what does a hemorrhoids look like,The greatest "foodie" in history ends in the painful lower body

    Ma Yinglong2017-08-26

    There is one type of population that has the fastest growth in the world, and that is food. "He who knows food is a good man", this sentence is the most reasonable saying of foodies.

    In addition to eating, they are looking for food, and eat it upside down. The only thing you can afford but can't put down is chopsticks.


    Because there are two things in a person's life that others can't take away. One is the food eaten in the belly, and the other is the dream hidden in the heart. Therefore, to be a foodie with dreams, you are invincible.

    Su Dongpo, one of the uninhibited "Eight Great Masters of the Tang and Song Dynasties", apart from his poems and Li Bai's equal fame, his other identity is also remembered by the world, that is, he is a foodie, and he is a foodie with a dream. Out of a magnificent and multi-flavored life, he is the greatest foodie in history.

    Among other things, there is a long list of delicacies named after Dongpo: Dongpo pork, Dongpo pork shoulder, Dongpo spring pigeon meat, Dongpo cuttlefish, Dongpo jade grits, Dongpo tofu, Dongpo cake...Yes According to expert research, there are at least 66 kinds of vegetables named Dongpo. Some famous dishes of Zhejiang department, at least half of which are related to Mr. Dongpo.

    (Writing here is so hard to continue......)

    Su Dongpo likes to study Buddhism and often goes to the temple to practice meditation and chanting. Once he chanted sutras while eating meat. The monk on the side said, you can’t do this!

    Su Dongpo thought for a while and said, let me rinse my mouth. The monk said again, gargle is not good either. Dongpo smiled: "Hey, the Taoist monk will understand me!"

    After listening to the monk, his face was black.

    Su Dongpo suffered from pink eye, and the doctor said he wanted to give up meat. Meat is his love. Brother Po hesitated, probably because of an internal injury. He imagined that his mouth came to complain about his eyes: "I will be your mouth and it will be your eyes. Why do you treat it thick and treat me thinly? ? Because it’s sick and doesn’t let me eat delicious food, that’s not okay.” Then, Brother Po slipped down and said, “My mind has decided to obey, but my mouth doesn’t listen.” So what should I do? ? Have to eat!

    Dongpo was demoted to Hainan. He was depressed at first, but it didn't take long before he realized that the oysters there were delicious. He hurriedly wrote a letter to his son excitedly, saying: "Oh, the oysters here are so delicious, you must not tell the scholars in the DPRK, lest they come to grab me, so I won’t have to eat. Now!" As long as there is something delicious, all depression will be wiped out.

    Drop a few verses from brother Po about eating, feel free to feel:

    After three days of drinking, I will kill all the Xicun chickens.

    (Is there a sense of seeing if the enemy is jumping into the village)

    He eats 300 lychees every day and he grows up as a native of Lingnan.

    (How long does it take to peel 300 pieces? I have been busy eating all day, right)

    The natives eat potato and taro at once, and recommend the smoked rat to burn the bat.

    (It’s not a problem to eat rats and bats, the god of war among foodies)

    The sprouts of Artemisia selengensis are short, which is exactly when the pufferfish wants to go.

    (Later, I learned that Artemisia selengensis and Reed sprouts are the best side dishes for puffer fish meat. In fact, Brother Po sees only the ingredients)

    The beauty of the polymer is to support my old glutton.

    (All the beautiful things in this world exist to satisfy my appetite, a dream of eating goods...)

    Looking at Poe’s article from the perspective of food, it is simply "the Northern Song Dynasty on the tip of the tongue": "Cai Geng Fu", "Pork Pork Poetry", "Bean Congee", "Whale Tour" and the famous "Old Gourmet Fu". It is the highest-ranking copywriter for food. When Su Shi commented on his work, he said: "My writing is like the source of ten thousand hu...", the vernacular is: to be honest, the writing is so good!

    Possibly because I ate too much lychee and chicken in Huizhou. In addition, I was upset after being repeatedly banished. Brother Po drank alcohol all day long. PP suffered from this: severe hemorrhoids induced, itching, painful and bloody stools, sitting and lying down Restless and painful. This time, Brother Po learned from a painful experience. After lying on the bed for several days and nights, he realized that he had eaten too well and some insects had settled in his body. So he began to endure starvation therapy, trying to starve those bugs to death, but he was really starving to death.

    Worried that he would starve to death before the "worms" starve to death, Su Dongpo has developed a special food for hemorrhoid patients: a flour cake made of tuckahoe and black sesame-Dongpo tuckahoe cake. The professional foodie is admired.

    As a result, the hemorrhoids really got smaller.

    Black sesame and tuckahoe with honey are in fact moistening the intestines and dehumidification and strengthening the spleen. The effect is there, but the cure is impossible. So, when Brother Po got better and couldn't help but gluttonous food, Hemorrhoids Jun made a comeback again aggressively.

    Su Dongpo was 60 years old at this time. The last time he was demoted to Hainan, which was still a savage land at the time, suffered from the dual ravages of hunger and hemorrhoids, and his gastrointestinal function and body immunity were greatly reduced.

    Four years later, in 1101, when he was finally amnested by the emperor to return north, he died of illness in Changzhou on the way, and the great literary star, the great foodie, fell. Textual research says that he died of dysentery and diarrhea after drinking ice water. One can imagine how weak his body was at the time (long-term hemorrhoids can cause anemia).

    It is a pity that Mayinglong Musk Hemorrhoid Ointment was not invented in the Northern Song Dynasty, and such a master suffered so much for nothing. Imagine that if Su Dongpo is not affected by this painful lower body, he should eat, drink, and he can live for at least another ten years. How many immortal poems will he leave with his creative power still amazing? How many wonderful foods should you create?



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