hemorrhoids pads,Fetal Diary for 5 months (serial)

    Fifth month (17-20 weeks)

    Precautions for the fifth month of pregnancy:

    *Avoid heavy work and take measures to prevent back pain.

    * Turn your body to the left when you sleep, and rest in time when you are tired.

    * Wear comfortable and loose clothing.

    *Avoid overheating, keep the air circulating fresh and keep away from poisonous gas.

    *If you have severe gum pain and discomfort, consult your doctor.

    * Prevent urinary tract infections.

    *Ensure that the diet has sufficient iron to prevent anemia.

    *Keep blood sugar stable, eat smaller meals and carry snacks with you.

    * Prevent leg cramps, reduce edema of ankles, legs and hands.

    * Prevent constipation and avoid hemorrhoids.

    113th day of pregnancy (153 days remaining)

    The outer ear of the fetus appears outside the head. By next month, the length of the fetus will increase by about 2 inches (51mm), and the weight will increase by nearly 26 ounces (728g).

    GX you, you have been pregnant safely for 4 months, and in another 2 weeks, you will only be halfway from the birth of your baby.

    Think about it: the speed of pregnancy is not important, what matters is its quality. Remember, the architect of the environment in which your baby lives, pampering yourself is to pampering your baby. When you need more rest, don't be harsh on yourself and reduce entertainment.

    114th day of pregnancy (152 days remaining)

    In the next 2 days, lanugo (temporary hair) began to appear on the fetus's head. No one knows the role of lanugo, but by the time the baby is born, most of them have disappeared.

    In the next 3 months, the weight gain was the fastest. Usually until the 7th month, an average of 1 pound per week is gained. Although the weight gain is mostly uneven, it is usually no gain in the first week, 2 pounds (896g) in the second week, 0.5 pounds in the third week, and so on. Be careful not to be overly tired, because the rapid development of your baby will increase the burden on your heart, lungs and kidneys.

    Diet: Calcium helps to form the bones and teeth of the fetus. Although fresh vegetables contain much less calcium than milk and dairy products, dark green vegetables do contain a lot of calcium.

    Small information: 4 times a day, 1 cup of cabbage juice, dandelion juice, or radish juice can meet the daily calcium requirement.

    115th day of pregnancy (151 days remaining)

    The length of the fetus increased from 3.5 inches (89mm) to 5.5 inches (140mm) last month. This is a substantial increase. In this month, the growth rate is also amazing. In this short 4 weeks, the fetus will grow from 5.5 inches to 8-10 inches!

    As you gain weight, you need to change into light-weight, light-weight and loose-fitting clothes so that you won’t feel discomfort due to the increase in body temperature.

    Diet: During pregnancy, corn can provide rich vitamins. Since the sugar in corn starts to turn into starch after harvest, it is better to eat fresh corn as soon as possible and peel it before cooking. Boil in boiling water for 3 minutes. At this time, the milk in the corn ends, and the corn is delicious and nutritious. Don't put salt in the water, it will harden the corn.

    116th day of pregnancy (150 days remaining)

    If the fetus is a girl, then her ovaries already have the first eggs. All the eggs in a girl's ovaries are born with them. So far, she is ready to start a family in the future. The age of the girl is the same as the age of her own egg.

    As the pregnancy continues, you may begin to experience back pain. This is because the narrowest part of the back (the waist) needs to balance the growing uterus, and the previously stable joints in the pelvis begin to relax in preparation for labor. Back pain is a common symptom during pregnancy. We will list 10 suggestions below to avoid or reduce back pain:

    Prevent back pain: Recommendation 1: Maintain a good posture. Imagine being pulled by a rope, the head, neck, bones and pelvis are in a straight line, and I feel myself being lifted and straightened. When you feel listless, consciously straighten yourself as described above. Also avoid tilting the pelvis forward.

    117th day of pregnancy (149 days remaining)

    Two days later, fetal fat begins to form, which is a substance covering the surface of the fetal skin, which can protect the skin and the growing glands and sensory cells. Fetal fat is composed of dead skin of the fetus, oil secreted by the skin and lanugo.

