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    Anorectal disease is a common and frequently-occurring disease. Both men and women, young and old, are at risk of getting sick, so there is a saying that "ten people have nine hemorrhoids". Due to the various types of diseases, different causes, different symptoms, and various treatment methods, the majority of hemorrhoids patients often become passive and confused in health care and treatment options, resulting in many misunderstandings-blind belief advertising.

    In recent years, many advertisements for hemorrhoid treatment such as "no pain, no complications, and no sequelae" can be seen on the streets and even in some newspapers. In fact, most of the treatment methods proposed in these advertisements are methods that have long been eliminated in clinical practice, or are called some new terms to attract some patients who lack medical knowledge. As a result, for some patients, simple illnesses become complicated, and what can be treated with a small amount of money has become impossible to cure with a large amount of money, and some even have serious sequelae. Therefore, scientific and reasonable treatment of anorectal diseases is imminent.

    Zhang Heping is such a person dedicated to scientific treatment of hemorrhoids. Yansheng Zhang In the words, "The new generation of anorectal doctors represented by Zhang Heping is a rookie in the anorectal field from the Chinese science class, marking that the treatment of anorectal diseases has gone beyond the level of barefoot doctors, and they will lead the treatment of anorectal diseases to a higher level. ."

    Career choice

    Zhang Heping graduated from Xinxiang Medical College with a major in clinical medicine in 2000. His five-year study career has laid a solid theoretical foundation. When he first arrived at the hospital, he was full of spirits and had an unchanging belief-to be an excellent surgeon. An accidental opportunity changed Zhang Heping's original intention at the time, and he still chose to engage in anorectal department, which was dirty, tired and shameful to speak out. Many people don't understand, they say that as a doctor from a department, whether they are women or children, they have endless jobs. They are decent and clean. There is no need to choose this indecent anorectal department.

    Zhang Heping’s hometown is a native of Anshang in Xiuwu County. He was the first college student to walk out of the ravine. He has always been the pride of the villagers. The hard work pays off, and five years of university study has transformed a baby in the mountains into a modern clinician. After becoming a doctor, Zhang Heping knows the cold and hot to the villagers even more. People in Sanli and Five Villages come here admiringly regardless of their serious illnesses. There is a distant relative in Fangzhuang Village more than ten miles away, a 24-year-old boy. Because he found blood in the stool, irregular stool, sometimes diarrhea, and sometimes constipation, he went to the nearest hemorrhoid and fistula specialist. The so-called specialist there is simple. Q was diagnosed with internal hemorrhoid bleeding, and immediately underwent surgical resection. After the resection, it was found that the symptoms not only did not improve, but worse, and the weight dropped rapidly. When Zhang Heping was found later, he was already in the advanced stage of rectal cancer. Seeing that a young life disappeared due to misdiagnosis, Zhang Heping had the idea of ​​becoming an anorectal doctor. After that, despite the world's vision, he resolutely chose anorectal medicine as his major.


    After real contact with anorectal diseases, Zhang Heping discovered that there are many misunderstandings in the treatment of anorectal diseases. First, the incidence of anorectal diseases is 59.1%, of which hemorrhoids have the highest incidence, accounting for 87.25% of the total number of patients. However, many people have insufficient awareness of the dangers of anorectal diseases. Second, anorectal diseases cannot be diagnosed and treated scientifically and effectively. Many people arbitrarily treat them in small clinics or informal hospitals in the name of hemorrhoids. The result is not thorough treatment, but new diseases. In mild cases, constipation, hematochezia, swelling and pain are intolerable, and in severe cases, prolapse of the anus, blood vessel rupture and bleeding, fecal incontinence, etc., bring great pain and inconvenience to people's lives.

    In the winter of 2005, an old lady in her seventies approached Dr. Zhang Heping through an introduction. The old lady said that she had been troubled by anorectal diseases for nearly 40 years, and she had been unable to cure her after seeking medical treatment from many sources. I found Doctor Zhang at Jiaozuo Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital. The old lady gave birth to 5 children when she was young. She suffered from severe uterine prolapse, constipation, and rectal mucosal prolapse. Hemorrhoids were treated in many hospitals. Not only was it not cured, but the anus was severely damaged by unprofessional treatment. The normal physiological functions of the patient lead to difficulty in defecation and often require hand-assisted defecation, which is very painful. For this reason, every time the old lady relieves her stool, it becomes the top priority of the whole family. Dr. Zhang adopted a minimally invasive PPH circumcision for the old lady's condition, which not only cured the old lady's chronic disease for too many years, but also solved the old lady's related perianal problems at one time. The old lady took Dr. Zhang's hand when she was discharged from the hospital. I kept saying that if I had met Dr. Zhang earlier, I would like to thank Dr. Zhang for giving me confidence and hope in life.

