzhi, Muxiang, Angelica, and Fangfeng. Decoction in wine, take food far away. Take it for three days to relieve the pain.

    7. Thunder head wind

    This disease is also incurable. However, using goat feces to stir-fry charcoal to grind the powder and get two money for wine, it works.

    8. Positive

    Three dollars for Angelica dahurica, one for Tianma, one for windbreak, and half for Nepeta. Decoction will heal.

    9. Stomach pain

    Take the fresh dandelion, the tile is burnt and black, grind the powder, every five minutes taken, mix the mouth with dripping shochu, and then send it with shochu.

    Pain, healed in five days after taking the medicine. Abstain from eating cold, or use the red safflower in the red workshop, ten jujubes, put in two bowls of water, fry until the jujube is cooked, go to the flower to eat the soup and jujube, take it for 20 days, and remove the roots forever.

    10. Lumpiness

    If you suffer from ruffles, your skin will have no vellus hair, so you must spot it with a pen circle. Use six taels for Mitra monk, five coins for Asafoetida, one or two for Qianghuo, three coins for water saffron and musk. Take a pound of sesame oil, decoct it into a paste, and anneal it to spread the affected area. The new ones disappear with one ointment, and the older ones heal with two. Then grind the powder with three coins of saffron seeds, soak in two catties of fire wine, and drink as much as you want until it heals.

    Ma said: It is only available to those who must have a strong stomach and a strong body. Women should detect pulse syndromes and should not try.

    11. Three-day malaria

    Before the day of the illness, use Yanghe Jiening plaster to spread the back, use Changshan, Yunling, Guangui, licorice, and betel nut, and 49 small black beans. Two bowls of wine and water, two bowls left after slow-frying, take one bowl first that night, cover warm and sleep. Save a bowl, take it with warmth two o'clock before the next vivax malaria, cover it warmly, and lie down until the malaria arrives, even lighter. There are also those who healed the same day. Avoid sexual intercourse after healing, abstain from food and cold, and work hard. Avoid eating chicken, sheep, cow, eggs, white lentils, and be cautious for half a month. Never cut off, halve small malaria.

    Ma said: Although Changshan has been effective in treating malaria, he feels too great to be attached to one side. Changshan has four taels, five catties of old wine, and seven eggs. Boil hot in a sand jar. When malaria arrives, hold the egg in both hands. It is easy to change when it is cold, until the heat subsides and sweat stops. It is unpredictable for long-term malaria, but it is not available at first.

    12. Jaundice

    Those who suffer from yellow gall bladder have white eyes and red eyes, soft body all over, take soybeans and chew raw, but those who are not sick. Use Xanthium, mint, Mutong, and Mianyinchen for three coins each. Take a pound of Sahara Chen wine, fry a bowl, stir-fry the powdered Amomum and serve. If the urine is red and bloody, Jiachuan will fry with one coin.

    Ma said: Fang is also safe, not as good as the fragrant crucian paste.

    13. Differentiation of dampness with wine

    The above is used to heal people repeatedly, or if there is a discussion, it is called paralysis, jaundice and dampness, so alcohol should be avoided. As everyone knows that although the wine is wet, we are now asked to do wet catching, be good at wet acupoints, and receive medicine to fight wetness. Wine is a must. Or it is said that the dripping water fails, so why? The answer is: The wine is hydrolyzed, and the thieves are caught.

    14. Red and white diarrhea

    Where dysentery is not restricted to red and white, avoid using Chuanlian. If you have abdominal pain and dysentery, you don’t need any other medicine. You only use plantain to fry two coins, betel nut, Chuanpu, haw charcoal, tangerine peel, talcum, and licorice each one, red yeast fry three coins, Alisma and Citrus aurantium each one coin , A pinch of light heart.

    The above eleven flavors are fried together. In addition, use woody six points, wine mill, decoction decoction and aging wine to make it up. If it increases or decreases, it will definitely not work.

    If there is no pain, but dysentery, pus and blood, and yellow syrup, this system usually likes to eat cold tea, water wine, slippery intestines, etc., causing dampness and rest. For patients who avoid eating fruits, water wine, raw cold, sea cucumbers, jellyfish and other cold things, they must use live eel to remove intestines, cut into sections, put on the tiles, roast charcoal and grind powder, three dollars per serving, mixed with brown sugar, Send the hot wine, take several servings and heal. Regardless of the young and old, those with long bowel dysentery have miraculous effects.