    Now you may notice that spots have grown out of the original areola, which may even cover half of the breast. This change in breast tissue coloration, called the second areola, is only a temporary phenomenon, but it may last until 12 months after the baby is born.

    Prevention of back pain Recommendation 2: Avoid obesity. The heavier the weight, the heavier the back must be balanced. If you avoid eating all unhelpful foods and high-fat foods, then every pound of weight gained is a "healthy weight."

    118th day of pregnancy (148 days remaining)

    In addition to the changes in the coloration of your breasts, spots on your forehead and cheeks will also appear, called chloasma, which usually disappear gradually after delivery. Since the sun will deepen the coloration and make it difficult to fade, it is recommended to bring sun-shielding supplies when going out. Melasma generally fades within a few months after delivery.

    Prevention of back pain recommendation 3: When sitting down, raise your legs or use a chair specifically designed to reduce back pressure

    119th day of pregnancy (147 days remaining)

    From now on until the birth of the fetus, the placenta has only increased in diameter. His final diameter exceeds 125 mm.

    The fetus will occasionally hiccup. This is caused by the regular vibration of your abdomen every 2 to 4 seconds. Although there is no air in the womb, the muscle movements involved in the hiccup of the fetus are the same as those of the baby's septum. Fetal hiccups usually stop within half an hour. By the time you go to bed tonight, you will be 18 weeks pregnant.

    Dietary coordination: The meat and eggs consumed during pregnancy increase the saturated fat in the diet, while the fat in nuts and seeds are extremely unsaturated fats, which are good for your heart and arteries. But coconut should be excluded, because it contains a lot of saturated fat, but not rich in protein. This is why you should choose something that does not contain tropical oils.

    At seventeen weeks, you can hear your baby's strong heartbeat with the help of a stethoscope. The baby's strong heartbeat can reduce your fear of childbirth and increase your confidence. At the same time, your fear of your baby being hurt during pregnancy can be temporarily let go.

    At 18 weeks, you can see your baby’s various postures and movements during exercise, such as kicking, touching, rolling, and sucking fingers.

    Week 18

    120th day of pregnancy (146 days remaining)

    Today, caloric brown fat begins to appear in the fetus’s neck, chest, and straddle. Brown fat has a protective effect: it can keep the fetus at temperature in a cold environment. This kind of fat only appears in newborns, and almost no trace after adulthood.

    The white lines located in the belly button and pubic hair are usually visibly colored during pregnancy. The colored line is called the black line.

    Prevention of back pain Recommendation 4: Wear supportive shoes. Some shoes with a heel are more comfortable than shoes with a flat heel, but the heel should not exceed 2 feet or you may lose your balance and fall.

    Diet: Nuts are an excellent source of fiber during pregnancy, but be careful of those that are stained or that have too much salt added, although the nut shell can prevent the loss of nutrients and the intrusion of chemicals (except pistachios) ). Cashews are the only nuts that are never sold without shells.

    121st day of pregnancy (145 days remaining)

    After 2 days, fetal eyebrows will begin to form.

    If you have dark skin, dark brown or black hair, the pigmentation of your body is more pronounced than that of people with naturally lighter hair. The pituitary gland controls pigmentation changes: it releases more hormones that stimulate the growth of melanin (pigment) during pregnancy than usual.

    Prevention and treatment of back pain Recommendation 5: If you want to lift something, first make sure that the thing is not too heavy, and then use leg strength instead of waist strength to lift it up. Bend your knees, keep your back straight, grab the object, then straighten your legs and pick it up. If you can develop the habit of lifting things with your legs, you can protect your back from injury even if you are not pregnant.

    122nd day of pregnancy (144 days remaining)

    The fetus is now able to wake up during sleep like a newborn baby. When he falls asleep, he assumes a unique sleeping position: some put his chin on his chest, some put his head back.

    Prevention of back pain Recommendation 6: Do not carry things on your arms. The weight on your arms will only increase the weight beyond the front of your body. You should put things under your body. You can also use luggage racks or other similar carts or simply find a helper.

    123rd day of pregnancy (143 days remaining)

    After 3 days, the fetus begins to grow thin hair (these are permanent hair instead of lanugo). Even "permanent hair" will begin to fall out in the second week after birth and will gradually be replaced by thicker and denser hair.