    Like a fish in water

    In 2008, Zhang Heping's sixth year of working on anorectal diseases, Dr. Zhang was invited by the Anorectal Branch of the National Medical Association as a special guest to attend the Anorectal Branch of the Second National Medical Association in Beijing for academic exchanges. At the meeting, Dr. Zhang introduced the experience and efficacy of the small needle knife in treating anorectal diseases. The on-site discussion was very intense, and it was recognized and welcomed by the grassroots anorectal doctors, and was approved by the conference to promote it nationwide. At the same time, he was elected as a member of the Anorectal Branch of the National Medical Association. At that time, there were only two members from Henan Province. After the meeting, he followed the doctor An Ayue in the China-Japan Friendship Hospital to learn the world's advanced methods and techniques for treating perianal diseases such as Shaobei injection. He had the experience of learning from Beijing masters and made Dr. Zhang professional The level has been further standardized and improved. In the next few years, Dr. Zhang personally treated countless patients who were troubled by anorectal diseases, especially the countless cases that failed after informal treatment. Become the "nemesis of anorectal diseases" by the patient kindly. Many patients either came here admiringly or were introduced one by one to find Dr. Zhang.

    Life-long learning

    Behave beforehand

    In the eyes of Doctor Zhang, a good doctor must be a good person. As a doctor, first, we must behave in a responsible manner; second, regardless of whether a patient’s official position, rich or poor, he is a patient in the eyes of doctors, and we must do our best to relieve them of their illnesses. This is our unshirkable responsibility. , It is the bounden duty of a doctor. Regardless of whether it is a person or a learning, no matter from which way, there is no water at all. Because doctors are dealing with life, which is supreme and unique.

    In 2010, an old lady of a subsistence household went to see Dr. Zhang several times. Every time she went to see and left. She came back next time without speaking. Dr. Zhang saw that the old lady had third-degree rectal prolapse. As long as you cough, the rectum will fall out of the anus and you have to plug it back with your hands. For so many years, she has been inconvenient and miserable. Seriously affects the quality of life and must be treated immediately. Dr. Zhang asked the old lady who else was in the family and why there was no one to accompany her. Every time she saw a doctor, she was alone. The old lady didn’t speak at first, but later asked a lot. The old lady said that she had no children and had no treatment for rectal prolapse for many years. The doctor told her that she wanted a radical cure or surgery. Removal of the prolapsed rectum, either by laparotomy and sling, and without retiring wages, relying on monthly government subsidies to make ends meet. Doctor Zhang realized that the old lady had no money for treatment and no one to accompany her. After learning about this, Dr. Zhang immediately performed the operation on the old lady without saying anything. Under local anesthesia, Dr. Zhang performed a simple injection and ligation with an anoscope. After half an hour, the patient got off the operating bed. He went home by himself. After a follow-up visit a month later, the old lady finally got rid of decades of suffering. So far, the old lady's prolapse has never recurred.



    He has followed the authority of the anorectal circle successively, such as Professor Zhang Yansheng and Professor Han Ping, the authority of Beijing anorectal, Professor Ding Yijiang of Nanjing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Professor An Ayue of China-Japan Friendship Hospital of Ministry of Health, Professor Liu Dianwen of the First Affiliated Hospital of Henan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Senior High School of People's Liberation Army 150th Hospital Dean Chunfang, Professor Zhao Baoming of Beijing Dongzhimen Hospital, studying new technology for the treatment of anorectal diseases-PPH (stapling prolapse and hemorrhoids), new technology for anal fissure-small needle knife internal sphincter separation, Angel Painless injection therapy to treat hemorrhoids and puborectal muscle lysis and other advanced technologies in the industry.

    Engaged in clinical work in anorectal surgery with integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine for more than ten years, with rich clinical experience, rich experience in the diagnosis and treatment of anorectal diseases, constipation, colorectal cancer, etc., especially good at treating common perianal and surgical diseases, such as hemorrhoids, anal fissures, and complex anal fistulas , Perianal abscess, rectal polyps, rectal prolapse, prolapse of the anus, anal pruritus and various enteritis, constipation, etc., especially for the treatment and prevention of recurrence of severe hemorrhoids, complex anal fistula, perianal abscess, prolapse, condyloma acuminatum, etc. It is unique. More than 20 professional articles have been published in national journals such as "Chinese Journal of Anorectal Diseases". Currently serving as a special editorial board member of "Chinese Contemporary Medicine" and "China New Medicine Forum".

    Personal website: ytszhangheping.haodf.com



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