    Ma said: For fear of internal hemorrhoids, we must distinguish.

    15. Dementia (attached: sheep's head wind)

    Anyone suffering from dementia or sheep's head wind is caused by phlegm in the heart orifice. Take ten kilograms of olive juice, knock it out, boil it in a casserole, remove the pit, pound it in a stone mortar, and fry in the original soup to make the juice greasy. Fry in water and then fry until it tasteless, remove the residue, put the juice in a pot, fry Thick into a cream.

    Use white alum eight coins, grind the powder into the ointment and mix, take three ointments each morning and evening, and take it with boiling water. Or if you start to lighten up, take olives and bite one end. Dip the alum powder into the mouth and chew. The olives will taste more beautiful and even stop.

    Ma said: This prescription is not particularly effective in curing dementia, that is, children sometimes twitch their hands and feet after a convulsive wind, and they can be taken away.

    16, vomiting blood

    For those who vomit a lot of blood, look for a piece of Angelica sinensis in twos or twos, cut it finely, take a catty of aging wine, and fry slowly until a bowl is full. Pause in the pot with warmth as a good idea. When you are about to vomit, you have not vomited, but there is blood in your mouth. Hold it, take a sip of the medicine, swallow it with blood, that is, it will heal with this one dose, and then no longer send it.

    Ma said: Those who don't cough can take it.

    17. Differentiation of vomiting blood with wine

    Every medical doctor said: If you have to quit drinking if you vomit blood, how can you drink the Chinese angelica? If you take it, the blood will not stop spraying. Everyone knows the interpretation of the word "Danggui": when the person is right, when it is the time; the person who returns, leads the blood to the classics. All use Dingzhu to lead blood to the classics. This party is the family biography of the Yu family, there are many living people, and there is no mistake.

    18. Blood in sputum

    Take one hundred roosters alive. When fasting every morning, use one to kill the blood bowl, take advantage of the situation and swallow it, avoid adding salt. Eat the blood of a hundred chickens for a hundred days, not to be separated, and heal after eating.

    Ma said: Killing in a day is too violent, and it may not be cured immediately. Or use Huilong Tang, which is quite effective.

    19. Cough

    One or two badan almonds, soak and peel the tip, discard if there is double benevolence inside. Buy a new bowl, grind and beat the almonds and mash them into three servings. Add three dollars of rock sugar to each serving and put it in a tureen. Another use spring water to boil and rush in, cover for a while to warm, Lian Renmo takes it. Once in the morning and evening, healed in three servings. It is invalid to fry with almonds.

    Ma said: This prescription has proven to cure dry phlegm and chronic cough.

    20. Cold Ass

    One or two Jiangxi white tempeh, one or two white arsenic, are all at the end. Use three money for rice, grind it, and make a pill at the end, as big as raspberry. For every seven pills taken, the white soup is given. Children's clothes can be used to remove the roots, and those who are old will suffer from cold, and the clothes can prevent asthma.

    Ma said: This prescription is very effective in treating cold asthma, so I don't have to take it.

    21, stomach cold and vomiting yellow water

    Take a pound of ginger, pound a bowl of juice, add five dollars each of Cantonese gum, frankincense powder, and powder myrrh, decoct and gel, remove the medicine from the fire, and spread the three or four major ointments to paste the painful area of ​​the stomach. Tie them for three hours, and then take two one-year-old shoes, bake them on the stove, and iron them in rounds until the paste is hard, and then easy to paste, and then tie them for three more hours, and iron them until they heal. Then use three kilograms of purple thick park and two kilograms of peeled ginger, slice them with 5 liters of water, remove the ginger and leave it on the ground, and toast on fire. Then use 2 taels of raw licorice and 4 taels of dried ginger. According to the previous cooking, remove the grass and leave. The ginger, even the formerly fried Pu Sao, is a fine powder. Take a catty of black jujube, use ginger two or two, cook the same jujube, take the jujube, peel and smash it, use the powder as a pill, dry it, take three cents each morning and evening, and give the white soup. Do not post after serving.

    22, the beginning of the stomach

    Stir-fried with tangerine peel soil, the color is yellow and crisp for the degree, and the grinding is for the end. Three coins per serving, decoction in water and drink, magical effect.

    23. Intestinal red

    Stir-fry the pepper seeds, grind them, and mix with brown sugar. Each serving is three dollars, and the white soup is given. Take it until it stops.