    Prevention of back pain Recommendation 7: Consult a doctor to strengthen and maintain the exercise of the back muscles.

    Dietary coordination: Even if it is something as beneficial as protein, excessive intake during pregnancy can be just as harmful. Keep your intake within the recommended range, and consult your doctor if you need to adjust it.

    124th day of pregnancy (142 days remaining)

    The fetal fat on the skin of the fetus can be clearly seen within 3 days.

    Prevention and treatment of back pain Recommendation 8: Remember to raise your legs or put your feet on a footstool when you sit down with your legs bent.

    do you know? From the 12th week to the 20th week, the weight of the placenta is equal to that of the fetus. If there is no fetal weight, it is because it has to bear the metabolism of nutrients. The organs of the fetus are not mature enough to process food.

    Diet coordination: It is wise to control fat intake below 30% of total daily energy intake.

    125th day of pregnancy (141 days remaining)

    Today, hair has begun to grow on the fetus' head, and in another month, the hair will be about 1 inch long.

    Prevention and treatment of back pain Recommendation 9: Avoid standing for a long time. If you have to stand for a long time, raise one foot on the footstool while standing.

    Diet: High-fat foods include butter, margarine and oil, and don’t forget bacon, olives and avocados. When you eat bacon, not only protein food, but also fatty food. Avocados can provide the most basic pure fat during pregnancy: 1/8 avocado contains fat equivalent to a strip of bacon or a small piece of butter.

    126th day of pregnancy (140 days remaining)

    As of today, if your baby's daughter, then her uterus is fully formed. By the end of the 18th week, the fetus weighs about 11 ounces (308 g) and is about 6.33 inches (160 mm) long.

    As the ossification process continues and the cartilage hardens in the bones, the baby's activities become more and more powerful. Slender mothers will feel the baby's movements much earlier than fatter mothers.

    Fact: The remnant of the umbilical cord of the fetus is about 1 inch long. Sometimes it is painted with purple syrup to prevent infection. The umbilical cord usually begins to shrink at the first weekend, and the remaining part will fall off in seven or eight days.

    127th day of pregnancy (139 days remaining)

    After 3 days, the fetus’s legs will reach the final corresponding proportions.

    Prevent back pain: Recommendation 10: Choose a hard mattress that can provide good support. If your mattress sags, you just need to place a splint under the mattress. You will also find that your back is very comfortable when you sleep on the floor (I really don’t know how to put a growing belly:))

    If back pain continues to bother you, do not take your own medicine and contact your doctor.

    The 128th day of pregnancy (there are still 138 days)

    Amniotic fluid is the best substance to help the fetus move. The fetus can move the brain and muscles in the amniotic fluid at will: sometimes bending, sometimes turning, sometimes turning somersault. Amniotic fluid can keep the fetus light, warm and clean, and even allows the fetus to swallow something occasionally to practice digestion and excretion.

    The amniotic fluid that surrounds the baby is completely replaced by your body every 3 to 4 hours. Drinking a lot of water can help the replacement of amniotic fluid and maintain good body functions.

    Diet coordination: Juice is an excellent beverage during pregnancy. Technically speaking, a glass of "juice" contains 50% juice, a glass of "juice drink" contains 25% juice, and a glass of "fruit feed" contains only 10% juice.

    Common sense of health: As 55%-60% of the body weight is composed of water, moisture during pregnancy is very important for good health and effective body function. It is recommended to drink 6-8 glasses of 8 ounces of water or juice daily during pregnancy.

    129th day of pregnancy (137 days remaining)

    Now the fetus’s legs have grown to the last corresponding length. You will notice that the arms and legs of a newborn baby are quite short. This is normal. When he goes from crawling to learning to walk, his arms and legs will become longer.

    Sleeping posture becomes very important during pregnancy. You should try to sleep on your side instead of lying flat or lying on your stomach.

    do you know? If you can sleep to the left-it is best to cross one leg on the other with a pillow between the legs-then the baby can get the best blood circulation, reduce the swelling of his legs and feet, and promote waste collection And discharge. Lying completely flat to sleep actually prevents the backflow of blood to the heart and exacerbates back pain. Sleeping on your stomach (on a regular mattress) is usually very uncomfortable. If after waking up, you find yourself lying flat or lying on your stomach, don't worry, just turn over and continue sleeping to the left.

    Diet: 5 small olives contain 5g of fat and 45 calories.

    130th day of pregnancy (136 days remaining)

    Within about 1 week, the whole body of the fetus will be covered with lanugo, mainly on the head, neck and face.

    Due to hormones during pregnancy, the circulation and metabolism of the body are improved, and your hair and nails grow rapidly. If you have always wanted long, non-breakable nails, now is the right time.

    If you are going to a beauty center for manicure, remember to sit in a well-ventilated place, because sometimes the smoke from polishers, acrylic for manicure, and acetone products can be quite strong.

    Common sense of health: Consult your doctor about other risks of going to a beauty center.

    131st day of pregnancy (135 days remaining)

    The heart of the fetus is getting stronger and stronger. Fetal heart sounds can be heard with a stethoscope. If the doctor forgot to give you this check-up, you can try it next time.

    You may find that your gums become very sensitive, and sometimes swelling and bleeding. Like other changes in the body, gum sensitivity is caused by increased hormone levels during pregnancy.

    If there is severe pain or discomfort in the gums, please consult a dentist.

    do you know? The umbilical cord is so wonderful that blood has flowed in it at a speed of 4 miles per hour, and it only takes 30 seconds to complete the journey between the umbilical cord and the fetus.

    132th day of pregnancy (134 days remaining)

    As the muscles gradually become stronger and the bones become stronger, the fetal arms and legs become more active. The fetal sleep habits begin to appear-the sleep phase and the active phase alternate. Sometimes the mother can detect and participate in these cycles.

    You will feel that your mood is becoming more stable, with less mood swings, a certain degree of irritability, inattention and forgetfulness are normal. After all, you will feel tired most of the time and will upset your baby. .

    Diet: Peanut butter is rich in protein. In theory, peanut butter is nothing more than ground nuts. Anyway, take a close look at the instructions: peanut butter with salt, sugar, and oil on the market contains up to 50% fat.

    133th day of pregnancy (there are 133 days remaining)

    The fetus now looks like a shrunken newborn. How quiet he looks: half-closed eyes, nostrils, and well-developed mouth. After a while, he would put his thumb and fingers into his mouth, and then began to practice sucking.

    Let's celebrate with a glass of bubbling apple juice-today is an important milestone in pregnancy! You are now at the midpoint of the journey: 19 weeks have been completed, and there are 19 weeks left. From now on, your body will prepare for childbirth, and your baby will begin to prepare for life outside the womb.

    do you know? Twin pregnancy can sometimes be distinguished by different fetal heart sounds, especially if their heart rates are different, the difference is more than 10 times a minute.

    Dietary coordination: VD, E, and K are called "fat soluble" vitamins because they are stored in large amounts in the body's fat tissues. For this reason, it takes a long time for these vitamins in the body to be depleted, even during pregnancy.

    Week 20

    134th day of pregnancy (132 days remaining)

    During this week, the fetus’s brain will develop rapidly, and this rapid development process will continue until the child is 5 years old.

    Now the fetus may be awakened by outside sounds or activities: sudden noises, loud music, or even the vibration of the car or washing machine will wake the baby.

    At this stage, your doctor will advise you to reduce your work intensity or change jobs, if your current job requires hard lifting, bending, lifting, climbing ladders or stairs. The purpose of this is to avoid physical tension and pressure that will exacerbate the burden of pregnancy.

    Facts: "Spibweb blood vessels" may appear on your chest, neck, face, arms and legs. Like other vascular changes, these symptoms will gradually disappear during labor.

    135th day of pregnancy (131 days remaining)

    Today, the fetus’s eyebrows are clearly visible. No matter how dark the baby's hair is in the future, but now his hair is completely uncolored. At this time, the fetus' eyebrows look like two white stripes, and the hair is also white and very short.