    24, water diarrhea

    Fried coke atractylodes and plantago seed for two dollars, roasting, hawthorn charcoal thick pimples, and soil-fried tangerine peels each for decoction, and it will become better. Children are halved.

    25, closed urination

    This symptom is qi closure, and it does not distinguish between urine and urine. Doctors often use Alisma, Mutong, Plantago, Polyporus and other medicines, but they have no effect. When I encounter this disease, I can take one or two for returning to the body, five coins for Chuanxiong, two and a half dollars for Bupleurum and cohosh, two bowls of water, eight minutes for decoction, and one serving is ready. Once saved many people, or pregnant and elderly people, add ginseng for one dollar.

    Ma said: Fang is extremely proper.

    26. Dry stools

    For the elderly, who may suffer from carbuncle, dry stools, take Siren Decoction for effective use.

    27. Cleft urine head

    One or two Chinese angelica, decoct it with one liter of aged wine, and it will heal once taken.

    28, white turbidity

    The grass roots of cattle tongue, namely wild red cabbage, also known as bald cabbage root, are most near the pond. Take the root decoction as tea, or cook porridge with the soup until it stops. Or use three raw ginkgo, smash, and boil tofu.

    29. Dreams

    In Liuwei soup minus Alisma, add keel three coins, grind fine water fly, lotus silk one or two, gorgon two or two, thread glue four or two, stir-fried with oyster powder into pearls, research together to make the end, honey pill. Withdraw four dollars each morning and evening, and deer deer and grass decoction will be served.

    30, black swelling

    Clove, male essence, atractylodes, and cinnabar are divided into equal parts, and toad venom is also divided into slices, soaked in wine and pulped, and the former powder is mashed into pellets such as mustard seeds, and stored in a sun-dried bottle. Take seven capsules and send warm tea to swallow. , Lisu.

    31. Pediatric illness

    Yellow face, big belly without diarrhea, easy to vomit when eating, the name is cold chancre. Take seven cloves as the end, adjust with human milk, steam three or four times, and take ginger soup for healing. For those with vomiting and diarrhea, the orange red and clove are divided into equal parts for the last honey pill and rice soup. If there is no diarrhea and frequent vomiting, add ginger pinellia, dough paste pills, and ginger soup.

    32, chancre food product

    Take 30 Gallus gallus domesticus, avoid the water, burn on the tile without odor, become charcoal, grind it into fine powder, and then use four liang of fried plantain to grind the powder, the two substances are mixed, and the sugar is melted and dissolved. Eat, heal after eating. Don't eat fried beans, boiled oil, hard and other things. If it is delayed, or use frog white water to cook, add a little ginger, eat lightly, and even stop.

    33, pediatric worm disease

    Everyone who suffers from worms should be treated separately.

    Treat bloodworms with two ebony plums and 30 peppercorns, boil the soup and take it. Then use six taels of betel nuts, two taels of black ugliness and two taels of white ugliness, a total of two pieces, and for every two dollars taken, mix with brown sugar. Half the money for a young child can get rid of the worms.

    To cure the fleshy turtle inchworm, steam the neem tree root meat and green bark thoroughly, dry it and steam it, each serving one dollar, mixed with sugar, and six points for the infant to exterminate itself.

    Ma said: It can only be used if you see insects.

    34, children night cry

    It is caused by wearing the cover too warm to contain heat. As the saying goes: If you want children to be safe, you often have three points of hunger and cold. In taking chicken shit and smearing the navel, male and female are the best. Or use real rhinoceros yellow and cinnabar five centimetres each, rub the powder on the tongue, and stop.

    35. Slow and convulsive

    Cinnabar and light powder each have one dollar, seven stiff silkworms, and three full scorpions. Research the fineness together, use the worms in Artemisia annua knot, pound and make a pill, such as mung beans, take a pill before use, and adjust the administration with human milk.

    Ma said: Fang Po proved effective.

    36, dumb surprise

    Two cents for Tianzhuhuang, four cents for musk and rhinoceros, one cent for realgar, and six cents for amber, four cents for Chen Danxing. For each end, use licorice, Uncaria and Gou decoction cream as pills, cinnabar as clothing, plus red gold, each ingredient is made forty pills, each serving one pill, four coins with rush charcoal, mint decoction to send. Or catch a big spider, burn it, grind the powder, adjust half of the pig milk, and slowly pour it down.

    Ma said: A golden pill is also tested, but you should not take more.



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