    At this stage, iron deficiency anemia may appear. More than 90% of non-pregnant women will have mild anemia, and about 20% of women will be diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy. If you don't have enough iron in your diet, your body will not be able to produce enough red blood cells. Fewer red blood cells means less oxygen circulating in the body system. Women with anemia may feel weak, tired, short of breath and even faint.

    do you know? The way to prevent iron deficiency anemia is simple. The most iron-rich foods include veal liver (normal beef liver is prohibited because it may contain hormones used to stimulate the growth of cows), brown sugar paste, roast beef, ground beef, green beans, soybeans, prunes, and turkey. You can also ask your doctor to prescribe some daily iron supplements.

    136th day of pregnancy (130 days remaining)

    So far, the fetus is very thin. Fat accounts for only 1% of body weight. This ratio will be changed in the next few weeks and months. This is because the fat accumulated by the fetus will become food reserves for its continuous absorption after birth.

    Dizziness may be a sign of anemia, but it may also be a sign of low blood sugar levels. In order to keep blood sugar stable, you can eat smaller meals and take snacks with you to quickly restore blood sugar levels. At the same time, to avoid overheating, you can open windows for ventilation, and choose convenient clothes to take off when necessary.

    do you know? Iron deficiency anemia can be diagnosed by blood tests. Fortunately, when the mother has anemia, the fetus does not have this phenomenon. The mother's iron is continuously supplied to the fetus until it is exhausted. At this time, if there is not enough iron in the diet to supplement the mother's reserves, the consequences will be borne by herself.

    137th day of pregnancy (129 days remaining)

    The whole fetus will be covered with lanugo within 3 days.

    You may find cramps in your legs and feet and slight swelling of your ankles and feet. Standing for a long time, fatigue, and too much phosphorus and too little calcium in the diet can cause cramps. Some adjustments can be made to make the body as comfortable as possible. The easiest way to reduce phosphorus intake in your diet is to eat less animal protein.

    Dietary coordination: In order to reduce the saturated fat in the diet, oil can be used instead of butter. When you cook, every spoonful of butter can be replaced with a spoonful of oil. Safflower oil is an excellent choice.

    138th day of pregnancy (128 days remaining)

    If your baby is a boy, his testicles will begin to descend from the pelvis to the scrotum today. Remember that both the ovary and the testis develop from the same tissue, but the ovary stays in its original position.

    While varicose veins appear on your legs, the rectum is also prone to varicose veins during pregnancy. This is called hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids can bleed, itch, and pain.

    Rectal bleeding may also be caused by tearing the anus due to constipation. If there is any rectal bleeding, it should be reported to the doctor to prevent bleeding caused by other reasons than constipation and medical measures should be taken.

    do you know? The best way to prevent hemorrhoids is to avoid constipation. Ask your doctor about how to prevent constipation.

    139th day of pregnancy (127 days remaining)

    Although the fetus's eyelids are now closed, he can now blink. Most of the fetus's skeleton has gradually hardened into bones.

    The doctor will tell you that your heart rate will increase slightly this month than before. This is a normal phenomenon, and it's just a matter of the body making a little effort to maintain pregnancy.

    Dietary coordination: Protein is the only substance that constitutes body tissues. The development of the fetus, placenta, uterus and breasts, as well as the increase in blood volume, are inseparable from protein.

    Fact: If you like vegetables, pasta and beans more than meat, then you can eat some foods to meet your daily protein requirements during pregnancy: dried beans, peas, nuts, green beans, barley, whole wheat bread , Oatmeal, macaroni and spaghetti with tomato sauce.

    140th day of pregnancy (126 days remaining)

    As the size and strength of the fetus's hands are further enhanced, he can grasp things more forcefully.

    If your baby is a girl, her uterus is fully formed and has just gone through the fastest growing period. At the end of the fifth month of pregnancy, the baby is about 7 inches (191mm), equivalent to the size of a Barbie doll. In less than 2 weeks, the baby's weight has increased by 100g; the current fetal weight is almost 1 pound (437g).

    do you know? After the baby is born, due to the remaining amniotic fluid, his nose may be runny. If you don't know this, you may think he has a cold.

    Five months have passed, and your belly has grown bigger, and everyone can find that you are going to be a mother:



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